Saturday, July 11, 2009

Internet Hits that retred that sound man

As I sit here on this Saturday night drinking beers and it occurred to me how much I sickly like sharing my thoughts on music for the four or five of you who care. There are lots of new bands on the block these days as they seem to replicate faster than the rabbits do in my neighborhood. There are so many one internet hits that surely I'd think you would like to take advantage of since the kids these days all have smart recording devices. If there is good song they really do have the potential to sound good. Magically awesome sounds come right out of their pods and away they go! Here are a few of our picks for this month check them out while they are hot because then they will be gone starting another band trying to re-live the now.

MP3 - "A Brighter Sunday" Farmer Sea's Italian ass sounds more like Mathew Sweet, Dave Grohl and the song Solar Sister with some oohs and aaahs that give them a bit of a familiar majestic sound. This track is the lead song from their debut Low Fidelity in Relationships - BUY IT its like that lost strokes album that never followed Is this it. Well sorta.

MP3 - "I Am Blind" by Elephant Stone a little of more of the same as above and chip in with a little British new-wave pop ditty that is as pleasant as a setting sun down the beach. I suppose they have beaches in Canada where they are from but I think they are on lakes. This track is from their debut The Seven Seas. BUY IT.

MP3 - "Pacific Nostalgia" by Fungi Girls from Texas is by far one of my favorite tracks with such a nice roughness to it alla No Age that it will be hard to beat it's sincerity. Reverb is used like a knife that JAMC used to cut feedback out of their guitars with. You can tell these kids ( 15 - 16 years old) listen to a unreasonable amount of music and take advantage of their youth. They can't even buy freakin' cigarettes for Christ's sake. Check out their id reverberations blog where they post a ton of RAR files (i dunno even how to open). They are not afraid of being uncool and sincerely remind me of my youth. Listening to this track feels like that High-fidelity scene when the John Cusack character discovers the skater's tape. Anyway... I don't even know where to send you to buy the Fungi Girls so good luck with that.

MP3 - "Wind Phoenix" - Cymbals Eat Guitars is more than likely on the top of their game. Who knew cool bands could be based out of Staten Island? I kid because I live in Jersey and well there are many. Anyway, this tune has lots of layers and floatty vocal melodies of the Shin's variety but in this case they are not afraid to flip the volume knob all the way up. Doesn't hurt either that pitchfork likes them. Lucky for them with so many different things going on in their music and all... CEG is on tour this fall. I will have to check them out live if somebody puts me on the guest list. They mention MMR in their bio which makes one of their band mates around my age. Ha! The good thing is they sound nothing like most of the crap in that old rag. Check out Why there are Mountains now. Buy it.

Other bands with singles in rotation at the homestead: Wolf Gang, The Watermarks, Memory Tapes, Local Natives and Real Estate.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Buzzoven vs Buzzkill Free T-Shirt Story

Seven Inch Friday: This little punk rock story is probably one of my favorites although I probably won't do it justice; it's funny none the less. It's the story of how the whole New Brunswick NJ scene got a Buzzov•en t-shirt but first about the music...

After the jump I promised you'll get some free mp3s and the Buzzoven vs Buzzkill story>>

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hot Summer Rock Mix

I'll be honest. I'm still working on my summer mix of course but one quick gander and sure enough there is some good stuff out there. Heather from Fuel Friends never dissapoints with her take. I'm not quite sure where she finds the freakin' time but she is the hot one third from the left above. Vinyl district has a few choice tracks to grab. Mars needs guitars also has a good set of summer songs. Anyway here are some to add to your mix not in any particular order, rhyme or reason other than to annoy your friends.

Here's to summertime, summertime, summer:

Mp3 Summer Here Kids - Grandaddy from Under the Western Freeway
Mp3 Celebrated Summer - Husker Du off of New Day Rising
Mp3 Endless Summer Of The Damned - Bauhaus from Go Away White
Mp3 Summertime Blues - Stones - Made in the Shade 1978
Mp3 Summer of Protest - The Dears - Protest Ep
Mp3 Summer Teeth - Jeff Tweedy Live at the Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, 03-05-2005

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Arizona the glowing bird band

Album Review: Glowing Bird by the band known as Arizona. I had a dumb idea for a comp the other day which would feature 50 bands from 50 states. Probably do-able but you would end up with some crap. Although we're a little late to the game we are always weary of a band falling through the cracks. The good news is that these guys would be a good opener for said project. No doubt about it.

Studio geeks beware of the state of the band Arizona currently 3/4 parts Asheville North Carolina and 1/4 part of course Brooklyn. One band guy is still holding on apparently. Pretension aside, this band has none, this review is about the art of making an album. Something that is missing these days in 9/10 of the releases out there. More than likely because it's so easy to make a record on a computer but composing one like this is a whole other level. It's obvious they worked hard at the knob twiddling to create the ear candy on this shinning release borrowing
some from the reverb playbook with their brand of folk-electronica guitar rock and things that sounds like a melotron and um' talent? Yes, it's a damn fine release put out by echo mountain records with so many layers of feel good harmony in the vain of yes the Beatles (on the McCartney side), Sunny Day Real Estate, and contemporaries Okkervil River. A complete pleasure to listen to the two singers trade the lead role seamlessly that they seem as one. At times they get a little proggy and southern rock with their guitar jamming but it's ok we forgive them for thinking big and letting it rip on the title track. They are best on the last couple simple ditties like "The Fairly Light" and "Whiskey Or Wine" which is mollusk-esque(Ween) but I say just go for it all. You can't go wrong.

Mp3 Heath - BUY SOME
Mp3 The Fairly Light