Friday, February 24, 2006

your new band video

"There are just too many things to say about this video. I really think that this band will be the turn-key in some huge shift in popular music culture. Like what the bee gee's or grunge did. Fantastic!" No Women, Children or Indians were harmed during the filming of this rock video.

In other rock news: The boognish is making it on the wagon asWeen announces some shows in the south east. DJ Spork presents: has just posted his longest podcast ever with the follow up of Jersey's Best Dancers II. [ download it now ]

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Attack of the Mariachi bands!

My brother and his wife had a Mariachi band perform at their wedding in Vermont in 2004, eventhough they were 3 hours late, and literally fell out of the van to perform, they were great. They knew all the clasic Mexican songs like Cucurukukoo Paloma and my dad asked them to play few others. This recent sploid post called Death of the Mariachi's is pretty good and really shows how latino america or Americanos are becoming part of our society but certainly with out an ongoing culture clash. The tartget of course is a racist post on aol. Get a fuckin'life estupido minister of non-culture I am pretty insulted, this music is rich, and about revolutions, land, and love and if you fight that you have nothing.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Joy division and Elliot Smith vs. The Brian Jonestown Massacre

There is some fairly dark and mysterious intrigue about Joy Division, and the mystique surrounding the band and the brilliant-but-doomed singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980 on the eve of the bands first American tour that have influenced many a band, and to learn that a documentary film called Control is in the works is pretty cool and very long overdue. Like most docs though I hope it continues the mystery, as they sometimes are too revealing in some cases and ruin that "coax" (thing in Spanish), that I don't know that makes the audio experience special. Sure the press helps perpetuate the myth as that is their job. In another morbid sense though it's cool to see tribute records like To: Elliott, From: Portland released, with all your favorite drunken-dark-junkie hits, like needle in the hay by Eric Mathews, and The December do justice to "clement", so it is a matter of time before somebody will do a doc on elites mysterious self-stabbing. So much tragedy in brilliant rock music for instance the mentally unstable, who live on the edge of sanity, like Anton Newcombe's world known as the Brian Jonestown Massacre there is a documentary that will draw you into his post modern music, featuring the Dandy Warhols in a film called DIG!(fyi currently on demand, so you already paying for it). But since you're all hip 60s revivalist you probably knew all this already but if not, be prepared this dude is manic. As per usual do yourself justice, drop a tab and sample some from emusic, I personally would start with tracks from Take it from the Man!, pluck a couple tunes pointed out by the AMG folks and you won't be disappointed. If you're not a emusic member click the logo to your right so i get some credit. Thanks.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

And the 2005 Critics said: The New Pornographers

Tris Mccall's critics 2005 poll came in a week ago, nice to see that people agreed with some of my choices. For a couple giggles and barried present social comentaty his misc category is a nice slice of 2005. In celebration of Indie Jersey celebrating and voting for something somewhat meaningful, I squeezed out a music podcast dedicated to NJ in January, DJ Spork Presents: Show #5 Jersey's Best Dancers. Download it or subscribe.