Friday, March 14, 2008

Single Review: Ashley Alexandra Dupre - What We Want

We would be remiss if we didn't review this bit of pop culture. Musician's are literally the biggest whores and in this instance "Kristen" Ashley Alexandra Dupre with her single What We Want" literally is the queen with over 2 Million downloads in just 24 hours! Janet/Britney compete with that. This girl has got bling now and does not ever have to work mo' for her money. You were wondering when the next pop sensation was going to come on the scene? The cliche singer/prostitute, you know, is having the last larf entertaining offers from Hustler, Playboy and book deals according to the papers. Cashing-in becuz she knows what we need and "the body to beat", is full of hip-hop chimes we've all heard before but will surely to be cranked at a club near you or booty shaker video on youtube. I wonder if a remix would even be possible at this point for the Spitzer girl? Anyway, save your money but if your curiosity has go the best of you do search on Hype non-standard and impress your friends with how cool you are but I am sorry to say there is nothing redeeming about this track except for the story. Which is what sells records anyway these days. Enjoy.

Ps young ladies this is a bad example on how to "make it" because the boys don't care and they just want to see your underwear.

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