Friday, October 27, 2006

Music podcasts that are ruling the earth

So on one visit to this past week I've found some really quality podcast shows and I am greatful to know where the bar is production wise:

  • a good day for airplay | feed - spining mostly power pop with some hot trax inbetween. +++

  • Not your usual bollocks | feed - rock and electronic music genres complete with English accent to make you feel cutting edge, in with the new wave. +++++
  • Radio Free Brooklyn | feed - "Their summary saysTwo guys from Brooklyn drink beer and play the best indie and unsigned music they can find" - which about sums it up. ++++

  • Sundays Away | feed - 52 songs over the course of year. A brave songwriting endeavor so check it out! ++
  • bands under the radar | feed The regular rules and filters apply here: unsigned indie artists, decent playlist gives it its edge. ++

Key: + = random needle drop quality control Rating systems are meaningless. Pay more attention to what were spinning and not what I'm saying - your good taste is the only thing that applies but thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Will the Men of Chavez ride the fader again?

As reported by pitchfork there are some live Chavez shows on the horizon. Nobody would confirm or deny new material eventhough I did get the word that there is actually some twiddling going on from a myspace pocket man insider. So hopefully some of the new noise will be spawned at the upcoming shows. Why else would you make a Men of Chavez website? Seems like an extreme amount of effort if new material is not in the works.

  • 12-02 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

  • 12-09 Chicago, IL - TBA

  • 12-16 Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw

  • 12-30 San Francisco, CA - Slim's

Just playing the odds - dig a double hitter MP3 from Matador The Guard Attacks / Unreal Is Here [from the Better Days Will Haunt You reissue]

Also, don't forget to RSS or download the latest djspork podcast as featured here. Podcast Show #13 themed 'War all the time' slated for release on mischief night!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Trail of Dead So Divided from their Label?

...AYWKTBTTOD are musically a band under the terror of noise from Conrad Keely's head and I think the band are just getting better at interpreting music and taking it all to a different level much in the same way the Stones did in the 70's but this time for indie rock. Christ they've been keeping at for 10 years with no big hit but still manage to raise the proverbial bar to the point where indie snobs get noise bleeds and then break their neck after it was jammed in their ass (crude but fair- I know). I would be pretty bored if every record they made sounded what the early adopters discovered and then abandoned.

Trail of dead are yet another band in 'rebellion' and that is pretty much what they've have always been about (breaking live shit etc) so it is no surprise they leaked their album to stick it to the man. The conspirators may bring-up it up as something
more calculated by the band, label or management to create a buzz (ok i'm starting the rumor but see how easy brilliant marketing spin control can be?) But will they remember? Will the kids care 2 months from now? Granted, I was able to get most of record for free on various blogs, so please grab some free mp3 while you can: | Neiles life | I guess I'm floating

So Divided has secured it's spot in my top 11 for 2006 and if they could only remove some other undeserving crap from the airwaves we could say we've witnessed some justice.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Best music of 2006 in my top 11 list

Now that we're in Q4, it's time to look back and see what releases have secured their spots in my top 11 for 2006, so here it goes:

  • radiodread by Easy Star All-stars- which if you haven't the justice that prevails to the bands music, these dub-masters remake the classic ok computer as if it were their own. it is awesome
  • The outsider by DJ Shadow is quite the diverse mix from acoustic to blow your trunk open speaker bangin' rok the house. I have turn it down at stop lights
  • Just like the fambly cat by Grandaddy, ok so totally bummed this is the last one but looking forward to his 'solo' material efforts.
  • curses by rye coalition, ode to jersey metal you can't go wrong
  • At War With The Mystics by the Flaming Lips. Disguised anti-war songs and the regular fun art-rock associated with this modern day uplifting acid induced band.

The contenders: m ward, ben kweller, hold steady(haven't heard the whole thing yet) tons of discovered bootlegs from r bally that might require their own category and perhaps a singles list, which the will include th re-mastered "you faded" by Chavez; as the number one single from their upcoming box set Better Days Will Haunt You dvd/cd, as there is no indie guitar rock band that even comes close to the tones, textures, drumming, and massive 10 chord attacks. I think I played it like 10 times in a row today having lost the original pentagram ring ep to my college days at RU, and to think this track is just the b-side! We'll see what time allows but if you do anything and don't know anything about Chavez. Do your guitar loving ass a favor and pick it up 10/10 and crank-it. It was cutting edge in the 90's and yet the band still holds the bar way up there as far I am concerned and about 20 other snobs I know. If you know of any band that it reminds you of; I am all ears? Thanks.