Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Wedding Present: on the road documentary

As, I work on part deux of 2005's top 10 podcast, please take moment to download and view a trailer by The Wedding Present, which is basically them doing a song called "Drive" live on a radio show, which is an excerpt from a upcoming 'on the road documentary' by Third Hand Films.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

DJ SPORK: Top 10 of 2005 podcast part 1

The Podcast subscription XML is being taken care of by Liberated Syndication, so the cast is legit allegedly now. Featured in the premier DJ SPORK podcast download part 1 of top 10 of 2005 are: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Death Cab for Cutie, New Pornographers and The Pernice Brothers. Download the podcast at Enjoy:[ DJ SPORK RSS ] [ DJ SPORK BLOG ][ ]

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Kill Rock Stars: free mp3 singles and Britney's baby

A sluggish damp and rainy Jersey fall day does two things. 1) slows down the internet and 2) invites leisure time to hunt and peruse boring things like your webstats and look for free singles. A perfect band name could be Britney's baby. What it would sound like would could be something off of Linda Perry's lost album In Flight, a Ani Defranco female vocal single called "Freeway", combined with maybe something of off Men's recovery project, their freebee, "Sexual Partner", a herky-jerky drum/guitar reality song, tune about getting off, something that certainly happens to images of BS. It would be repulsive in nature this is certain. Countering is a very simple Hendrix beat tune w/ some very white rappin' narrative bit "is all for updated", which sounds like if Big Bird took you through the alphabet and let you know what Barr stood for, if you couldn't tell by their arty title: Beyond the Reinforced Jewelcase, no DMX word craft here and not all like the beasties, which is usually the point via KRS, so ok I get it - thanks! Last-up, is "Wrong time capsule" by Deerhoof which you should grab right now if you were going to clog the internet with a mp3 download. The hard l/r mono mix is a little annoying, but if you , there are echoes of Blonde redhead, and the right channel guitar rips like the Laughing Hyenas or Preston's strat from Mule. If you have no clue what I am talking about you should make a b-line and just download Asheley'S new album somewhere and then stab your eardrums with a spoon.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Top 11 2005 indie-rock sounding list

Yeah, so you might have come here via the top 10 emusic email I sent out to a handful of you. Up at bat on the Alernative list is the new Echo and The Bunnymen album Siberia, couldn't even put it on a indie list per'se, although there is a very thin line these days. Certainly there are few come-back bands that could do it so well so I think this line needs to be redefined because deservingly is World's Apart by ...and you will knows us by the Trail of Dead, which is pretty damn good too and they've never gone anywhere in their cultdum. That said, my list is complete and it's the top list that goes up to 11. That is right folks, I have found a way to work that joke in. What is good for me is good for you.