Monday, December 21, 2009

Great unheard Christmas songs

So i got lazy this year and plain old overworking. However you want to look at it but my friend Matt put his Christmas Playlist together. Actually he has been working on The Great Unheard covers project for many years. Check out the awesome covers by all the sorts of folks for music lovers. He sure did save me a lot of work so welcome him on the launching of his new mp3 site. glad I can check make killer Xmas playlist cd off my list. Good job Matt!

I can't believe another year's gone o'well...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Save the Court Tavern from their ungodly taxes

Open letter from Eileen Albert

Once again I am in the position of writing an extremely difficult letter. We have 24 hours to raise $20,000 or we may be forced to close. I know that times are tough and it is the holiday season but it's not impossible, 4 people to lend us $5,000 ea. - 10 people/$2000 ea. - 20 people/$1,000ea - 40 people/$500 ... See Moreea. and so forth. Here's why: We owe @ $26,000 in back property tax and water and sewer to the city of New Brunswick. A friend of ours knew we needed help and offered it based on the fact that he was selling his house and asked how much we needed. Bobby told him $20,000 or so. He said he could help us out provided his closing went through on Friday, which it did. Today he came in with $5,000, apparently all he could do. Bobby was under the impression that he could lend us the bulk of it. Now we are really screwed. We must pay the entire amount by 4:00 tomorrow ( Tues. 12/15 ) or it will go to tax sale. If it goes to tax sale the mortgage company will start foreclosure proceedings. Commercial mortgages are different that residential and the only way to stop it would be to file bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court will take over the business and liquidate it. The end of the Court Tavern. Bobby and I and Cassius have sacrificed so much of our family time and money over the years just trying to stay afloat. Everytime we are ready to throw in the towel , someone will come along and tell them how much the Court means to them so we keep on going. Tony Shanahan is in the process of organizing a benefit concert for us at the state theater in March. We thought we had it covered, borrow the money from our friend, pay the taxes, in March pay him back and have some extra cash to get caught up on some other stuff. Not going to happen. If you can help at all please call my cell phone at 732-887-1612 ASAP. All loans will be repaid in March with interest. We only have 24 hours. You can also text me if it's late tonight although I don't know how I'll sleep.
Eileen Albert"

IF 200 people give $100 dollars this should do it. Come on WFMU people.

If you know anyone in a financial position to help save the Court, PLEASE pass this along to them! The Court could go under....TODAY!

Visit the Court's FB page to find out more:
Or call or text Eileen directly: 732-887-1612
Or call The Court: 732-545-7265

UPDATE: 12.15.09pm
SO the Benefit is on for March. Looks like somebody walked into the bar and gave them 20k. Good to have friends, family and fans -- oh and money. The Court Tavern is safe for now.

The saga will continue.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hub City Cruel But Fair the show

Well the first show in support of Stuart Wexler's ambitious documentary on the 90's New Brunswick Music scene was a huge success. I never saw so many gadgets and die-hard fans all in once place. The "Scene within the scene" to quote Bryan Bruden the old Mad Daddy's manager. Was really awesome to see so many oldish faces in one place and sad that I could not talk to everybody. Hadn't seen some of these characters in 5-8 years or so and glad to most are still alive.

So what does this all mean? Who cares right? it was so 90's ago? Well first off the music was vibrant like the first time you self discovered. All the colors were represented and none sounded like the other. For quick view go ahead and download or listen to DJSPORK SHOW #29 No Frills Rock podcast. I play a few select tracks mixed in with current talent out there. it's all about the rock.
Cruel But Fair movie page on Facebook or on YouTube.
NEXT SHOW: Sat 12.126.09 Court Tavern w/ Horsey, 3 to 6 inches, Prosolar Mechanics, Buzzkill and The Stuntcocks.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Aviso'hara Boss Jim Gettys and Bionic Rhoda WRSU

Coming up this weekend is big retro 90's show happening Saturday Nov 28th At The Court Tavern. Check out a podcast of Boss Jim Gettys, Bionic Rhoda Aviso'Hara being interviewed by Jard Mignon from on WRSU's Overnight sensation's this past friday night on nice one -up.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Dark Night of the Soul By Danger mouse and sparkle horse

So many great singer all on one record. One day the public will hear this awesome collaboration by Danger Mouse(Brian Burton) and Sparklehorse(Mark Linkous). One quick deep dive and you will some of the most beautiful songs sung by Wayne Coyne(Flaming Lips), Jason Lytle(grandaddy) and Casablanca(strokes). Hey I'd send you to buy link if I knew it but seems like EMI is holding this collaboration. Oh' and did i mention David lynch is involved? yea this is dark and fantastic so far. On the top 10 list for 09.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aviso'Hara Boss Jim Gettys and Bionic Rhoda

...and they said damn the creatures will rise again, rise again for one night only: Aviso'Hara, Boss Jim Getty's and Bionic Rhoda to perform at the Court Tavern Saturday Nov 28th, 2009. This show is being taped for the Hub City Rock City documentary.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jonesey and xray lbj schmooze cruise

Lots of drinking and cursing around manhatten a live radio broadcast (recording) featuring Xray Burn and Jonesey. Thanks poseiden for a pleasant voyage.

Wfmu boat ride w/ jonesey and xray 2009 ibj cruise

Took and hour to get going while we waited for pizza. Ran out of beer before we left.

Brooklyn bridge with jonesey and xray water tours


Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Young Leaves Singles review

OK, OK OK. I've been absent. There was a tornado of work that has overtaken my soul and a couple months in I am none the wiser but i do no when The Young Leaves are on my car stereo I'm quickly reminded about the influences they wear on their sleeve and proud of it. They have a few recent tracks that just crank unforgivably and the volume goes up and time stops. This is what you want from quality rocknroll from North Dartmouth, Mass; to hell with all that poser hairspray weak electronic crap. This is the real deal. Buy their shit. Check out "Hey Man (Backup Plan)", "Boot to the Face" and "Life Underneath" that will remind you of Husker Du, Dino Jr, mats, and a more distorted Archers of Loaf all pack in one bombastic set alla sorry ma forgot to take out the trash. Easy as that.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Internet Hits that retred that sound man

As I sit here on this Saturday night drinking beers and it occurred to me how much I sickly like sharing my thoughts on music for the four or five of you who care. There are lots of new bands on the block these days as they seem to replicate faster than the rabbits do in my neighborhood. There are so many one internet hits that surely I'd think you would like to take advantage of since the kids these days all have smart recording devices. If there is good song they really do have the potential to sound good. Magically awesome sounds come right out of their pods and away they go! Here are a few of our picks for this month check them out while they are hot because then they will be gone starting another band trying to re-live the now.

MP3 - "A Brighter Sunday" Farmer Sea's Italian ass sounds more like Mathew Sweet, Dave Grohl and the song Solar Sister with some oohs and aaahs that give them a bit of a familiar majestic sound. This track is the lead song from their debut Low Fidelity in Relationships - BUY IT its like that lost strokes album that never followed Is this it. Well sorta.

MP3 - "I Am Blind" by Elephant Stone a little of more of the same as above and chip in with a little British new-wave pop ditty that is as pleasant as a setting sun down the beach. I suppose they have beaches in Canada where they are from but I think they are on lakes. This track is from their debut The Seven Seas. BUY IT.

MP3 - "Pacific Nostalgia" by Fungi Girls from Texas is by far one of my favorite tracks with such a nice roughness to it alla No Age that it will be hard to beat it's sincerity. Reverb is used like a knife that JAMC used to cut feedback out of their guitars with. You can tell these kids ( 15 - 16 years old) listen to a unreasonable amount of music and take advantage of their youth. They can't even buy freakin' cigarettes for Christ's sake. Check out their id reverberations blog where they post a ton of RAR files (i dunno even how to open). They are not afraid of being uncool and sincerely remind me of my youth. Listening to this track feels like that High-fidelity scene when the John Cusack character discovers the skater's tape. Anyway... I don't even know where to send you to buy the Fungi Girls so good luck with that.

MP3 - "Wind Phoenix" - Cymbals Eat Guitars is more than likely on the top of their game. Who knew cool bands could be based out of Staten Island? I kid because I live in Jersey and well there are many. Anyway, this tune has lots of layers and floatty vocal melodies of the Shin's variety but in this case they are not afraid to flip the volume knob all the way up. Doesn't hurt either that pitchfork likes them. Lucky for them with so many different things going on in their music and all... CEG is on tour this fall. I will have to check them out live if somebody puts me on the guest list. They mention MMR in their bio which makes one of their band mates around my age. Ha! The good thing is they sound nothing like most of the crap in that old rag. Check out Why there are Mountains now. Buy it.

Other bands with singles in rotation at the homestead: Wolf Gang, The Watermarks, Memory Tapes, Local Natives and Real Estate.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Buzzoven vs Buzzkill Free T-Shirt Story

Seven Inch Friday: This little punk rock story is probably one of my favorites although I probably won't do it justice; it's funny none the less. It's the story of how the whole New Brunswick NJ scene got a Buzzov•en t-shirt but first about the music...

After the jump I promised you'll get some free mp3s and the Buzzoven vs Buzzkill story>>

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hot Summer Rock Mix

I'll be honest. I'm still working on my summer mix of course but one quick gander and sure enough there is some good stuff out there. Heather from Fuel Friends never dissapoints with her take. I'm not quite sure where she finds the freakin' time but she is the hot one third from the left above. Vinyl district has a few choice tracks to grab. Mars needs guitars also has a good set of summer songs. Anyway here are some to add to your mix not in any particular order, rhyme or reason other than to annoy your friends.

Here's to summertime, summertime, summer:

Mp3 Summer Here Kids - Grandaddy from Under the Western Freeway
Mp3 Celebrated Summer - Husker Du off of New Day Rising
Mp3 Endless Summer Of The Damned - Bauhaus from Go Away White
Mp3 Summertime Blues - Stones - Made in the Shade 1978
Mp3 Summer of Protest - The Dears - Protest Ep
Mp3 Summer Teeth - Jeff Tweedy Live at the Vic Theater, Chicago, IL, 03-05-2005

Related for summer fun:
Summer Surf and Turf driving mix 2009
End of Summer Playlist 2008

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Arizona the glowing bird band

Album Review: Glowing Bird by the band known as Arizona. I had a dumb idea for a comp the other day which would feature 50 bands from 50 states. Probably do-able but you would end up with some crap. Although we're a little late to the game we are always weary of a band falling through the cracks. The good news is that these guys would be a good opener for said project. No doubt about it.

Studio geeks beware of the state of the band Arizona currently 3/4 parts Asheville North Carolina and 1/4 part of course Brooklyn. One band guy is still holding on apparently. Pretension aside, this band has none, this review is about the art of making an album. Something that is missing these days in 9/10 of the releases out there. More than likely because it's so easy to make a record on a computer but composing one like this is a whole other level. It's obvious they worked hard at the knob twiddling to create the ear candy on this shinning release borrowing
some from the reverb playbook with their brand of folk-electronica guitar rock and things that sounds like a melotron and um' talent? Yes, it's a damn fine release put out by echo mountain records with so many layers of feel good harmony in the vain of yes the Beatles (on the McCartney side), Sunny Day Real Estate, and contemporaries Okkervil River. A complete pleasure to listen to the two singers trade the lead role seamlessly that they seem as one. At times they get a little proggy and southern rock with their guitar jamming but it's ok we forgive them for thinking big and letting it rip on the title track. They are best on the last couple simple ditties like "The Fairly Light" and "Whiskey Or Wine" which is mollusk-esque(Ween) but I say just go for it all. You can't go wrong.

Mp3 Heath - BUY SOME
Mp3 The Fairly Light

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Joe Strummer Love Kills

So did Farrah Fawcett get trumped or what? When one large icon dies it's always a good time to remember some of the others who were nothing but good souls. Joe Strummer (1952–2002) was always true to his roots and the origin of rockn'roll. Thus his 50's look I would say. Part of legacy brings the Strummerville Foundation which strives to enable folks the opportunity to create music who may not have the chance.

"Love Kills" was the title track for Sid & Nancy movie soundtrack. Being as I totally missed 7" Friday yesterday I'm giving you a 12" LP on Sunday. Here's the dub mix promo of said song which I found in the bins at the Princeton record exchange. If you want some nostalgia check out this Out of Control T-Shirt from the good folks at worn free. I have a red one and so should you if they are still available. They have some cool stuff.

MP3 Love Kills Dub version [buy some]
MP3Silver & Gold with the Mescaleros
MP3Straight to Hell Cover by Lily Allen who Joe was a godfather too. Strangeness.

Friday, June 19, 2009

7 Inch Friday: Baxter vs Unsane

Seven Inch Friday: Noise pollution sometimes can be seen as good thing. The east coast was fortunate to have plenty of bands stricken with the need to play fast and loud with the vocals and melody playing a backseat. Enter the Toms River New Jersey band Baxter and Unsane from NYC.

Although they were around for short blip in time the punk rock continuum they put out one hell of 7 inch on their own make-shift label Velocipede. Mark (vocals/Guitar) and Daneal(drums -later to play in Aviso'Hara) were the Jersey shore's king and queen of indie. This blistering inferno of a band was known to play 4-5 sets tops and then cut the chord. Mark would later go on to form The Trans Megetti and put out a couple releases on Art Monk Construction and full length on Southern Records. Photo by your's truly.

Baxter an accident waiting to happen Velocipede 7"
mp3 car twenty seven - Side 1
mp3 simba - Side 2
mp3 superstar

BONUS: The Trans Megetti (pictured above) mp3 - "Opposite of Techno" (Courtesy of Southern)

Now onto one of the most morose record covers I own by a band that made a interesting turn post-hardcore.

mp3 - Concrete bed A side
mp3 - El Mundo - B Side
This is probably a little tasteless considering the Cobain reference below but then again I feel this is the premise. The music of the UNSANE should scare you out of your gore. Chris Spencer(Guitar.vox) and team were big time into horror flicks and the german Glitterhouse(GR0090) label were more than willing to accommodate. Now for some this straight forward display of rock was everything the new york noise scene stood for and umbrella'd like Foetus, the Swans, Sick of it all, etc. I saw them open for Crash Worship once (more on them sometime) and the unsane just made such a awesome wall of sound. Delivered with a scalpel precision which was only to be washed out by a literal flood and fire by CW. Amazing show. I remember Allen Ginsberg's boy punk rock lover David Greenberg cowling over them one time. I didn't get it at first but then I was like this rocks to holy hell. Damn. Don't expect a melody to catch you. Just let the molten guitar power grab ya which is akin to electrifying a vacuum cleaner sucking the air right out of you right to the end.

Unsane @ Wetlands NYC - More fanzeen rock scene photos up on the facebook

Past 7 Inch Fridays:
Jesus and Mary Chain vs North Elementary and Pistolero
Superconductor vs Mudhoney and George Clinton
Monster Magnet Glitterhouse seven inch

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day of the dead Kristen Pfaff RIP Janitor Joe

Kristen Pfaff RIP 1967-1994: There were few bass players in the Alternative scene in the early 90's who used distortion and in particular chick bass players who were as killer as Ms. Pfaff. Enter Kristen who died of a heroin overdose some 14 years ago in a bathtub today. Safe to say grunge got the best of her...

Get the rest of this story about Kristen Pfaff on the all new Review Stalker Music mp3 Blog>>

Friday, June 12, 2009

Jesus and Marychain vs North Elementary and Pistolero

On this rainy seven inch Friday we have "What is the sound of somebody scraping the underbelly of a jumbo jet" which is how Ethan Stein(RIP) from Captn' Video, WRSU's Overnight Sensations and his New Brunswick NJ band Leather Studded Diaphram(LSD) once described The Jesus and Mary Chain to me and I've been quoting him ever since because he was so damn right. More on him later but he was always good for long music chats till his unfortunate self destruction. This one goes out to you my friend.

This is, from I can tell, the first jesus and marychain release that came out in oh god 1981? I need to get a loop out to actually read the 7" label but I'm going with it till somebody corrects me. This was later to be followed up with the must have PSYHCOCANDY full length debut by JAMC. I discovered them in highschool before going to college and it was one of those life changing bands that basically broke a lot of sonic rules and were a perfect companion to Day Dream Nation and New Day Rising as those type of get-up and go or go to bed and smoke pot records(either way worked). Anyway, this has got all the killer feedback that can make you want to stick a fork in your ears in order to scratch inside the part of your skull. You eventually get used to it when chorus parts kick-in. Enjoy.
A Side: Upside Down - BUY JAMC
b Side: Vegetable Man(Sid Barret cover)

Before school lets out we bring you North Elementary a hook filled indie rock band from Chapel Hill NC who has a new full length out called Not For Everyone, Just For You on Eskimo Kiss records. NE remind me of grandaddy meets the big rock of Blue Tip in a can filled with dreamy lyrics and reverb. As a limited edition promotion you can get a split 7" with their friends Pistolero from Atlanta which reminds me of the warmers/cloud cult mixed with something hooky and smartly mod. Dig it. If you don't have a record player just go to their site as they are giving you the tracks (oh hell linked below for your convenience) for free of course. I love the split tradition. I wish more bands did this more often but it totally helps if the songs are good and herein is the case. Thanks. Keep them coming!

EndlessSummer (NE covers Pistolero) - Great song. Dig the big oasis type bass groove, which then picks up in to this awesome live lou reed jam circa rockn'roll animal machine.
Fuzzy TV Delay (pistolero covers NE) Big drum beat and keys layered in a hand clapping pastiche of what is a minimalist nation of Ulysses style all their own.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emusic is going to obscure the indies with Sony BMG

So I opined on my tech/life blog the other day about SonyBMG screwing the Emusic pooch with the coming of a mostly lame catalog from the behemoth label that has such great chart topping artists like Jefferson Airplane, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Faithless, Kelly Clarkson, Dolly Parton, Judas Priest according to Ok I of course like Cash and sorta is like blasphemy or communism not like Elvis but C'mon. Really?

Which if you take a close peak at the metrics on there it equals 420 Million unique listeners for the combined fans of those groups who scrobble their music from iTunes alone! Holy F*ck batman! That is a lot of freaking band equity. There will invariable be a few issues they will have to deal with this marketing conundrum.
(1) They might start crashing because of the boon of new subscribers. Which in most cases is a good problem to have but much better to grow steadily than over night.
(2) They will or in process of obscuring the indies and fans who have helped build up emusic for the past 7-8 years (see the thread). New music fans take risks with on all these artists because of the low entry cost. Angry user will need to appeased one way or another.
(3) Financially, sorta supporting point above, the indie 00' band hey day is in serious jeopardy. There is huge set of emerging artists that will be competing with releases older than 2 years. You know that will change once the price point start to turn over fast there could be roll back. These are just mp3s in the over-all scheme of dismal cd sales there are lessons to be learned from the past. Remember the beta and VHS war? Lower quality always wins for mass distribution with right price point (So markety i know). Slowly emusic may (hopefully not) start to obscure these artists for moving volume. If I were them my immediate course of action would be to segregate the "Majors" in the charts like they do in record stores sometimes (remember those?).

Personally, I am going to be on pins in needles as this fiasco unfolds PR nightwares get sorted out. I'm not going to up my emusic subscription and I'm not going to cancel it either. I've been a loyal customer since Jan05. It's still the best deal out there these days and people gotta eat. It will slow my support and consumption of the indies since I'll only be able to afford on average 3 albums a month as opposed to 5 and half a month in previous plan in this new budget. I would have preferred a subtle 10-20% rent increase but oh'well. Quite a slow down in my music consumption. Again, not that I always downloaded my whole 65 tune subscription previously. Emusic secretly loves that kind of customer with their use it or loose it rule. Which was a great revenue stream for them. Lets see what happens for now there was a Alice Cooper song I wanted to buy... Seriouly it's bit of sell-out but somebody had to give my only hope is that it benefits all the little guys in the long run or short run. Somehow.

Mp3 - The Big Sell-Out - Bongwater - BUY SOME WHILE IT'S CHEAP

Monday, June 08, 2009

What's Sonic Youth got to do with the Dustdevils?

Nothing really is the answer, unless you consider SY the only band of it's type of which case you live in a very narrow universe.

So the other night a post caught my eye on mog by a mogger posting a Live Bush tetras video at the knitting factory, which i have scratched up, i mean really scrappy 7" copy of "Things That Go Boom in the Night" (i think), and was then subsequently chatting with my friend Jim about Danceteria and couple bands from the past including Mission of Burma and the one other bands that came up during the conversation were of course the Dustdevils and I said holy hell I just ran into this band accidentally again...blah,blah,blah. Seriously file Dustdevils with your noise bands on the farther end with neurosis and live skull as far as I am concerned. SY is a pop band compared to this drug smuggling outfit or least in the middle of their output. for the most part Dustdevils are a really noisy rock band founded by English Guitarist Michael Duane and Aussie vocalist/guitarist Jaqi Dulany. They started the band in the Mid 80's in the UK then transplanted themselves to NYC. With a inconsistent line-up of now well known NY scenesters playing in the band on and off again up until the late 90's where they toiled their brand of sonic pollution. The exact dates for these things are not so important sometimes if the discography overshadows it in the annals of rock history. Probably a foot note (if that) for some but for others a major part of a scene along with thinking fellers union, Fly Ashtray, Wider, Gerard Cosloy Matador owner, and Crown Heights among other band folk; all whom did time as part of the Dustdevils. I can't even keep up but this trouser press discography review does a good job naming names. Now seriously, you really need to be into dissonant guitars and feedback that creates this aural landscape to enjoy it. The later stuff gets all trance and mixxy but you'll like it. I have.

Here are a few choice selections:
Mp3 - Young Moss Tongues - from Geek Dip (Matador 1989) where you really get that SY comparison to something could have easily been on EVOL and you would be none the wiser.
Mp3 - Encient - from Rhenyards Grin (Rouska/Fundamental -1987) - This album starts does hit part of pop department alla throwing muses a whee bit but i think it has to do more with production and more apparent song structures. I honestly start with this one then work you way up or down.
Mp3 - Receiver - From Extant EP (Matador - 1996) Recorded in 1993 sometime and released posthumously after for good parting of Duane and Dulany.

Live dustDevils Video
Grab just about the whole Dustdevil discography for yourself here or buy some somewhere if you can find some. They're better than drugs kids.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Superconducter vs Mudhoney and George Clinton

Throwing a couple things at ya this on 7" Friday from the grunge and funk variety.
First up is a group called Superconductor from Vancouver, B.C. Canada that featured 10 freakin' band members at times that came out on Scratch and boner Records (catalog number BR30) out of California (same label as the Melvins) in the very early 90's. On this release they had (7) seven guitar players, (2) two bass players and (1) one drummer nicknamed on the 45 as follows: Dream Whip (G), It's on You (G), Thighmaster(B), He who is named (G/V), Flying Fist(G), Noise Annoys(G), El Impacto (D,V,bontempi), Sweet Bitch (B), Alan Smithee(G) and Delicious Warm on (G). This particular release was called Heavy With Puppy, produced by Don Gordon and band, engineered by Ken Marshall in Nov of 1991. The photo above is by Mike Ledwidge and group photo below by Mark Critchley from the inside cover. Now I suppose you're going to find out what this sounds like if like loud raunchy guitar music. I was always impressed how tightly they could play together and not sound like a washed out mess. Then again I never got an opportunity to see them live but always enjoyed their releases when I could find them. Enjoy the noise man.

Mp3 - This side: Bushpilot - Superconductor
Mp3 - Baby Side: Satori Part One - Superconductor

Printed on baby side it says "Smoking during pregnancy can harm the baby"

The bonus for today is a cover of "Pump It Up"(Elvis Costello Cover) by Mudhoney that was a 7" promo for the movie PCU. The flip is George Clinton doing a track call "Stomp". Fun stuff. Enough said.

Mp3 - Pump it up (cover) - Mudhoney
Mp3 - Stomp - George Clinton

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I dig the Hold Steady for everything they are not

Major leage props to pitchfork (yes I know who knew this day would come) for posting 7 songs from their festival on their TV channel of the hold steady playing live. Damn. These guys were nerds. Nobody was paying attention to them years ago in their earlier incarnation of Lifter Puller. I had their cd back in the zines daze and thought they were just another rocknroll band too. Now they are doing the same thing on south and main from Brooklyn usa and still killing it 4 albums in. Drinking budweisers and talking at you live before happy hour starts. Check them out when you get a chance. If you dig the replacements and ac/dc and kiss. Chances are they will be as drunk as you are but still be able to hold their tune drinks above the bar as they have learned from the mistakes of their former masters and on their own. To repeat this is a bar band so you're going to need to know the words because there are a lot of them.

Find some Hold Steady tracks on hype-non-standard
mp3 - Atlantic City (Spingsteen Cover)
mp3 - Constructive Summer - Stay Positive

or better yet buy some on emusic (better idea).

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Music for haters, liars and cheaters

I did a rant about a social network for karma police site on my life/tech blog today called which didn't work when i tried to login to vent! ha! The site did inspire some songs about liars, haters and cheaters though.

Anybody know any good tattle-tale or whistle blower songs? I'm sure this is just the tip of the proverbial ice-burg.

Listen to some hate for now:
Liar - Built to Spill - mp3 from you in reverse
Cheater - Bubblegum Thunder
Hateful - The Clash - London Calling
Hate Paste - Archers of Loaf
I am the Jury - Moistboyz

OK that is it. Enjoy.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Was A King and you were from The Rural Alberta Advantage

Saturday Sunday live review: Last minute phone call last night led me to the Mercury Lounge on 5.30.09 with my bud Jim to catch a early show by The Rural Alberta Advantage who recently signed to Saddle-creek, I Was A King from Norway and Elevator Fight (Philly).

Ok so we totally missed Elevator Fight, who apparently have some star power in the band with the offspring of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet. Zoe freaking Kravitz who my daughter is named after on vocals. Can't believe it honestly. Has it been that long? But we had a decision to make at the bar as to what to drink as they played their last song. I'm sure they will get other Saturday nights and I'll try not to miss it; just somebody send me an invite and we'll be cool. They play this sort of cliche roots rock from the couple tunes I heard on their page. I think her band needs to do some more digging in Daddy's record collection and find their own voice but I get the sense they are going for a straight up pop direction so there may be no hope. Her voice is good so hopefully they put that to good use as you would expect she got her mamma's looks. This is all pretty funny to me because I'm now recalling as we were waiting for the next band that I noticed this smashing gal that reminded me of a grown up Cosby kid and it all makes sense.

In the grand scheme of things culturally America has influenced the world musically and I Was a King is proof positive of that. The first hurdle I always wonder about is how do bands write melodic pop songs in Nordic and then sing them in English?
Ok, I know the rest of world needs to learn more than one language so that is probably a barrier on our part. I Was A King borrow nicely from art of the short song by gbv and blast out equally potent and abbreviated J Mascis like solos. This band's performance was a surprise and in this configuration was truly driven by their rhythm section as the two guitarist pretty much played the same shoegazer parts. They were most powerful when they broke away from that but damn I don't think I've seen more capos used in a single show-- that's got to be a pain in the butt to remember so kudos just for that. The real glue was in the singing above the mask of the guitar wash. Guy/Gal vocals really is part of their magic that could be compared to Belly and Swervedriver jamming the black angels without the heroin parts. heh? The lead singer Frode Strømstad has got his song writing machine down Anne Lisa can sure hold her own vocally. I was impressed.

Live I don't think they sounded anything like Apples In Stereo or Neutral Milk Hotel like their bios says to file them under; in particular because of the lack of additional instrumentation in the live configuration joining them on stage but allas this is a good band and worth catching. I tried to chat with the other guitarist about her guitar playing and pedals but she was chatting up some haggard looking new yawker dude. Check out their most recent self titled album on emusic which was recorded in Brooklyn U.S.A btw.

Now The Rural Alberta Advantage (gotta love that nationalistic Canadian pride) sounded more like NMH in the singing delivery department with the support of their diverse but bare bones instrumentation. With barely any gear on stage you could fit this trio in a Fiat! The powerful vocal melodies indeed carried them from song to song. If you had to file and tag them under quirky and diverse would be appropriate like tapes n tapes is to spazzy drumming and their keyboard parts. Was cool to see the main singer guy Nils Edenloff playing a Seagull acoustic guitar. The string that was holding it looked uncomfortable but he seemed truly happy to hold it up and carrying the band out of obscurity coming from a self-released record and now being picked up by Saddle-Creek quite a story actually with a little push from emusic for RAA is all it took which is one of them stories in the big scary city. So expect lots of interesting things from them if they survive their first big tour. At the end of their set they pulled a move straight out of the small band playbook and sang in the middle of the crowd alla Violent Femmes/Arcade Fire. If you never got a chance to see neutral milk hotel and you have 10 bux burning a hole in your pocket this summer go check RAA or I Was A King when they are in your town. The experience will be worth it. A good time was had and thanks for filling my night this past Saturday. No thanks for $7 Sierra Nevada's Mercury Lounge. Please send this writer beer money.

Summertime songs:
In the Summertime - The Royal Albert Advantage - buy
Fading Summer - I Was A King - buy

Friday, May 29, 2009

Monster Magnet Murder b/w Tractor 7 inch

Welcome to 7 inch Friday! I really miss picking these up more frequently. This week we bring you a early release from Monster Magnet on Primo Spree which was "distributed" by Caroline records.

For the rest of this post on Monster Magnet get some free mp3s on the all new Review Stalker Music Blog.

Enjoy the rock more often in particular the fuzzy junk.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cheap Trick In Color mix by Steve Albini

I'm a late comer to this lost mix sessions by Steve Albini of Cheap's Tricks record called In Color which has been posted over on the Rock Town Hall blog in it's entirety for download. I'll also admit I had no clue... Get the rest of Cheap Trick In Color mix by Steve Albini on Review Stalker Music Blog.

hey I know it's cheap trick but the free mp3s will be worth it man.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Whatever happend I Apologize - Jay Bennett

Is there such a thing as the 5th Beatle? The guy who you have in your creative circle and gotten into arguments as documented in the film I Am Trying To Break Your Heart? This is Jay Benett (RIP 1963-2009) or at least how most of us will remember him as the creative muse and friend of Jeff Tweedy. Welcome to your acoustic singer songwriter overdose and posts of some really great stories. It does not really matter how he went but one of many cautionary tales of loss and we can talk and talk about it or just listen and have a few.

Grab a zip of Whatever Happened, I Apologize from Chrome Waves
Heather from fuel friends offers up a video and a couple mp3s with Jay playing with Jeff

Tank Boy remembers running into Jay and shares his story
Ohm Park posted a whole live show Jeff Tweedy w/ Jay Bennett from 11-20-1996.
Chicago Sun Times Jim Derogatis following the Obit.
Good Jay Bennett interview on My Old Kentucky Blog from December 2008

Here are some selects:
Jay Bennett - The Engines are Idle
Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett on Banjo - We've Been Had - from the Cost What? Bootleg
Venus Stop this Train - Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot demo - Jay on Piano

Saturday, May 23, 2009

British Sea Power - Man of Aran

Man of Aran is a beautiful black and white silent film that British Sea Power created a sound track for that takes place in Ireland. In this segment the track No Man Is An Archipelago is featured. The song is similar to one on Do you like Rock Music? but it works beautifully. I don't don't care. Glad to hear such stellar music form these Brighton chaps.

Monday, May 18, 2009

My Teenage Stride NY pop fest video

Always good to see tris mccall jamming on the keys. Here are some more photos from the NY Popfest at the cake-shoppe. My Teenage Stride do this alla Jay Reatard a little bit. Total low-fi with the high fidelity quality of great 60's singles and their Creep Academy single is great example of this psychedelic influence of the velvet underground mashing up with the pop aesthetic. Ok so the singer Jedediah Smith looks like he's in his 40's and that is ok. Pollard was in up there too when he broke to masses on college radio. So easy to say a creative peak indeed! Let your ears do the listening and your feet do the dancing as this music reminds me of what i got with wfmu Michael Shelly bonus pledge cd Cut that out! Sampled below for you to dig man.

Single B-side:
Average Justice - By My Teeenage Stride mp3
Not Behind The Fighter Jet - GBV from Mag Earwhig! (bonus mp3)
Green Onions - Byron Lee & The Dragonaires (wfmu bonus mp3)
Sidewinder - Wes Dakus & The Rebels wfmu bonus mp3)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

John Reis Vs. Rick Froberg

John Reis and Rick Froberg still make sounds like Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu and or the Hot Snakes. You can put them on different coasts but the proof is in the California. Or is it Brooklyn these days? Shit I can't keep up with these men with their Obits and Night Marchers but I know it sounds awesome.

For the rest of this original story and with some free mp3s after the jump for you check out John Reis and Rick Froberg on the all new Review Stalker music mp3 blog.

It's a cheap trick but somebody's got to do it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Live awesomology by The Supersuckers in Asbury Park

SHOW REVIEW: Thurs May 14th 2009. I know when I venture to a show like this I'll see at least a few rock-n-roll addicts and sure enough Tom from the Stuntcocks was leading the pack, the guys from The Sex Zombies, Jeff Wood the record scavenger, a few other court tavern folks, and Jared from WRSU were all there to see Eddie Spaghetti and The Supersuckers do their thang. Opening the show were two loud local rock bands. First up was cutlass who sported three guitars which was cool and then followed by The Loose Roosters who were also good with a lemonheads/mudhoney/eddie vedder thing going on. Nothing compared to The Supersuckers who have survived some shit, paid their dues and will gladly take your money because they are a high-quality molten lava real rock-n-roll band. Last night's performance at the only slightly cheesy Wonder Bar was no exception, sure it was a truck stop for them as they were heading over the pond to play with X and John Doe but who are we to complain. Well take a legendary band of this caliber anytime. I missed them last time and promised myself hell or high water I would go. The fuckers were loud, tight and brought everything you'd expect from living legends.
You know you're having a good time when during the country portion of the show the drunk girl who was with one the opening bands gets flagged literally twice in a row by two different bouncers who were watching her make a fool of herself all night long.

They have the merch thing down as I totally got sucked into the vortex of buying a beer koozi to go with my collection of summertime bar-b-q accoutrements. No medium long sleeve pirate skull T-though which was a bummer but I'll survive. Maybe next time fellas or just send me one. The most recent release Get It Together! on Mid-Fi Records comes with a DVD of a 90 minute performance in Anaheim, California so pick it up. I prefer the early classics from La Mano Carnuda and in this show they mixed em' all in there perfectly like the master drink masters of sin. They also cranked out a Ramones cover to boot so all was good ladies and germs. A few show pics and video. If you're my facebook friend there are a ton more there. Adios.

Beer Koozi autographed by the man himself. Thanks Eddie.

Run Like A Motherfucker - Sacrilicious
Rock-N-Roll Records Ain't Selling This Year - Motherfuckers Be Trippin'
What it takes - Get It Together!

Remember the good book of awesomology.

Monday, May 11, 2009

What if music were free?

Well ok, maybe not all of it. Musicians, artists and engineers have to eat. The things I think are working are film licensing, the retro vinyl market, merchandising, my emusic account, and live performances. iTunes raising the cost of single to $1.29 is totally absurd and fighting this thing called progress. Fingertips community's music is not like water rant brought up a lot of these points in a rather long winded fashion around the idea of the Gorge Jetson's flying machine throwing in a wrench of conventional wisdom but he brought up some pretty good points. Some of which i am paraphrasing here. Granted the music industry had its grips on the recording and radio payola for a very long time which is quickly changing and nobody is sure how. That is what worries the system. Paying per listen radio might work even though it is veiled like payola but you don't actually "own it" even though it's there all the time assuming you have a internet connection. I am sure it can't all be free, some stuff should be free but not all; as other channels and models get developed in these tricky innovative financial times. Crap just take a look at how much money you spend on communication services. I wonder how else will music monetize itself and get a slice and maybe trickle it back down to the makers? ha! ha! We all can't support all the artists we like by checking out a performance. The cheaper ticket is licensing the music or renting it but the price is too steep. there is also this thing called a glut in the supply and demand chain.

Sure I am ranting now. I for one like to own music I like outright and I know that is a antiquated idea. Believe me I'm totally happy with said right to download what I like and then become a fan on my own terms. Lets face it not all of it is good. Owning a la carte is much better way to go though. Most of it is crap but what is one persons golden era is another person's nightmare. Let think and discuss the details to the obvious answer that is right in front of us and remove the ambiguity and amplify the detail.

What'cha Gonna Do About It - Condo Fucks
This Way Out - Rocket from the Crypt
Backwater - Meat Puppets

I hate your playlist and taste

Don't try this at home. You will overwhelm your storage space. You will eventually collect unemployment and won't want to part with your records. In case this does happen. Hang tight you can always hide in the basement with your records and talk about the good ole'days of making mix tapes for your friends singing at the top of your lungs while driving down the garden state parkway to the shore.

SIDE 1: Don't hate the player. Hate the game.
I Hate Music - The Replacements
The Girl who is lives on heaven hill - Husker Du
Celebrated Summer - Husker Du
The second coming of huge - Huge
The Softest Hammer - fIREHOSE fromhio
Making Time - The Creation
Pil Shovel - Monster Magnet

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Killer mp3 blogs for the moment

In no particular order of hipness or musical taste. Was just cruising for some new music up on and came across these folks plus a few of my normal mp3 haunts. has been too elitists recently. So enjoy the rock as this fan of music fans is fickle. more new disco but cool - nice and well rounded. Has sunny day real estate @cats-cradle 1998 got tapped on the hand by Matador for posting SY. Also featuring some polvo. Right on!

Lets Sexy Fighting - always gotta love weird blog names that make no sense sober but have good taste. dig it.

Learn to Surf - Superchunk - Mac has not lost his touch. Kids please take a rock guitar lesson from your lame gitter twanging.
I want you to know - Dinosaur jr.- dude nobody makes rock like this anymore
Let Love Rule 2009 (Justice Remix) Lenny Kravitz
High Class Slim Came Floatin In - Tortoise - a little annoying bit the retro keyboards do the trick
Straight To Hell (The Clash) By Bill Janovitz I'd pay 10 bux to see him perform and I hate singer songwriters except for Glen Hansard from the frames.
Yours Truly, The Commuter s/t by Jason Lytle solo record(grandaddy) giving AIR a run for their frenchy money.

That's it.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rock n Roll Court Tavern Seminar Sat 4-25-09

Andy Diamond presents a rockn'roll seminar at the Court Tavern this coming Saturday, April 25th, 2009 featuring sets by The Stuntcocks, Eastern Anchors, Harlot and from Baltimore LandSpeedRecord![ View FB Event invitation ] Now in order to take advantage of this special offer you don't much preparation to do except get there early by 10PM EST to enjoy everything the bands and court have to offer. You don't even have to bring your friends. You will make friends but it would be nice if you brought your chick and some money to drink with.

Sample some mp3s by the bands:

"Punk Rock Guy" by The Stuntcocks
"Release the Dogs" by Eastern Anchors Listen to more on
"Dead girlfriend" by LandSpeedRecord!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Meatmen play the Brighton Bar

Monday, April 21st The Meatmen are playing the infamous Brighton Bar with The Takers, The Sexzombies and American Speedway.
Get yer punk rock on.

Mp3's from Go Cart Vs. The Corporate Giant:
Morisey Must Die
Abba, God and Me
Buy some Tesco Vee vt The Meatmen on Emusic

Monday, April 06, 2009

Radical Rock Reactionaries

Way back in the mid-80's there was a great local alternative band called Animation
that borrowed from Echo and The Bunnymen, Lou reed and whatever was hip at the time. The town benefited from having a pretty decent local record shop called the Music Staff. Life was good. Animation's release Loud Day had everything; a great intro song with a stomping bass part promised you that the rest would be great and it was with suburban themes and a cover of The Velvet Underground. It didn't get any cooler. Ok maybe, I'm lying. Westfield High School in the 80's was not a normal place when I think about it. One of the school clubs was called the Young Leftist and another one The Radical Rock Reactionaries (RRR) that was found by the Margulis Brother's Oren (88) and Gil(86). They put on shows and is where I got my taste of original live music not just attendee but as a musician. i was part of the scene and where i got to know the Don, Jerry and Bob from the Whirling Dervishes (pictured) - i probably saw them play more times than I can count. The good thing it was great every time. One of the bands RRR got to play early on was Animation who originated black T-shirt as far as I was concerned. Other bands that made appearances for RRR were Hoboken's Tiny Lights, Das Damen (SST), the Whirling Dervishes of course, Spiral Jetty, The Unemployed (haha a one off band of mine) and Psychic Fair (WHS 86-88). There were probably others and maybe I'll remember them later but in the meantime here are some selects by said "local" bands that enriched my life and introduced me to whole other world of alternative music. Another band that was in a parallel music universe to Westfield was Skunk from Maplewood, NJ. Enjoy. More later.

Animation - What goes on (Velvet Underground cover)
Animation - Hide & Go Seek off of Loud Day(Vital Records)
Das Damen - Gray Isn't Black from Jupiter Eye(SST)
Tiny Light - Sweet Solutions from LP Prayer for the halcyon fear
Spiral Jetty - The Hour from Dogstar LP (Absolute a go go/Rough Trade)
Skunk - (There'll Be Other Girls) Hoss from Last American Virgin LP (Twin/Tone)
Skunk - Chezone and Trevor
Whirling Dervishes - Cop from the CD Strange & Wonderful
Whirling Dervishes - Your Little Finger from the CD Strange & Wonderful

Friday, April 03, 2009

Live Video Indie Rocker - Zac Clark Tycoon

Always love it when a music fan puts so much energy into seeing live music. Zac Clark the Rocker Tycoon is one of those open minded guys that cares and comes armed with cameras in tow and stands in the front row. He made one song videos for Frankie and his Fingers, No Pasaran!, Eastern Anchors, and Binky Bianca at a recent Jersey City show at the IMAC. I wish there were more folks like them and not just those mp3 bloggers or reviewers who hide behind their blog. It's refreshing and helps that the quality is good too! Friday nights are for dancing after all...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Summer Surf and turf driving Mix

If you are planning on escaping for the weekend and taking off on a friday let me help with the summer mix. Hopefully you're headed to someplace hot and with A/C. There are a few classics on here with a little bit of twist backed with some golden nuggets. From the newish bin are Desolation Wilderness from their record White Light Strobing; lots of twirly reverb and delay that can help you get lost during the driving process. To help with surf are The Woggles (not be confused by the Boggles) do Got a Heat on, circa 1993 off their excellent record on Ragged But Not Right. I also put the Wipers from the Is This Real? Box set, who were a huge similarity to Mission of Burma and were a huge influence on nirvana and post-pink bands like fugazi. Download and enjoy.

01. Forget Everything - mp3 by Desolation Wilderness [ Buy ]
02. Got a Heat on mp3 by The Woggles [ Buy ]
03. Doom Town mp3 by the Wipers
04. Venus in Furs Remix mp3 (velvet Underground cover) from the chrome kids blog
05. Run Run Run (another velvet underground cover) by Capsula. This is a killer version.
06. Good friends have gone by Pronto [ buy ]
07. ...and you will know us by the trail of dead - Inland Sea mp3 [The whole new album rocks buy it ]
08. Fallout mp3 - The Weirdos
09. I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass mp3 - Nick Lowe - from Jesus of cool (reissue)
10. Lost In The Woods mp3 by Pete and Pirates from Little Death [ buy ]

Here's the end of summer playlist from 2008. This one is for the beginning.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Review Pronto All Is Golden today and always

The early description of 70's icons like Randy Newman, Jackson Browne and Glen Frey come to mind when listening to Pronto's debut All Is Golden. Under the analog edge is a indie band playing retro, sparse and working to let the core of the song bring it on home like a inspired yelling carpediem. No massive amounts of compression, comfortable sweaters, or studio trickery can fool the good song radar. The tracks are purposely sparse with just enough musical layers to keep it honest and golden. ha! In the middle of the record there is an attempt to get a little proggy in a AIR sort of way but it's quickly abandoned for higher ground. This is all Mikael Jorgensen. Labeled as his solo project he is supported by long time friend and drummer Mr. Greg O’Keeffe and some other indie guys from Iron & Wine, Califone, and Antibalas as a the namedrop bio's goes on. He could have picked up anybody in all honestly and I wouldn't have noticed. The New Jersey roots are having played in Movere Workshop and Lizard Music. If this band would have come in 1978 nobody would have noticed but being that the time machine was fixed and have transported 30 years later. Their debut is much welcome in the emosoundscape and the mushrooming repeater stations. The music is proof positive that the art of song writing is alive and well and has not changed much since that time. You can even twitter them in the prontospere but no modern marketing tool gimic will change the connection the music makes all on it's own. I'm not sure how access translates into live performances or music but what do i know. The couple sample tracks here are quite good cuts like a freshly poured beer. They refresh and numb the palette. There is hope for people who will take the the time to seek out music. Catch them live starting in March and thru out the spring of 2009.

Precious Like A Sneer by Pronto | Buy some
Good Friends Have Gone | Label Contraphonic


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Time to pledge to

Hey, so you like music? You like independent and strange artists? Ever wonder why the radio sucks so bad? Seriously you must not know about Do your kids, your kid's kids and your family a favor and start listening to FMU. You won't ever be able to listen to regular pop-music ever again! Beware of the blog.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Based out of New Brunswick, NJ in the early 90's there was prog funk alternative rock metalish band called Mr. Thumb. The group had two singers and a running gaggle of drummers. Above is the cover for a 3 song ep called "This time it's gonna fuckin' Hurt" on Hub city label Well Primed Records. The track we are featuring in this post was supposed to appear on a follow-up 7" and self titled album on Behemoth Records but it never was released due to financial issues at the time(isn't this always the case?). The band recorded its full length at Trax East in South River New jersey with Eric Rachel and Steve Evetts. Drumming on said record was Dave Rosenberg (AKA Dave Crayola from Deadguy). The original singer Karl Munzel only appears on the Well Primed released. For the rest of the duration of the band the torch was carried by D.Buzz operating the bassness, Bil Weis vox and Jhon Thumb as the nutty jazz rock professor on guitar. You can still catch the Jhon Thumb band or something very close to it. If you ever get the opportunity to see him play it comes as a highly recommended live experience. The kind of thing you should see before you die in lieu of seeing Frank Zappa, Hendrix or a wasted John Frustrante. D.Buzz went on to form Aviso'Hara.

Grab some mp3 trax:
Mr. Thumb "Flowers are not Evil"
Deadguy - "Running with Scissors" b/w "Police Story" (black flag cover) [ buy some ]
Aviso'Hara - "Conspiracy Au Go Go" [ buy some avisohara