Tuesday, October 09, 2007

QUI harmonies and prog rock bullshit VV review

i love sarcasm but not till I actually heard LA based band [download freeze mp3 I ROCK CLEVELAND's blog] QUI now featuring David Yow on drunking prog yapping did this review in the Village Voice restraining the lizard By Shaun McCormack makes any fuckin' sense. Harmonies dude? Come-on retard they were yanking your chain. They are rockin' tonight at the Mercury and in mid-tour (SEE MAP ABOVE). So if your expecting a bunch up twisty COWs inspired syn-capated guitar and big narly BUTHOLE SURFER style drums go check'em out. The church of the sub-yow makes no promises for old 73 year old punk ex-jesus lizard singer's nakedness. QUI's track Freeze kicks butt eventhough their myspace page is practically unviewable in ie7 but whatever. And now for old video of THEfuckingJesusLizard at CB's

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