Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rough Cut by the Wrens on magnet.com

OK it is a little bit noisy and again features a piano but the pressure is on. Here is a new song as featured on the Wrens Watch page over at magnet.com. Not sure what the freaking title of the song but lets not get ahead of ourselves. The meta info says "vox fx" which probably is just engineer speak that there are effects on the vocals. There is some crappy distortion like the compressor is crapping out or maybe it's shitty mp3 burn. What ever the case while the wrens hone their microphone skills for the quite parts lets cut them a little bit of slack and enjoy [ download ]. Once said track kick's in the drums sound pretty good and Bissell has his signature delay stuff going on the guitar. Maybe there is hope yet for them to make 2009 album of the year! If you haven't already don't forget to sign-up for the DJ Spork RSS feed which is currently playing the most recent show #25 Kiss 2008 goodbye, Best of by DJ Spork. [ Download the show ]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

David Lee Roth Sound-off board

Get your fill of David Lee Roth "oohs"and "aaaahs". "Beg or borrows". From the Running with the Devil sound board. If you are daring you can maybe make be your own goofy song with no talent at all. Ok maybe you need the help ofMicrosoft's Songsmith software. Then you can make your own video like the one below. The music that is created by this automated software is pretty laughable but hey we all can't be crafty genius song writers. Not even a machine. ha!

NJ Demo Tape punk graveyard

So if you're old enough to remember there was a time that any band with any sort of DIY ethic could put out a run of 100 demos. No internet. No email. Just collect the beer money set-up the mic, make some artwork and then just start duping tapes. The distribution network was slow and conducted via snail mail and shows. Tommy Southern AKA devil dick has another blog playing tribute to said lost demos (his other mp3 blog is pretty killer too) who just never could release a proper LP. With all his posting he writes about all the bullshit that went along with the punk/hardcore and thrash scene of the day. Much like a modern day reality show except there were no damn producers or videos cameras. Just bored suburban kids living without a care in the world other than their scene. If you have been digging around looking for for Hogan's Heroes, Lethal Aggression< Social decay go no further than to the demo tapes blog. He's on a mission from Satan.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Wrens Songs to spite Magnet

I'm not sure if you have been following the super annoying thread at Magnet where they have been stalking Charles Bissell as part of a Wrens Watch every week, some bits are pretty sarcastically cool guy funny, others a little uncomfortable to say the least. Not sure if anybody has really noticed yet but Wrens last release The Meadowlands was almost like what feels like a decade ago. Yikes! The exhausted boys have life's and families to feed I guess outside of music. Regardless it is rumored that this spring they may release a record. Don't hedge your bets yet. In the mean time they are offering up a single "Pulled Fences" recorded as part of the Live At the WorldSpace Sessions At Abbey Road. If you are cheap- ass like me you will grab it from Bridging the Atlantic and call it day. If you want to support their offspring search for it on iTunes. The tune starts off with soft Smiths like piano part with Bissell and co noodling on in the background by the band. It's builds gracefully, stops and there it is. A new song by the wrens. Written and song by Kevin. Here is the band making magic at Abbey Road, on a whim and improvised. It's awesome. It could all go drastically downhill from here or be a sign of good things to come.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deep Elm Bonfire of Trust review

Available Now

Deep Elm is giving away 16 songs for free for the next few days. Some of the high-lights include: the spacey guitar rock of Moving Mountains and the big guitar goodness of Desoto Jones. Do it now. There are lots of great deals from this label and it helps they still have that energy that is lacking in a lot of indie labels these days.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Holy Crap Best of 2008 lists

I found the craziest list which I think was compiled by a nutcase programmer. Check out Largehearted boys 2008 Year-end round-up list o' lists. Has every damn site best of listing -- everybody's list! We're still listening and trying to decide over here. It's a lot of freaking work. So far these records have made it on there and when we are done we'll put a podcast together. Geesh.

In no particular order:

1) Do you like rock music? by British Sea Power - Holy crap this is another UK band that just took things to a whole different level, earthy and dark, blankets of sound

2) Nouns by No Age - Best duo i've heard in a long time. Plenty of noise, respectable burried vocals. Dig that washy sound man.

3) Old Wounds by Young Widows - Mucho distorted bass and straight up riffage like minimal rock should be. No trickery.

4) Lust Lust Lust by The Raveonettes - lots of layers and reverb just like god intended for any post Jesus and Mary Chain band to sound like.

5) The Devil You + Me by The Notwist - This is dark and bad-ass with the right balance of technology mixed with guitars

6) Little Death by Pete and the Pirates - I was shocked I like this so much but then again I'm a sucker for a good UK guitar driven pop band with lots of attitude.

Ok that is it for now.Yeah i list six freakin' records so what! If you want to throw down your own opinion feel free to participate in Tric Mccall's annual critics poll for 2008. Your opportunity ends Jan 30.