Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Was A King and you were from The Rural Alberta Advantage

Saturday Sunday live review: Last minute phone call last night led me to the Mercury Lounge on 5.30.09 with my bud Jim to catch a early show by The Rural Alberta Advantage who recently signed to Saddle-creek, I Was A King from Norway and Elevator Fight (Philly).

Ok so we totally missed Elevator Fight, who apparently have some star power in the band with the offspring of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Zoe freaking Kravitz who my daughter is named after on vocals. Can't believe it honestly. Has it been that long? But we had a decision to make at the bar as to what to drink as they played their last song. I'm sure they will get other Saturday nights and I'll try not to miss it; just somebody send me an invite and we'll be cool. They play this sort of cliche roots rock from the couple tunes I heard on their page. I think her band needs to do some more digging in Daddy's record collection and find their own voice but I get the sense they are going for a straight up pop direction so there may be no hope. Her voice is good so hopefully they put that to good use as you would expect she got her mamma's looks. This is all pretty funny to me because I'm now recalling as we were waiting for the next band that I noticed this smashing gal that reminded me of a grown up Cosby kid and it all makes sense.

In the grand scheme of things culturally America has influenced the world musically and I Was a King is proof positive of that. The first hurdle I always wonder about is how do bands write melodic pop songs in Nordic and then sing them in English?
Ok, I know the rest of world needs to learn more than one language so that is probably a barrier on our part. I Was A King borrow nicely from art of the short song by gbv and blast out equally potent and abbreviated J Mascis like solos. This band's performance was a surprise and in this configuration was truly driven by their rhythm section as the two guitarist pretty much played the same shoegazer parts. They were most powerful when they broke away from that but damn I don't think I've seen more capos used in a single show-- that's got to be a pain in the butt to remember so kudos just for that. The real glue was in the singing above the mask of the guitar wash. Guy/Gal vocals really is part of their magic that could be compared to Belly and Swervedriver jamming the black angels without the heroin parts. heh? The lead singer Frode Strømstad has got his song writing machine down Anne Lisa can sure hold her own vocally. I was impressed.

Live I don't think they sounded anything like Apples In Stereo or Neutral Milk Hotel like their bios says to file them under; in particular because of the lack of additional instrumentation in the live configuration joining them on stage but allas this is a good band and worth catching. I tried to chat with the other guitarist about her guitar playing and pedals but she was chatting up some haggard looking new yawker dude. Check out their most recent self titled album on emusic which was recorded in Brooklyn U.S.A btw.

Now The Rural Alberta Advantage (gotta love that nationalistic Canadian pride) sounded more like NMH in the singing delivery department with the support of their diverse but bare bones instrumentation. With barely any gear on stage you could fit this trio in a Fiat! The powerful vocal melodies indeed carried them from song to song. If you had to file and tag them under quirky and diverse would be appropriate like tapes n tapes is to spazzy drumming and their keyboard parts. Was cool to see the main singer guy Nils Edenloff playing a Seagull acoustic guitar. The string that was holding it looked uncomfortable but he seemed truly happy to hold it up and carrying the band out of obscurity coming from a self-released record and now being picked up by Saddle-Creek quite a story actually with a little push from emusic for RAA is all it took which is one of them stories in the big scary city. So expect lots of interesting things from them if they survive their first big tour. At the end of their set they pulled a move straight out of the small band playbook and sang in the middle of the crowd alla Violent Femmes/Arcade Fire. If you never got a chance to see neutral milk hotel and you have 10 bux burning a hole in your pocket this summer go check RAA or I Was A King when they are in your town. The experience will be worth it. A good time was had and thanks for filling my night this past Saturday. No thanks for $7 Sierra Nevada's Mercury Lounge. Please send this writer beer money.

Summertime songs:
In the Summertime - The Royal Albert Advantage - buy
Fading Summer - I Was A King - buy

Friday, May 29, 2009

Monster Magnet Murder b/w Tractor 7 inch

Welcome to 7 inch Friday! I really miss picking these up more frequently. This week we bring you a early release from Monster Magnet on Primo Spree which was "distributed" by Caroline records.

For the rest of this post on Monster Magnet get some free mp3s on the all new Review Stalker Music Blog.

Enjoy the rock more often in particular the fuzzy junk.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap Trick In Color mix by Steve Albini

I'm a late comer to this lost mix sessions by Steve Albini of Cheap's Tricks record called In Color which has been posted over on the Rock Town Hall blog in it's entirety for download. I'll also admit I had no clue... Get the rest of Cheap Trick In Color mix by Steve Albini on Review Stalker Music Blog.

hey I know it's cheap trick but the free mp3s will be worth it man.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whatever happend I Apologize - Jay Bennett

Is there such a thing as the 5th Beatle? The guy who you have in your creative circle and gotten into arguments as documented in the film I Am Trying To Break Your Heart? This is Jay Benett (RIP 1963-2009) or at least how most of us will remember him as the creative muse and friend of Jeff Tweedy. Welcome to your acoustic singer songwriter overdose and posts of some really great stories. It does not really matter how he went but one of many cautionary tales of loss and we can talk and talk about it or just listen and have a few.

Grab a zip of Whatever Happened, I Apologize from Chrome Waves
Heather from fuel friends offers up a video and a couple mp3s with Jay playing with Jeff

Tank Boy remembers running into Jay and shares his story
Ohm Park posted a whole live show Jeff Tweedy w/ Jay Bennett from 11-20-1996.
Chicago Sun Times Jim Derogatis following the Obit.
Good Jay Bennett interview on My Old Kentucky Blog from December 2008

Here are some selects:
Jay Bennett - The Engines are Idle
Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett on Banjo - We've Been Had - from the Cost What? Bootleg
Venus Stop this Train - Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demo - Jay on Piano

Saturday, May 23, 2009

British Sea Power - Man of Aran

Man of Aran is a beautiful black and white silent film that British Sea Power created a sound track for that takes place in Ireland. In this segment the track No Man Is An Archipelago is featured. The song is similar to one on Do you like Rock Music? but it works beautifully. I don't don't care. Glad to hear such stellar music form these Brighton chaps.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Teenage Stride NY pop fest video

Always good to see tris mccall jamming on the keys. Here are some more photos from the NY Popfest at the cake-shoppe. My Teenage Stride do this alla Jay Reatard a little bit. Total low-fi with the high fidelity quality of great 60's singles and their Creep Academy single is great example of this psychedelic influence of the velvet underground mashing up with the pop aesthetic. Ok so the singer Jedediah Smith looks like he's in his 40's and that is ok. Pollard was in up there too when he broke to masses on college radio. So easy to say a creative peak indeed! Let your ears do the listening and your feet do the dancing as this music reminds me of what i got with wfmu Michael Shelly bonus pledge cd Cut that out! Sampled below for you to dig man.

Single B-side:
Average Justice - By My Teeenage Stride mp3
Not Behind The Fighter Jet - GBV from Mag Earwhig! (bonus mp3)
Green Onions - Byron Lee & The Dragonaires (wfmu bonus mp3)
Sidewinder - Wes Dakus & The Rebels wfmu bonus mp3)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

John Reis Vs. Rick Froberg

John Reis and Rick Froberg still make sounds like Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu and or the Hot Snakes. You can put them on different coasts but the proof is in the California. Or is it Brooklyn these days? Shit I can't keep up with these men with their Obits and Night Marchers but I know it sounds awesome.

For the rest of this original story and with some free mp3s after the jump for you check out John Reis and Rick Froberg on the all new Review Stalker music mp3 blog.

It's a cheap trick but somebody's got to do it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Live awesomology by The Supersuckers in Asbury Park

SHOW REVIEW: Thurs May 14th 2009. I know when I venture to a show like this I'll see at least a few rock-n-roll addicts and sure enough Tom from the Stuntcocks was leading the pack, the guys from The Sex Zombies, Jeff Wood the record scavenger, a few other court tavern folks, and Jared from WRSU were all there to see Eddie Spaghetti and The Supersuckers do their thang. Opening the show were two loud local rock bands. First up was cutlass who sported three guitars which was cool and then followed by The Loose Roosters who were also good with a lemonheads/mudhoney/eddie vedder thing going on. Nothing compared to The Supersuckers who have survived some shit, paid their dues and will gladly take your money because they are a high-quality molten lava real rock-n-roll band. Last night's performance at the only slightly cheesy Wonder Bar was no exception, sure it was a truck stop for them as they were heading over the pond to play with X and John Doe but who are we to complain. Well take a legendary band of this caliber anytime. I missed them last time and promised myself hell or high water I would go. The fuckers were loud, tight and brought everything you'd expect from living legends.
You know you're having a good time when during the country portion of the show the drunk girl who was with one the opening bands gets flagged literally twice in a row by two different bouncers who were watching her make a fool of herself all night long.

They have the merch thing down as I totally got sucked into the vortex of buying a beer koozi to go with my collection of summertime bar-b-q accoutrements. No medium long sleeve pirate skull T-though which was a bummer but I'll survive. Maybe next time fellas or just send me one. The most recent release Get It Together! on Mid-Fi Records comes with a DVD of a 90 minute performance in Anaheim, California so pick it up. I prefer the early classics from La Mano Carnuda and in this show they mixed em' all in there perfectly like the master drink masters of sin. They also cranked out a Ramones cover to boot so all was good ladies and germs. A few show pics and video. If you're my facebook friend there are a ton more there. Adios.

Beer Koozi autographed by the man himself. Thanks Eddie.

Run Like A Motherfucker - Sacrilicious
Rock-N-Roll Records Ain't Selling This Year - Motherfuckers Be Trippin'
What it takes - Get It Together!

Remember the good book of awesomology.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What if music were free?

Well ok, maybe not all of it. Musicians, artists and engineers have to eat. The things I think are working are film licensing, the retro vinyl market, merchandising, my emusic account, and live performances. iTunes raising the cost of single to $1.29 is totally absurd and fighting this thing called progress. Fingertips community's music is not like water rant brought up a lot of these points in a rather long winded fashion around the idea of the Gorge Jetson's flying machine throwing in a wrench of conventional wisdom but he brought up some pretty good points. Some of which i am paraphrasing here. Granted the music industry had its grips on the recording and radio payola for a very long time which is quickly changing and nobody is sure how. That is what worries the system. Paying per listen radio might work even though it is veiled like payola but you don't actually "own it" even though it's there all the time assuming you have a internet connection. I am sure it can't all be free, some stuff should be free but not all; as other channels and models get developed in these tricky innovative financial times. Crap just take a look at how much money you spend on communication services. I wonder how else will music monetize itself and get a slice and maybe trickle it back down to the makers? ha! ha! We all can't support all the artists we like by checking out a performance. The cheaper ticket is licensing the music or renting it but the price is too steep. there is also this thing called a glut in the supply and demand chain.

Sure I am ranting now. I for one like to own music I like outright and I know that is a antiquated idea. Believe me I'm totally happy with said right to download what I like and then become a fan on my own terms. Lets face it not all of it is good. Owning a la carte is much better way to go though. Most of it is crap but what is one persons golden era is another person's nightmare. Let think and discuss the details to the obvious answer that is right in front of us and remove the ambiguity and amplify the detail.

What'cha Gonna Do About It - Condo Fucks
This Way Out - Rocket from the Crypt
Backwater - Meat Puppets

I hate your playlist and taste

Don't try this at home. You will overwhelm your storage space. You will eventually collect unemployment and won't want to part with your records. In case this does happen. Hang tight you can always hide in the basement with your records and talk about the good ole'days of making mix tapes for your friends singing at the top of your lungs while driving down the garden state parkway to the shore.

SIDE 1: Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
I Hate Music - The Replacements
The Girl who is lives on heaven hill - Husker Du
Celebrated Summer - Husker Du
The second coming of huge - Huge
The Softest Hammer - fIREHOSE fromhio
Making Time - The Creation
Pil Shovel - Monster Magnet

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Killer mp3 blogs for the moment

In no particular order of hipness or musical taste. Was just cruising for some new music up on and came across these folks plus a few of my normal mp3 haunts. has been too elitists recently. So enjoy the rock as this fan of music fans is fickle. more new disco but cool - nice and well rounded. Has sunny day real estate @cats-cradle 1998 got tapped on the hand by Matador for posting SY. Also featuring some polvo. Right on!

Lets Sexy Fighting - always gotta love weird blog names that make no sense sober but have good taste. dig it.

Learn to Surf - Superchunk - Mac has not lost his touch. Kids please take a rock guitar lesson from your lame gitter twanging.
I want you to know - Dinosaur jr.- dude nobody makes rock like this anymore
Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix) Lenny Kravitz
High Class Slim Came Floatin In - Tortoise - a little annoying bit the retro keyboards do the trick
Straight To Hell (The Clash) By Bill Janovitz I'd pay 10 bux to see him perform and I hate singer songwriters except for Glen Hansard from the frames.
Yours Truly, The Commuter s/t by Jason Lytle solo record(grandaddy) giving AIR a run for their frenchy money.

That's it.