Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Best Scary Ghoul Halloween music blog posts

I love this spooky time of year. Some people are into it and others are a bunch of grinches. Although, I didn't have the time to costume up although I am the man in black today, my daughter is going to be butterfly. Damn cute one although she cried during the photo op. Here are some of the best festive bloggers with some spooky halloween music for the taking and sharing.
Ear Farm has three halloween posts promoting his show tonight
Brooklyn vegan gets down with some costume pics of people spoofing Amy Winehouse and some monster tracks including Torme!
Heart on a sticks Halloween mash
Creative Tech shows off some Album Halloween Art
Monster Mash Mash-ups by Culture bully for you mix-o-holics
More really scary old stuff here.

Friday, October 19, 2007

James Blunt saves face on Seasame Street

Ok, finally Seasame street is bringing pop stars back and using the internet to promote. I think the dream sequence part is hilarious. Interestingly enough, a couple weeks ago I found myself at the JIM HENSEN exhibit in Little Rock, Arkansas and met Kermit, and the Fraggles. That guy was a genius. Fraggle rock lives. A Christmas Together, w/ John Denver was one of my favorites full of all that great muppet chemistry.

you tube | John Denver Muppet Album

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Superdrag roots reunion drinking bender session

Ah, the unearthing of demos. Always a cool thing for hardcore fans. Sometimes such things should remain in the ground but in the case of Knoxville Tenessee 90's alterative pioneers, SUPERDRAG, some of their songs are pure indie greatness that they would not surpass until their single "Keep it Close to me" at least in my humble opinion. Check out the six-bender post by Heather on Fuelfriends. My buddy Walter is heading to the show this weekend for a roadtrip to TN with his brother and I'm extremely jealous, allas a lot of stuff out there if you dig in the right spot. I'll have to settle for getting home safe this weekend and having a beer bender of my own.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Lucky Nada Surf tune out in the wild

Like all good nada Surf Songs, they are full of great pop-layers and not so moldy love themes. "See these bones" is no exception, as it's harmonies weave and lift the spirit, this suckers got basketball legs down the court. I'll put it up there with something off of Weight is a gift or Let Go. I'm sure I can't wait till Feb 08 for the release of LUCKY but we'll have to see what additional music stalking will net in the coming months. Catch them on tour this month. Barsuk record | mp3 on fuelfriends

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

QUI harmonies and prog rock bullshit VV review

i love sarcasm but not till I actually heard LA based band [download freeze mp3 I ROCK CLEVELAND's blog] QUI now featuring David Yow on drunking prog yapping did this review in the Village Voice restraining the lizard By Shaun McCormack makes any fuckin' sense. Harmonies dude? Come-on retard they were yanking your chain. They are rockin' tonight at the Mercury and in mid-tour (SEE MAP ABOVE). So if your expecting a bunch up twisty COWs inspired syn-capated guitar and big narly BUTHOLE SURFER style drums go check'em out. The church of the sub-yow makes no promises for old 73 year old punk ex-jesus lizard singer's nakedness. QUI's track Freeze kicks butt eventhough their myspace page is practically unviewable in ie7 but whatever. And now for old video of THEfuckingJesusLizard at CB's