Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Young Leaves Singles review

OK, OK OK. I've been absent. There was a tornado of work that has overtaken my soul and a couple months in I am none the wiser but i do no when The Young Leaves are on my car stereo I'm quickly reminded about the influences they wear on their sleeve and proud of it. They have a few recent tracks that just crank unforgivably and the volume goes up and time stops. This is what you want from quality rocknroll from North Dartmouth, Mass; to hell with all that poser hairspray weak electronic crap. This is the real deal. Buy their shit. Check out "Hey Man (Backup Plan)", "Boot to the Face" and "Life Underneath" that will remind you of Husker Du, Dino Jr, mats, and a more distorted Archers of Loaf all pack in one bombastic set alla sorry ma forgot to take out the trash. Easy as that.

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