Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas time means: Tris McCall's pop music 2005 abstract

For those of you who love to keep lists, and check them twice, and then realize you forgot to buy a present for your 13 yr old nephew or neice; top ten lists and extensive 2005 absracts will make you seem like the hip uncle that Tris McCall is. Oh, the man can widdle a pop-song from a pair of old socks and have it's meaning deep dive somewhere smart, but his choice to include all things pop, things i'll personally just hiss at, he takes the time to encapsulate what actually happened from his perspective. I prefer some of the artists to be a far away memory but allas he is good guy and has a fairly diverse choice of artists. Not that i'm at all implying he bought some the music he talks about, why would he? He's nut but not crazy. He's writes about that damn pop music you can't but escape and scratch your head for some of them and wonder why do people like this? Why do I care about miss Simpson? Gimme the real cornbread midwestern punk rock like New Bomb Turks, Nine Pound Hammer any day of the week 24-7-365 but I will tell you this I watched when she stunk and stunk again. Not like the replacements stunk but just because it's unbelievable how somebody who has no roots was able to get her daddy to do all the work to make her suddenly appeal to all these kiddies who were just born 10 years ago. An amazing homogenized feat, when somebody can figure out how to re-spin someting unoriginal so it seems like an old idea. Innovation is everywhere. So beware in this 21st century of ours.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Flaming lips live in LA for New Years 2005

I can't friggin' believe it's been a year almost since last years Flaming Lips show at MSG, which was surely a surreal naked and bubblelishcious experience, and I was only drinking beer and there was no need for psychodelia, nor a reason to get deep into it right now. Except that their music just translates into performance and therefore excellent live entertainment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

PDB music blog by MC Trucks of Prosolar Mechanics

If you're looking for some golden out of print nuggets, with somewhat of a Jerzee edge, you should check out the PDB take it a like a mun music blog, by MC Trucks. Lots of cool and free download links to be had.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Juliana Hatfield drinks Makers Mark on the rocks

On tour with the band X, sister hater Juliana Hatfield popped her band into the more familiar territory of Maxwells, the home of great beer, food and rock. This night was Jule's chance to show-off her guitar playing, although shy on solos as she put her back away from video camera and audience, she was slaying the guitar strings at points. She is still very sexy at 37(i think) and even can be found on myspace probably doesn't have an email and still suffering from stalker syndrome (oh the irony). If you have not downloaded or purchased her new record Made in China, you should, it is definetly in my top 20, as i went out of my way to check her out, I was expecting her to play solo like i saw her few years ago play at Rutgers outside. She has a great band and they played a long ass 1:15 set, and although not pitch perfect, she is a rocknroll chick, very approachable and personable.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dinosaur Jr plows Irving Plaza

Had a good time last nite with wifey seeing the original verion of Dino jr. They played all the hits from their first 3/4 records. Lou Barlow is a ripping bass player(still), although I am more of a van of Mascis's tunes, the backbone of dino jr, besides the obvious J riffage, is the sonic boom of Freak scene and rythem section. Only one ma semi celeb in attendance that I noticed was Mr. Hilly Krystal and only one frat boy thrown out for pushing some young fan. Which funny enough Lou made fun of the same dude for asking them to play The Wagon telling him that it was insulting since he didn't play on the song. They played the song anyway and it was pretty awesome. I did notice a taper in the audience and it didn't seem to be one of the AV guys recording the shows for upcoming live dvd. Lots of head bobbin 90's style for all.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Live rock videos clips for the taking.

Technological innovation makes things almost too easy, although some production values are better than others but now more than ever you can find some interesting clips of shows you might of missed. Billy filo w/ True love as back-up band live at Maxwells and a clip of The Bigger Lover's final show in Philly. Some things you can't just relive but would be pretty nostalgic to catch a City Gardens show. There was the one time I should have gone down to there to see Nirvana but didn't or time a fugazi show was sold out! oh sweet bootlegs.

On a complete different note and en route to mt bikin' i spun the mix tape #2 and after further digestion will write a proper review.