Monday, November 15, 2010

We're moving to

Hi there Ladies and Germs!

It's was just a matter of time before I decided to pack my crap and move over to a proper domain. I love blogger but it was time to move and rebuild. I was thinking about it for awhile but it was more of a matter of literally finding the time to move. Crap I started this blog in 2005 so it was about time. still no money in it but whatever. I don't do it for that reason.

Overtime I'll add some bells and whistles on the new site. The basic content migration seem to go ok and now it is time to tweak this junk and will be deleting old articles but have no fear you should be able to find them and dig through the archives. Which are skinny at best.

Please join me:

Thank you!


PS If you are looking for Creative Services or Video Production  help based out of New Jersey please take a look over on the Viva La Hara Creative Collective site. Probably more affordable than you think to make that video for your small business.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wesley Willis covers Bowie

I had the pleasure of hosting Wesley Willis(RIP 1963-2003) a few times on his tours. You might even heard or read me tell the story that every time he managed to break my toilet seats but despite that he was a totally sweet human being. He had his moments being a diagnosed schizophrenic and all and it was quite the chore for any band to bring him out. One of those bands was a Chicago band called Today's My Super Space Out Day. Sort of a short emo band name by today's standards but actually a really powerful rock trio. Anyway, below is a jam recorded in my living room in Red Bank, NJ one morning after a rock show. Rock Over London Rock over New Jersey. Now give me a head-butt. Miss you Wesley.

"Ziggy killed the band" by Wesley Willis w/Rick Nitz on Acoustic Guitar from TMSSOD.
"Henry Rollins" by Wesley from SMD Promotions CD (autographed)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Held Ransom by Elvis Costello's R&B

ALBUM REVIEW: Huge change in what we'll call "introverted" Elvis Costello for right now on National Ransom. This music is free in form with the it's subtle blues and that driving rhythmic bass pounding found on earlier Costello releases...

For the rest of Elvis Costello National Ransom Review please visist the new Review Stalker Music and mp3 Blog!

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

If only you were braindead Black Angels

ALBUM REVIEW: Working too much. Too tired to write or listen to music most of the time. I am so pathetic but i did just manage to pick-up Phosphene Dream by the Black Angels...

Get the rest of the Thank You Black Angels Album Review after the jump on the all new Music and mp3 blog.

Lots of awesome stuff on the other side. Won't you come over to the other side. If you stay in the boat it's up to you but if you get off the boat, you will dip into the other side. I promise the water is fine.