Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Butthole Surfers School of Rock Experience: Live Review

Well I made it back from Asbury Park last night with all of my flippers in tack and survived the maniacal laughter. I saw and connected with some old faces like Pete from the Bouncing Souls, Dave Dreiwitz from Ween and lots of kids running around with their guitars waiting for their big moments. First up on the stage was Project Object's heavy metal & Zappa inspired rock super star Andre'cholmondeley side band Delicious. Sounds more like old school melvins so much praise from me. Next up were HUNCHBACK who are about to kick of a big loop of a tour to promote their new release Pray for Scars on DON GIOVANI. These kids are noisy like Flipper and less classic rock but as close to early BUTTHOLE's ripoff band as it gets. Minus the acid but + the blood with a keyboard that would not keep it together. Ah, visions of some lame black cape always twitter in front of my eyes and some f'd up dude dragging a leg around. They sure could take some more pointers from their masters and throw a melody or two into a song every once in awhile, which is the one main thing that keeps their music down live. If you like You Black emperor and carnival keywords ala man or astroman vibrato (when they are working). The burn will only sting for a little bit Tyler but you will get picture
Finally, what we all paid good money to see was revealed. Two drummers, pitch shifting vocals, and for about 1/2 of the set Paul Green's School of Rock All Stars who supported GIBBY and PAUL LEARY live and on stage together after 17 years for a whole tour! Crazy. Gibby made good fun of all the knuckle heads trying to make their little videos for youtube and watch the show through a little monitor. He re-iterated a good point that live music is something you should experience and participate in. Hence the buttholes in all their glory, hippiedome, with a imported dancing jezebel. The best part of the set-up was the noise outro. Where all the kids got on stage and just went to town. Gibby's smile was ear to ear with an audio assault pleasure factor at 11. In order to keep the purity of the orchestration Gib escorted an adult of the stage who was trying to part-take in the...SATAN SATAN SATANSATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATANSATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATANSATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATANSATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATANSATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN SATAN

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Butthole Surfers reunion tour starts tonight

Mommy why is daddy insane? What is acid like? Who is Gibby and Timmy? Why are they playing in New Jersey at Asbury Lanes tonight? Can I go with Dadddy? What do the butthole surfers sounds like live circa 1988!? What's wrong with the brown acid? How come the other kids don't have tails like mine?

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Twilight Procession Review

The 1970's through the lenses of Billy Filo's Hoboken and Brooklyn based Twilight Procession debut release on Moonlight Mile Recordings is out now and available through SnoCap. If you dig Costello, and simple rock jams that resemble Jesus of cool and some big hair rock duo solos you should go celebrate and drink beer out of keg with them tonight at the Studio's Record Release party. Lots of local rock stars and side burns sure to be present. Just do it. Later.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Scarlett Johansson 16mm NYLON video short

So the babe who is on the top of The List has put out a Tom Waits cover album? Scarlett Johansson has a tasty spoken voice as it is and it seem to translate to a sexy singing raspy voice in the music. A very strange and daring choice but not when you look at it from the perspective of a performer. She seems to interpret and pulls off some serious artistic integrity. She plugs myspace for musicians a little and seems full of sympathy for musicians who just want to create. Going to have to listen to this record. She is an actress who has the power to make things believable but singing is not something you can fake.