Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer Surf and turf driving Mix

If you are planning on escaping for the weekend and taking off on a friday let me help with the summer mix. Hopefully you're headed to someplace hot and with A/C. There are a few classics on here with a little bit of twist backed with some golden nuggets. From the newish bin are Desolation Wilderness from their record White Light Strobing; lots of twirly reverb and delay that can help you get lost during the driving process. To help with surf are The Woggles (not be confused by the Boggles) do Got a Heat on, circa 1993 off their excellent record on Ragged But Not Right. I also put the Wipers from the Is This Real? Box set, who were a huge similarity to Mission of Burma and were a huge influence on nirvana and post-pink bands like fugazi. Download and enjoy.

01. Forget Everything - mp3 by Desolation Wilderness [ Buy ]
02. Got a Heat on mp3 by The Woggles [ Buy ]
03. Doom Town mp3 by the Wipers
04. Venus in Furs Remix mp3 (velvet Underground cover) from the chrome kids blog
05. Run Run Run (another velvet underground cover) by Capsula. This is a killer version.
06. Good friends have gone by Pronto [ buy ]
07. ...and you will know us by the trail of dead - Inland Sea mp3 [The whole new album rocks buy it ]
08. Fallout mp3 - The Weirdos
09. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass mp3 - Nick Lowe - from Jesus of cool (reissue)
10. Lost In The Woods mp3 by Pete and Pirates from Little Death [ buy ]

Here's the end of summer playlist from 2008. This one is for the beginning.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review Pronto All Is Golden today and always

The early description of 70's icons like Randy Newman, Jackson Browne and Glen Frey come to mind when listening to Pronto's debut All Is Golden. Under the analog edge is a indie band playing retro, sparse and working to let the core of the song bring it on home like a inspired yelling carpediem. No massive amounts of compression, comfortable sweaters, or studio trickery can fool the good song radar. The tracks are purposely sparse with just enough musical layers to keep it honest and golden. ha! In the middle of the record there is an attempt to get a little proggy in a AIR sort of way but it's quickly abandoned for higher ground. This is all Mikael Jorgensen. Labeled as his solo project he is supported by long time friend and drummer Mr. Greg O’Keeffe and some other indie guys from Iron & Wine, Califone, and Antibalas as a the namedrop bio's goes on. He could have picked up anybody in all honestly and I wouldn't have noticed. The New Jersey roots are having played in Movere Workshop and Lizard Music. If this band would have come in 1978 nobody would have noticed but being that the time machine was fixed and have transported 30 years later. Their debut is much welcome in the emosoundscape and the mushrooming repeater stations. The music is proof positive that the art of song writing is alive and well and has not changed much since that time. You can even twitter them in the prontospere but no modern marketing tool gimic will change the connection the music makes all on it's own. I'm not sure how access translates into live performances or music but what do i know. The couple sample tracks here are quite good cuts like a freshly poured beer. They refresh and numb the palette. There is hope for people who will take the the time to seek out music. Catch them live starting in March and thru out the spring of 2009.

Precious Like A Sneer by Pronto | Buy some
Good Friends Have Gone | Label Contraphonic


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Time to pledge to

Hey, so you like music? You like independent and strange artists? Ever wonder why the radio sucks so bad? Seriously you must not know about Do your kids, your kid's kids and your family a favor and start listening to FMU. You won't ever be able to listen to regular pop-music ever again! Beware of the blog.