Saturday, July 29, 2006

Addicted to Mp3 blogs

So, always wanting to pay my way but interested in what fine gems people like Heather from Fuel Friends and the Aquarium Drunkard are serving up. I now find myself digging into the realm of live bootlegs and well recorded shows. There are a few must haves over at GBV at the 40 Watt, a Jeff Tweedy 48 song set, Jesus and Mary Chain Live in Vienna and over at two sets by the Afghan Whigs, Fugazi, and Hot Snakes to name a few. The T3 server is a little slower than Bally's imac server but you will be happy. These guys have almost any sort of live band from The Smiths to The Cure in the alternative genre that is worth having. It's pretty incredible that people took such care to document some of these bands. So now you can just sit back and putt stuff in shuffle mode and the trip is on. No need to worry about never seen such and such band.

This has not replaced purchasing music of course, for instance, I picked up the new Thom Yorke at Tunes in Hoboken the other day and it is fantastic. It's pretty much in the vain of the Radiohead Kid A material. "Black Swan" us a stand out track because Yorke says fuck a lot in the refrains. This is mp3 blog thing is on some level satisfying my completist and budget needs when it is too damn hot to do any yard work, waste cash on crap i might not have checked out to othewise. So the Rock will always be on.

Once last thing as a fyi in the freebee music circuit. The recent issue of Mojo comes with a really good James Brown summer compilation cd featuring a bunch of Mr. Brown's influences, some classic tunes and some of the funk he contributed too. If can find any copy's I say go for it. last tidbit just in from the Pitchdorks for the complete indie rock fools, there is a Chavez re-issue in the horizon which will include one unreleased track(which is sad) and a 'documentary' of the band when they toured with Guided by Voices called Boys Making Music ...Music Making Men. They never got the large respect they deserved outside of nyc but i see it in my future to be stuck inside riding the fader once again. No noise yet on the matador site so must be some insider stuff. The Guitarist Clay Tarver went onto make his millions producing the Got Milk adverts and bassplayer Scott did some acting. Really was a shame they never did a third record. Their recent reunion shows these past few years were awesome.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Kung fu Prog Champions by Hiromi

If you like Jaco and some of the out there King Crimson you are going to dig the in-f-ing-credible keyboard playing of Hiromi from this live perfomance to what looks like a very polite Japanese audience. Granted there is some prog i detest. Like how many notes can i fit in beat type of stuff. This is musical, there is a bass solo, and she switches to piano mid-way, which is a cool move. Reminds me a in strange way of Drums & Tuba, without the sampling and funk and copious notes, because those fretless basses sound like a dobro.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vegetable Man Syd Barrett dead @ 60

One of my favorite singles was a Jesus and Mary Chain 7" that had a Syd Barrett Cover on the b-side called "Vegetable Man". While the cause of death has not been disclosed, CMJ reports he was a type 2 diabetic. Famouse for downing unhuman amounts of acid and then quiting Pink Floyd when they broke and moved into his mum's house in Cambridge, there were tons of bands like the Flaming Lips, Johnny Mar and Bowie to name a few who credited him as an influence to their music and existance. Nevermind the Beatles, he was an innovators innovator for Rock Music as we know it. Music of the momemt has some mp3s and I guess I am Floating.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

//The Eraser | Thom Yorke \\ gives the mystery away

Ok, the bad thing about on the spot video podcast documentaries is that all the mystery is given away. Artist can come accross as boring and flat. So all artists should not think they can just start putting themselves on the small screen. On the other hand for folks who are pationate about music can see and hear the real answers in this dark moody piece. Truth vs fiction vs sad music industry hot air is the musical promotion playing field. What is great about Mr. Yorke's art is that his passion comes accross as 'from the real'. The precedent that is being set-up is quite astonishing. Grounded in fact, and a little editing, he reveals his impules for making music in this video cast series posted on his label's site Xl recordings. Once you get over the brit accents and are able to focus, the environmental commentary and humanity comes off as noble and plain good like John Lennon's notion of peace & love songs with title evidence like "Atoms for peace" . He's the musical Picasso of the century, next to the dada-pop-art of The Flamming Lips. Surely some faceted absolute scale could mapped but that would initially leave too many gaps. What is amazing to me is how subtle the human /SPIN\ can making a few notes be more interesting using the format or what reffered to as the Emergency Broadcast Channel System: There are two TY interview segments and 4 30 second song clips in this feed.