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We're moving to

Hi there Ladies and Germs!

It's was just a matter of time before I decided to pack my crap and move over to a proper domain. I love blogger but it was time to move and rebuild. I was thinking about it for awhile but it was more of a matter of literally finding the time to move. Crap I started this blog in 2005 so it was about time. still no money in it but whatever. I don't do it for that reason.

Overtime I'll add some bells and whistles on the new site. The basic content migration seem to go ok and now it is time to tweak this junk and will be deleting old articles but have no fear you should be able to find them and dig through the archives. Which are skinny at best.

Please join me:

Thank you!


PS If you are looking for Creative Services or Video Production  help based out of New Jersey please take a look over on the Viva La Hara Creative Collective site. Probably more affordable than you think to make that video for your small business.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wesley Willis covers Bowie

I had the pleasure of hosting Wesley Willis(RIP 1963-2003) a few times on his tours. You might even heard or read me tell the story that every time he managed to break my toilet seats but despite that he was a totally sweet human being. He had his moments being a diagnosed schizophrenic and all and it was quite the chore for any band to bring him out. One of those bands was a Chicago band called Today's My Super Space Out Day. Sort of a short emo band name by today's standards but actually a really powerful rock trio. Anyway, below is a jam recorded in my living room in Red Bank, NJ one morning after a rock show. Rock Over London Rock over New Jersey. Now give me a head-butt. Miss you Wesley.

"Ziggy killed the band" by Wesley Willis w/Rick Nitz on Acoustic Guitar from TMSSOD.
"Henry Rollins" by Wesley from SMD Promotions CD (autographed)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Held Ransom by Elvis Costello's R&B

ALBUM REVIEW: Huge change in what we'll call "introverted" Elvis Costello for right now on National Ransom. This music is free in form with the it's subtle blues and that driving rhythmic bass pounding found on earlier Costello releases...

For the rest of Elvis Costello National Ransom Review please visist the new Review Stalker Music and mp3 Blog!

Get a sample after the jump.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

If only you were braindead Black Angels

ALBUM REVIEW: Working too much. Too tired to write or listen to music most of the time. I am so pathetic but i did just manage to pick-up Phosphene Dream by the Black Angels...

Get the rest of the Thank You Black Angels Album Review after the jump on the all new Music and mp3 blog.

Lots of awesome stuff on the other side. Won't you come over to the other side. If you stay in the boat it's up to you but if you get off the boat, you will dip into the other side. I promise the water is fine.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costume playlist for Ghouls & Goblins

I'm stuck trying to decide if tonight I should be The Situation or Bruce in keeping with our Jersey theme tonight. In the meantime here's some halloween songs for all of you who have decided to be your favorite political figure, a iPhone or that Oldspice Guy. Nerds.

Hallowe'en by Sonic Youth from Badmoon Rising
Halloween by the Dead Kennedys from Plastic Surgery Disaster
Haunted House Blues by Bessie Smith
Halloween by The Dream Syndicate from The Days Of Wine and Roses
It's Halloween by The Shaggs from Philosophy of the World

New hot and scary music blog over here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Big Takeover by Jack Rabid - A Super Fan

Dear CMJ Friends, here's the one guy who has had the honor of drinking with Joe Strummer, seeing the music industry implode and basically keeping one of the most in depth music magazines alive for the past 30 years - The Big Takeover. This humble guy is Jack Rabid. His army of devout writers and friends have helped carry the torch for music with heart and that matters in a time when we need it the most. If you love music and understand the creation of it as one of those things that makes life meaningful. Then this is the essence what Jack and co have captured in print for all these years. I always talk "oh-crap - how did I miss this band or that band". Jack Rabid and company don't miss a beat or least twice a year they feature many not so obvious bands. What is super unique and whole reason in of itself to back-issues is he's never posted one word of the content featured in the pages of his magazine. So you'll only what I am talking about if you read and subvert this whole social media thing.

Back story: As I embarked on working on this Artist series for Ogilvy; little did a I know that myself as a super fan of his magazine, and a random music post about his 30th anniversary show that it would lead to episode in this mini documentary series. The topic is so close to my heart as the blood is in my veins that having him end up being featured has seriously made my year. So I am happy to share this video and I hope you dig it. Plus some of the others artists and tremendous talent I have been privileged to have met so far. Who should I interview next?

(The Create or Else Team: L-R Nancy H, Myself, Jack and D.Zellerford)

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The music post that started this journey: The Big Takeover turns 30!
From the Bell House Show photos

A short playlist for friends:
I Didn’t See It Coming by Belle and Sebastian from their new one Write About Love [BUY]
Second Life Life by Gang of Four from the Second Life EP [BUY]
Nothin' 'bout Nothin' by Joe Strummer. This track is music Joe Recorded after disbanding The Clash. I didn't know it existed until i found this comp from Permanent Records. [BUY]
Big Takeover b/w Attitude by Bad Brains self titled (1982) - [BUY]
Aftertaste by For Against from Nebraska. Featured in the video above. [BUY]

Monday, October 18, 2010

2 Minutes of Silence to remember dead Soldiers

I think this could be considered a ode to John Cage's thoughts on Silence. Where on UK's Remembrance Sunday for us all to think about all the troops who have lost their lives in idiotic wars. The Goal is to get a silent single to go to #1. Thom Yorke has lent his mug to give this thoughts attention to this cause. This is Bono territory and good to see him not just talk the talk. Check out the poppysingle2010 page on facebook. This is the 10 second video single for "2 MINUTE SILENCE". Help get it to Number 1 in the charts for Nov 14. Sign up at the British Legion for a friendly reminder.

"The sound experience which i prefer to all others is the experience of silence. And the silence almost everywhere in the world now is traffic..." - John Cage.

Cage is known for the piece "4:33" or yes that is four minutes thirty-three seconds which you can see here being played here by a full concert orchestra on TV. On analog clock of course!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hot Wax by Grant Hart

(Photo from Aviso'Hara tours pics circa 2001, 40 watt Athens, GA - Grant and his bag-o-money. Note can of PBR in my hands. Was part of our pay... Get the rest of this Grant Hart Music Review pm the spanking new music blog. It's very sexy Devil Dick.

Monday, October 11, 2010

60ish Surf Music

I'm not a huge fanatic of Surf Music genre but there are a bunch of great bands that have kept this type of homage alive to 60's nostalgia, drive-in movies and the Hawaiian shirt. Ok a lot of images come to mind when you think of tunes drenched in fender reverb, fast guitar picking instrumentals and hot babes. Crap they'll write a song about anything. The greatest thing is the music is devoid of pretense and rarely a is there a vocal melody to be had. The guitars do the talking in it's purest of white-bread Americana.

Drag Strip by Link Ray w/ The Fenders Benders from Some Kine of Nut Vol.3. Yeah, this guy single-handedly pretty much defines quality control for Surf Music having recorded probably more than any other or even lent his gear to folks recording his kind of music. Frederick Lincoln AKA "Link" Wray Jr.(1929 - 2005) was first known for his song "Rumble."

Fathom This! by The Fathoms from Boston, Mass. Are you noticing a theme with all the water related names? Noticeable pun perhaps or just good surf marketing? Is there such a thing as bad surf music marketing? Some of these bands brought back the genre in 1990's and others are just some of the originators, which there are 100's of.

Six Pack by The Phantom Surfers. Yeah a cool a song about beer. What kind of beer? Does it even fucking matter? I could and will some day write a whole blog post about beer. From San Francisco according to their MS page and

"Better than Most Surf Bands, Not as good as Some". Have put out records on Estrus, Look-out you name it. Crap i don't even think the artwork is right but whatever...

Psychotronic by The Insect Surfers from the compilation Rock Don't Run Vol.3. A lot of great stuff on here. One song or band is more brilliantly titled after the next. Also features tracks by Los Straightjackets, Boss Martians, and The Tiki-Tones. Coming up with the kookie surf band names is a fun drinking game. TIS claim to be the longest running "modern" surf band.

Wave by Satan's Pilgrams from Around The World With Satan's Pilgrims. I was introduced to this band by Empty Records back in 94-95 and I loved them ever since. They took their name from 60's B-flick Satan's Sadists. Great shit. [Buy]

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ten songs about the future and aliens

Homemade Spacecraft from Luke Geissbuhler on Vimeo.

Today is 10.10.2010: Here is what earth looks like from an alien's point of view. ok this father and son duo with small team of enthusiasts figured out how to send a balloon into space with their iPhone to get this amazing footage and documented the whole thing for their own Brooklyn Space Program.

Here is some music for aliens and humans:
Subterranean Homesick Alien(radiohead cover) by Easy Star All Stars from the album Radiodread
Watch Me Jumpstart by Guided By Voices from Alien Lanes
Like an Alien by Transilvia
Body Snatcher by The Dynamites from the album Kaboom!
First In Space by the band Tim from Kentucky off the record German Engineering.
Crushed by the Brian Jonestown Massacre from the record Space Girl And Other Favorites
Neither Heaven Nor Space by Nada Surf from Let Go(2002)
Space Gun by Poster Children from Daisy Chain Reaction (1991)
Wish you were here (featuring sparklehorse) by Radiohead from Lost Treasures 1993-1997.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

John Peel says listen to some music

‎"To be free you have to speak another language"

-Henry Rollins from Get in the Van

JOHN PEEL DAY!: I did not know there was such a thing as a International John Peel Day so thanks Ted Cogswell. The music geeks will argue if Mr. Peel(RIP 1939-2004) liked the oldies over live music even though he spent his whole career hosting and engineering live bands on his John Peel sessions on Radio1. This video series has never really been seen much before but for some more go check out It's been up on youtube for years. Anyway, as a tastemaker he forged a lifetime career listening and recording bands from around the world. From The pixies to more obscure stuff. He would champion some pretty uncomercial stuff seemingly to seek out those that took risks and as he says in this videos even groups like The Slits who could not even tune their own instruments. More about the performance and execution than the virtuosity.

Horizontal Hold by This Heat from the record Made Available(1996). For a elite few of you the cover should be familiar as Shellac borrowed the packaging idea for 1000 Hurts(2000). This Heat is considered the missing link between progressive rock and alternative because of their mix of their musical expression with instrumentals, tape loops and general choas captured here in this live jam. Start with this track and then deep dive into a record called Deceit. [Buy]

Flying Saucer by The Wedding Present(Select tracks from later era Peel sessions 1992-1995). On a quick scan it seems David Gedge performed an awful lot on his show. Then again he is from the UK. Very tight band. Friend of mine from Third Hand Films was working on a live tour concert documentary tentatively called drive but it never got any muster out of the gate which shows The Wedding Present as a hard working band. Check out the documentary trailer. Gedger should get it together. [Buy]

French Disko by Stereolab from ABC Music: The Radio 1 Sessions. In spirit of finely recorded live music this double LP is awesome. This particular track was recorded on Mark Radcliffe show but the album mixes sessions from both. I just picked this track because I love the spelling of the title. If that is not a node to Kraut rock I don't know what is...

Monday, October 04, 2010

Birthday Boy by Ween

COVERS: This is probably one of my favorite Ween songs, ok in the top 10 but it's a perfect little Bob Marleyesque ditty. I've seen Chris Hartford cover it really well what seems like 15 years ago at the Court Tavern and I even think Dave Dreiwitz was playing bass at the time. Here are a couple others plus the original from God Ween Satan The Oneness. Oh the picture above is the commemorative hat and coolie for music dorks over 40 I might make.

Birthday Boy by Ween [Buy]

For more Ween tracks that you can shake a boognish at try the Brown Tracker.

This is a good one by Mary_Lou Lord with Elliot Smith on guitar.

Ween plays a small records store in Denver.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Fake Matador 21 Las Vegas, NV Set-List 1

SET 1: The Guest MC is Mr. Rick Sanchez & I am right there in the front row inbibing beers and peeing in-between the bands(not literally between them). Sometimes maybe in a cup. Thankfully the live stream exists so I can check the scene over the weekend. Catching some great performances and then...

After the jump get the rest of Fake Matador 21 Fantasy set-list story on the new music and mp3 blog.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dreamy Music for Librarians

One of the weirder set of folks I follow on twitter are these wacky librarians who have anonymously aggregated themselves and who let you inside their very bizarre lives. Follow them on my librarians and collectors list if you want to see what I am talking about. Be warned they tweet and curse more than you average sailor so be warned in advance. Their minds are fascinating.

What is interesting to me about twitter culture is you get to be in the nitty-gritty of people's lives as much or as little you want. You follow(stalk) every random thought without the depth of a blog (yuk-yuk) unless your desire tells you to do otherwise. I love lists and librarians whole existence is about knowing where to file stuff so it can be found later. So from a social graph perspective this tickles my right brain. Sure, I am simplifying their job which from what I gather is mostly an exercise in managing people of all ages and getting lost in the stacks of books. They dread the reference . So in thinking about this list for folks who make lists I'm going to keep it simple and focus on a couple themes that come up the most. They work a lot of hours, hate most folks, drink a lot of alcohol and are also experts in the art of relaxing. This may be too easy or maybe just an excuse to make a list but it is not where I am going. The there is the whole obvious eyeglasses and plaid skirt thing to consider too but that is also too easy since some librarians are male. The good thing is they really take it to a whole other level and have these amazing minds. So what I came up with is more of is a list for music for the mind. Here is a some dreamy music to escape to which is what reading and listening to music is all about.

Sleepless in Silver Lake (mp3) by Less Savy Fav from their new record Root for Ruin (2010). I like this song because it's a destination. Makes you want to hang out and escape in LA as it captures a vapid culture of late nights and growing up hipster which could have easily been titled Sleepless in Brooklyn. Obvious chick-flick reference but allas the record is spacey and rockin at times and far from uni-dimensional. Certainly a candidate for the top 10 for this year. [ Buy ]

Candy Season (mp3) by the Librarians from Present Passed (2010). I really like this record a lot when it pops-up on the random play. this band takes you places. I always have to see who it is. Sounds sort 80's with synthes and percussive guitars. You can't pigeon hole them but it's like jazzy rock and is pretty ethereal and they hail from West Virginia. [ Buy ]

Champ (mp3) from Last Days of Summer (2010) by White Denim. A collection of b-sides and unreleased stuff available for free from the band. Some of these tracks they reworked and recorded for this while they work on their next LP. Lots of great jams on this record. Total Americana menu of acoustic and electric songs with quirky rhythms that reminds me of Captain Beefheart. If you dig it they ask that you donate so [ Download ]

Zig Zag Wanderer from Safe as Milk(1967) by Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band. I admit the only 60's band I paid any attention to were Hendrix and Pink Floyd in Highschool. A class mate was always going on and on about Captain Beefheart and I always shelved them in my mind with the Greatful Dead. I had a visions of tie-dy t-shirts and really long boring jams that I could not stomach for lack of melody or lyrics I could relate to. Regardless this album is amazing; as nutty as it gets I hear influence in all the bands in this post whether they realize it or not. Safe as Milk is one of the quintisential "jam" bands executed to a whole different orchestration level. After this release Trout Mask Replica (1969) would bring them onto musical map thanks to Frank Zappa. Both great introductions to the band and Don Van Vliet (AKA Captain Beefheart).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Christian Vander speaks Kobaian from Magma

WEIRD JAZZ MUSIC: ATTAHK(1978) and UDU WUDU(1976) are just two titles from records put forth by French composer and drummer Christian Vander in his group Magma. This music is sung in language called Kobaïan. At some point Vander claimed he was communicated messages from alien visitors telling us of our fate and the narrative present in his music if we did not do something about the state of planet or so the myth goes. So it is probably no mystery to him that our nuclear missile silos have been disarmed by aeriel space crafts since 1948. Press Invite on the subject is Monday, September 27th on Witness Testimony of UFO's at Nuclear Weapons Bases ( I can't make this up).

Maybe it is for our own good as envisioned by Christian Vander a long time ago who had this vision of "humanity's spiritual and ecological future", as given to him by people not of this earth, who we hope wish us to preserve mother earth. G*d knows we've been delinquent with oil messes, plastics, bad farming practices and terrible genocides and never mind facebook crashing all the time(that was terrible). Do they really mean us no harm? Through the scat-yodelling vocal style is a language designed to accompany the instantly alien rhythms which are equally terrifying at times in this avant garde jazz. Telling us a story of our destruction and ultimate implosion. The compositions go on to tell stories of humans fleeing earth and going to this new planet. Oh the irony if these aliens abandoned their planet and hope to share ours because of what they learned. This music is also called "Zeuhl" (Kobaïan for "celestial"), there some offspring bands from influenced bands from France, Belgium and Japanese bands also including Ruins that worked off similar constructed language.

In the track Lirik Necronomicus Kant two alien Heroes Ourgon and Gorgo Meet

Alien music by Magman:
The Last Seven Minutes (1970-1971)from ATTAHK from the Tomato Label released in 1989.
Lirik Necronomicus Kant - Our alien Heroes Ourgon and Gorgo Meet from ATTAHK
De Futura from Üdü Wüdü (1976) Release on Tomato label
Üdü Wüdü Title track

Komnigriss (mp3) from the album Tzomborgha by Ruins. Totally awesome bass and guitar syncopation instrumental on this short spastic track. Less Claypool got nothing on these guys.

Rewind: It was the mid 90's and I was chatting with my friend and roommate Ted who had just recorded some music at Noise New Jersey with Kramer and he had brought up Magma to him. Kramer mentioned when last on tour with Bongwater he saw Christian Vander get in Jaguar with a couple hookers. If you wanted to add more to the mystic of crazy jazz musician but allas. I have a couple of these releases on vinyl. One of the cool ones is a live Magma form 1976 which I found at this weird diner in New Brunswick, NJ around the same time. I went into the Mack diner to visit Charles Ewen and asked him if had any Magma records also known as All Ears Music. You could barely walk around the place. Filled with literally stacks of records from floor to ceiling. He says to me come back in a week kid. A week later I show up and looks at me and says go look in that stack over there which was 3 feet high. Thus began the negotiation. "Look kid you could spend the rest of your days looking for this or you could just call it day and give me $50 bux." - The logic was good. Sold. As of a couple of years ago the place was still there but will report in on my next trip to the good old Hub City but I fear it's been since engulfed by UMDNJ. Anybody care to report?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Henry & Glenn Danzig Forever are lovers

ZINE COMIC REVIEW: Henry & Glenn Forever is no Boiled Angel or Judy Blume but it is pretty funny I will admit. I could not resist the premise of a couple 90's indie superstars being wrung through the muck by some punk (Tom Neely). The diary entries and notes between characters are the funniest part which are hand scribbled. The artwork for exception of a few panels and cover is not so great sorry to say. The cover has obvious Pettibon sensibility and reference to Family Man spoken word cover art so if anything Danzig and Rollins should be most upset about the lack of likeness. But if you want to giggle their satantic neighbors John & Daryl Hall has potential and well making fun of Hank & Glenn is fun. You know one of them will at least deal with the truth or irony of these two muscle heads in a living situation even if it 15 years too late. Check out igloo tornado for more nonsense honestly was not a total waste of my $6 so thank you!

I know a bunch of tough guy punks and fathers these days with warn out Samhain and and black flag tattoos. Never met Glen Danzig but I did catch the rollin's band on more than one occasion. Sometimes Hank was angrier than other times but always rocked the house at some point he could not be trusted anymore. Maybe that was when he turned 30 and announced the fact at the Fastlanes II show. The point is glad to see somebody took the time to actually print a book verses just posting it on the web on some lame blog. So punk points there.

The soundtrack for reading this book:
Hammer of the Gods from Danzig's new record Deth Red Sabaoth. More metal than they started and has the sing along chorus parts you would expect. For fans of the dark metal this is decent update for Danzig. This record rips. The self titled track is like the others ballads Sistinas or Mother so you won't be disapointed.
Twist Of Cain by Danzig s/t. Tons of sing-a-longs on this old record that somehow all drunk preppy guys know the lyrics for. Weird huh? [ Buy it ]
Slip It In by Black Flag s/t. If you got laid in Highschool to this album you are very punk. If you lasted all the way through the first song that is. [ Buy it ]
Lonely By The Rollins Bands from album Life Time. This is a classic record with more brow beating guitar, bass and drum pummeling your teen angst could ever handle. Amazing bass playing by Andrew Weiss hands down a master next to Flea and Bootsy Collins imho. if you do anything download this record. Buy it.

Bonus mp3:
Wartime from the album Fast Food for thought. Features Henry Rollins, Andrew Weiss, Theo Van Rock, Sim Cain by studio experimental band Wartime.

Superchunk Digging for Something by some oldsters

SINGLE REVIEW: Superchunk's Digging for Something off of Majesty Shredding. Love this song it's like a long lost friend who got drunk at the bar and then found their way back wearing the same cloths you saw them in the night before. ok maybe the label says reinvented by american apparel on it but they smell the same. Has the elements you'd expect from years gone by from portastatic to now from Mac and company. Never trying to be something they are not but except a indie rock band from North Carolina. No please all fucking hipsters please go die and then buy this record and all their old stuff on Merge Records. You are being made fun of by the old folks. WATCH VIDEO >>

Download mp3:
"Digging for Something" by Superchunk
"Through With People" (Portastatic cover) by Barbara Manning

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ok Go This Too Shall Pass - Smarty Music Video

I hate most music videos with a passion but this one is intensely nerdy and craftily creative. "This Too Shall Pass" - Rube Goldberg Machine by Ok Go. Sorry I missed them at the union county music fest yesterday. Totally remind me of the flaming lips for obvious reasons.

Heavy Night Terror dreams by Helms Alee

ALBUM REVIEW: Helms Alee Night Terror. I love heavy music that fills space like the absence of white that fills the nights sky between the stars. Sure I'm totally catching up to this band thru the interwebs but whatever. Hoz, Dana & Ben bring it on this one all the way through. If you dig later era neurosis, trail of dead and hum those would be good starting points to this brand of rocket ship guitar blasting of this co-fronted trio. The distorted bass parts are godfleshy which brings to mind old local New Brunswick faves Transylvia who were the indie rock version of Ministry. See where this going? The track "Big Spider" in particular has that twisted gated sound that if I told you it was Pigface you'd be none the wiser.

Night Terror although less gothic in its presentation thisrecord is more indie nue-metal I suppose. Ok and maybe no crazy double kick-drum or blood pellets but it's more about the razor like guitars feeding back and female vocals that drive the temptress like mini mosh-parts to some sonic depth that makes my ears perk up and pay attention when it comes. You will bang your head while arms folded and be consumed by the noise. Promise once you unfold your appendages you'll be glad you stopped letting your knuckles drag on the floor and will raise up the devil sign in honorary approval.

Left Handy Man Handle from Night Terror [ Buy it ] Instru-metal thrashing with a Don Caballero guitarscape is surely a great jam to open up a record with and that they did.
Big Spider

Bonus tracks:
Lionize from Helms Alee digital 7" - They could have been on a Amphetamine Reptile comp and you would be non the wiser in 1993.
dogsbody corpsegas by Transilvia off of Slugchuckles Insanely. This is the shit bad dreams and good acid are made of.
The Missing by Ministry off of Land Of Rape and Honey. The more well known track is the opening track Stigmata but you can go buy that.

Also, check out this FREE band compilation In Case of Evacuation presented by Exploding In Sound with a Helms Alee track "New Roll" from their NT plus other like minded ear candy which came out this past June. There is something here for everyone but here are a couple heavyish ones:
Good to Die (mp3) by Red Fang channels Judiest Priest dueling guitar solos.
I Should Be Coming Up (But I Keep Coming Down) by Sky parade. its what kids are dancing to these days disco rock like New Order but much less bass melodic. Good song though.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Harmonious bec the future of Her Strange Dreams

ALBUM REVIEW: Harmonious bec from Japan's record Her Strange Dreams is a winner. All the comparisons are true amongst the light sprinkling of traditional instrumentation. Her Strange Dreams is brought to you by Monotreme Records and offer a mix reminiscent of those glorious DJ Shadow record bin finds and that weird techno music present in the sound bed of Lost in Translation (at least in my imagination) for those round eyes that are paying attention. Get the rest of this Harmonious bec post on all new Music Blog site!>>

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New Interpol and dark muses from The 1980's

Words do not communicate knowledge in the way they should. Lets all thank Satan there is temptation (music) even if the words don't make any sense or their melodies paint the ether via soundscapes and the conspiracies that give us cultural relevance come through the audio. The best songs are like the most awesome females at the risk of sound totally misogynistic it's what you hope to get out of music. You know getting some feeling? Creating some sort of vision from that high that we could not see without hearing or tasting. This sensation would not be possible without some muse or soundtrack. The few bands do a good job of the above over and over again without risking being mundane or boring. Please fuel your libido below.

Dark Mix for dark moods:
Barricade by Interpol (new!) from their self titled record. A review is coming but for now enjoy a single. This band borrows and twists what the bands below started years ago. [Buy]
New Face In Hell by The Fall from Grotesque (After the Gramme)(1980) album art was drawn by Mark E. Smith's sister, Suzanne and album title was taken a from a film that was later renamed. [Buy]
European Female by The Stranglers from the album Feline(1982). Always a weird mix of pop and keywords mixed with your darkness. [Buy]
I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas by Butthole Surfers from Hairway to Steven (1988) Should be the album you listen to in order to perform that acid test you wanted to venture on. Just make sure you have a tripmaster. [Buy]
Do It Clean by Echo & The Bunnymen of their debut Crocodiles (1980) and probably one of the most brilliant songs ever that I still have no clue what it's about. [Buy]

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The Fall in my top 10 list for 2010! (mp3 Hot Cake)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Reintroduction to Frank Black Francis

Right before The Pixies fall tour begins you can catch Mr. Frank Black Francis play live. He has more twists to his personality one would argue than a unrelenting vine, this is clear, the man behind the black sunglasses is more than just the music. A working artist for sure, always making something trying new things borrowing genres and key changes. Sure you met him in The Pixies but do you know him? Pan forward to 2010 it's been 17 years since they disbanded and he started writing songs about aliens, Ghosts and Pittsburgh. Quite a long time to build, remix and rebuild a whole body of work since anybody could be proud of. Sometime close to what the Pixies did other times just a live 2 track recording. It's all good and always worth checking to see what he's up. Who he has roped into to the jam in the tradition of blues masters and the likes of Lou Reed and David Bowie.

Live at Joe's Pub in NYC on the 3rd, 4th, & 5th.

Follow: Mr. Black Francis | Web

Saint Frank Black Francis Music Mix Road Tape:
Into The White(remixes) from Frank Black Francis (2004)
The Man Who Was Too Loud from Frank Black And The Catholics (1998)
Bad Harmony Pistolero(1999)
I Burn Today Frank Black Honeycomb (2005)
I'm Not Dead (I'm in Pittsburgh) Frank Black Fast Man / Raider Man (2006)
Threshold Apprehension from Blue Finger (2007)
Jet Black River from Frank Black Black Letter Days (2002)

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Shellac of North America to Rock Brooklyn USA

Back in the day I played bass in this little loud indie rock band from New Brunswick, NJ called Bubblegum Thunder. Above is photo of Albini's basement where we recorded a record and a 7" to acetate Ampex 24 track tape. I remember looking at the plans for a interface schematic for Electrical Audio with Bob Weston and thinking these guys are total fucking geeks. Catch Shellac live At Bell House in Brooklyn, Tues Sept 7th which is freaking sold out. Somebody please get me on the guest list for crying out loud. Thank you!

Shellac Digital downloads even though Steve hates them:
Prayer to God from 1,000 Hurts
The Admiral from At Action Park
Disgrace Terraform
Holiday in Sun (Sec Pistols Cover) w/ David Yow Halloween @ The Lounge Ax

All of which I nerdly own on vinyl. Always funny when the blank CD with no artwork would roll-out of packaging and I'm like WTF? I'd think if the record had a baby it would at least be a flexi-disc.

BGT @ The Lounge Ax (note: the ween t-shirt)

From the Bubblegum Thunder Cock Monkey LP: (unmastered/unreleased from cassette - lol)
Ghost Town
Acid Gravy
Safe from Me

Brett & Sandor

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free Summer Rock Concert in Union County New Jersey

Lots of great bands playing the Union Country Music Festival this year in 2010. Nice mix of headliners like Spoon and supporting bands playing the stages like: The Zombies, Ok Go!, Jesse Malin, Soul Asylum, Suzanne Vega with bands starting Weds Sept 8th through Sunday Sept 12th. Oh did I mention the entertainments is FREE!? Another reason why Jersey is becoming cooler every year. Not that you had to tell me that but just in case you want to road trip it for the day. The fest usually has decent vendor provided food and recently has added a beer garden and lots of stuff for the kids to do. So great reason to burn in the sun in Oak Ridge Park, in Clark NJ.

Track a couple tracks from the bands that are playing:
Queen Of The Underworld by Jesse Malin. This is a older track from the glam punker you might know jesse from D Generation days. Matured into something influenced by The Rolling Stones and cleaner P.Westerberg jams.
The Way We Get by from Spoon's awesome Kill the Moonlight album. If you get anything before their new one Transference get that one then back-fill. All great records.

The Zombies live on the BBC 1965-66: I found these live radio tracks a year or so ago out in the blogosphere so enjoy them. The songs have little radio bits with the band being interviewed and telling funny little stories about young fan girls chasing them down in hotels. Remember this was on the eve of Beatlemania. They could have been bigger than Ringo, John, Paul and George.
I Must Move
Just out of reach
When Ever You're Ready
Will you love me tomorrow?
Sitting In The Park (1966)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ted Leo funny Bottled In Cork video

I’m a big fan of Tom Scharpling; who not only hosts the best show on earth, he is also screen writer in "real life". (Isn’t everybody?). He’s a comedic spinster and spends most of his radio show hanging up on people and letting the Howard-esque one’s hang on for the fun if you are not conversationalist you are toast. Something sycophantic about it all but somehow super under-indie ground Ted Leo (also frequent guest of the show) put a cast of characters together and debuted his song Bottled in Corks on Funny or Die;s video channel. Here is a totally tongue and cheek and self referential uber cheese rock video. the song is classic Ted Leo.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Joe Strummer Know your Rights

Direct from Julien Temple's movie The Future is Unwritten a great bit from Joe Strummer (RIP 1952-2002)when he's waxing philosophic, he says "without people, you are nothing". What I think Joe was driving at is we live in a insulated society and we need to pay attention to those around us to make our and their lives richer. Still to this day with dominance of office culture in our social networks this fact is even more true. Your head is down trudging along to the next email. In a recent interview, with my now friend Jack Rabid (for a project I'm doing), who had the pleasure of buying Mr. Strummer a beer when he interviewed him for his magazine The Big Takeover. I saw this intensity for people in Jack's eyes and in how hiss a passion for the people who make music, and in the things he said, and in particular when he recalled said interview. I won't be the spoiler until it's released on Create or Else just yet. but somehow the vibe was transferred to guys like Jack and between the sub-text and fascination with culture and class that The Clash and Joe cared about so much. The notion that you can affect the future even if it is one soul at time is pretty great. Here are few tracks that if anything will enrich your day but for a moment every time you listen to them or they randomly come up on your ipod. They do for me anyways. Enjoy.

Joe Strummer's Midnight Dream - By Angledust featuring Chris Harford and Andrew Weiss
"Without People, You're Nothing" - Joe Strummer from The Future Is Unwritten (Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Clash Live Passaic NJ 1980 (When everything happened)
Guns of Brixton
Spanish Bombs
Police & Thieves
Complete Control
Tommy Gun

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

The InnerSpeaker of Tame Impala

ALBUM REVIEW: Tame Impala's InnerSpeaker is a jam band like no other in love with guitar effects, rubber soul and the mysterious retro parts of the Flaming Lips. Ok maybe they are more Pink Floyd but the thing is with the distortion and big drums things get like an ocean engulfed by pixies on the top with these spacey vocals that just make this album work. Right see key is here I said album. All of these tracks are woven together with guitars to create a great soundscape for that old black velvet 70's nude psychedelic poster you have.

Tame Impala_02_Desire Be Desire Go

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Ghost of New Model Army

ONLY US SHOWS: Even 30 years ago New Model Army has always been a band way ahead of their time. Always political in nature to the point of keeping them out of US according to Wiki. If I had to batch them together you could say they were a mash up of The Cult when they go acoustic or solo, Killing Joke (when they light torches) and Jesus and Mary Chain because of the leather except they played with large rusty axes and played fast with lots of chicks dressed in animal skins (imagination runs wild). Fronted by Justin Sullivan a underworld cult hero and leading their 12th band release last year Today is a good Day is as fresh as it was back in 1986 and could give all the bands on relapse a wake-up call that there can be more depth to the thrash metal genre -something they invented in my humble opinion and are still taking it to the next level in the vain of Neurosis. When I first heard their music many presidents ago it hit me that the bass could be distorted way beyond anything Geddy Lee could pull off. The newer material is big rock in a big way and still good. Once you test drive the mp3s below go find The Ghost Of Cain release. Happy hunting.

Taste some of their dirt:
Today is a good Day (title track)

They are coming to rip-up up the pavement:
Friday September 3 & September 4, 2010 - Brooklyn, NY @ Bell House
149 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11215 (718) 643-6510;

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sirs Chicago funny version of Shellac

I like bands that randomly follow this blog's unbranded twitter feed. hello sirs what you un-follow me already? Main thing allows me to randomly stalk a band and check them out. I liked a funny lyric in one of their tunes reminded of how punk used to self mock a lot like in Repo Man where they agree to go do some crimes and get sushi and not pay.

... There is nothing that can't be blamed on Pakistani hackers

I would agree with their self assessment a noise-rock band from Chicago in the Touch&Go / Amphetamine Reptile tradition.

Anyway check them out: Illegal Criminal Crimes (Against The Law) mp3 | Sirs Band site

Jersey Beat Rockstar T-Shirts benefit foodbank

JERSEY BEAT: It's A Zine! It's A Blog! It's A Podcast!

Do you feel like you need more T-shirts? I know I always do. Long time friend Jim Testa from is donating everything he makes from shirts sales in August to the Asbury Rock Stars Charity Softball The Game is on August 28, who will in turn donate the money to the Monmouth Food Bank. This is a wonderful volunteer organization that helps feed the poor and disenfranchised in southern New Jersey. It's for the kids!

Contact and donate Jerset Beat on Facebook. Shirts are only $10 bux!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The Big Takeover Bell House Show Photos

Coming soon will be videos and short documentary on Jack Rabid from the Big Takeover's 30th Anniversary show that I am working on. For now you can check out some of the photos from the show this past weekend at The Bell House with Flower, For Against, Mark Burgess, The Sleepover Disaster just to name a few of the bands that played the event.

Get some of the music here.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Music Bootleggers bring the show to you

There are a lot of great shows this summer which makes it impossible to attend but goody for us the live show "tapers" are a dedicated kind. Sure it's all digital now but whatever. You don't have to stand there. They do the work for you. Here's some tasty bites. So crack open a beer and crank up these shows.

Tapers & Bootleggers:
nyctaper: Has very recent shows byBuilt to Spill and The Flaming Lips
Southern Shelter: Melvins@40WattAthens and a old Tortoise show the Standards tour 2001.
North East Recordings: Hold Steady at Toads places and The Feelies from back in March.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

NYC's Flower reunited

This photo is from The Big Takeover's 30th anniversary show at the Bell House in Brooklyn taking place this weekend. The opening band EDP broke-up a week prior so they did not play but was amazing to finally see Flower(ex-Versus and Cell/French) and hear Jack say as he was rocking out right up in front "that they sound as vital and fresh as they did 17 years ago!". To say the least the first night of these two shows was a raging success. Great energy and people meeting for the first time was among the chatter. Was very cool to see the nyc scene come out and give their support to The Big Takeover and see rabid shoegazer fans from all over the country who came to listen and play this one-off festival(or is it?). If you are in the neighborhood you should go to Night 2 which starts at 4pm. Oh and if you are worried about finding a place to eat around there; for this event there is a charcoal grill out front called Dirks Burgers; which you can feast on and bring inside to eat at the fest. If you ask nicely they might even make you a veggie burger. Lastly bring a wad of cash because the merch table has some pretty great stuff. Including a BTO beer cozies and back issues of the mag. More pictures soon!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pete Yorn Single Review Precious Stone aquisition model

Talk about a public advance. In September the new S/T album by Pete Yorn on Vagrant records is coming out. It's back to a older form from the sounds of the new single "Precious Stone". Which if you tweet and follow you can download here for free. I'm interested in this record as a body of work vs. a single but here you go. It's the new promotion model and the way things are going. The question is will the music industry ever be able to track this like a top 40 list for pop or rock? Or does a new music release really matter and can it make artists money with their tie-ins? Seems like a lot of work. Does it matter what brands they associate themselves with? Do you care?

If you were at one of the SPIN 25 live shows (Smashing pumpkins, Flaming Lips, BLack Keys) this week in NYC that were broadcast live you also got a download card (if you took one) and could grab four free music tracks from (totally a banal url but whatev) some of the models handing out the cards were hot but I mostly witnessed people not taking the hand-out. Obvious catch it's a Amex credit card acquisition program looking to hook up another generation with buying power. I might be over qualified but if you don't have credit probably a good way to start your trek into adulthood and get some music. Then again the chick who had fallen down outside from the nitrous oxide balloon hit is probably not a good candidate but that won't show-up on her credit report.

These choices bring up a couple questions. How would you prefer to support your favorite artists? I'm ok with the Zync model because you know the Lips got paid to drive you to get some sponsored downloads (at least I hope) and see them do their thing live in a smallish venue. Much like iTunes did in the early days of those bottle cap promotions with Coke. Or was that Pepsi? Or does it matter? Truth is 10% of world cares how they get their music and even that guess is a generous one but question is how do we expand the branded model. There is so much great music out there and to support Lady Gaga does not make any fucking sense at all. It's a better practice to change the model of ripping of artists when we can although i don't see myself downloading anything above the line (ever!). Sure this blog posts free downloads but it's to hook you into the deeper quest to share culture and support by making the point of entry as easy as possible and turn you onto stuff you might like.


Monday, July 26, 2010

Songs you can't stoping listening too

I sent a simple tweet and FB post this past weekend asking my "friends" what songs they could not stop listening too. Some folks sent a old song others something newish. Well at least in this decade. Here are bunch of tracks in exercise of randomness. Enjoy your New Music Monday.

Center of the Universe by built to spill (ANTHONY)

Miles Davis & Cool by The Gaslight Anthem (AMY K)

Yellow Pills by the band called 20/20 (J.WERTZ) Damn can't find this one but hopefully soon!

Nothing Better by The Postal Service (AMY S)


You're Black & Blue by The Exploding Hearts (ROKOSE)

What A Fool Believes(PADDEN FROM PILOT TO GUNNER) He was vague. There are like 100 songs with this title. Take your pick.

Hold On by Wilson Phillips (A.ROCKMAN) I could not find a copy in my library. Weird huh?

Why Worry by Dire Straits (EKATERINA) Ditto on this. I could not find but interesting selection from my russian Friend.

Touch Me I'm Sick by Mudhoney(F.BRIDGES) Wasn't sure if this was because of some Baletine ale he had consumed over the weekend and then proceeded to run a 5k but alas a great song!

Too Many Birds by Bill Callahan (MOSER)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nada Surf If I had a hi-fi re-discover some covers

ALBUM REVIEW: It's becoming quite the indie thing to cover things that inspire you. Used to be old form for labels in 50's 60's and 70's to have their big star play a great song by up and coming artists. Actually I don't think that practice ever stopped in this case we must behold Mathew Caws as a curator with exceptional taste on If I had a hi-fi. I'd guess he might have wished he wrote the song picks on this record because honestly if you told me hey here is new Nada Surf i would of said great and carried on with my album review. Actually, that is almost what happened but as looked at the liner notes and production credits it dawned on me. Sure the sticker on the cover gave it away that there were few covers like DEpeche F*cking Mode? So expected a couple but Really and entire Cd's worth? Cool. I have to admit some of these bands I've never heard of but acts poptopia bands like The Go-Betweens. Anyway, you can find most of these bands on emusic so if you are hurting for some selects. Start here and then go crazy.

Covers by original Artists from If I had a hi-fi(Mostly):
Electrocution by Bill Fox
Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode
Love Goes On by The Go-Betweens
Janine by Arthur Russell 70's scenster and musician
You Were So Warm by The Dwight Twilley Band. I couldn't find this one but here is I "I Love You So Much" which is just as as good.
Love and Anger by Kate Bush from her record The Sensual World. I have to admit I never was a big fan but this song is great.
The Agony of Laffitte by Spoon, an Acoustic diddy on a Saddle Creek cd single
Bye Bye Beaute By French singer/songwriter intstrumentalist Coralie Clement. I could find this track but found something equally as good. Try "Paris dix heures du soir - Coralie Clément" instead.
Question By Moody Blues. her'e a version live from the Isle of Wright
Bright Side by The Soft Pack formerly The Muslims.
Evolution by Mercromina. This band is from Spain and pretty damn awesome. If you go and scoop up a whole discography blindly from any of these do it for these guys.
I Remembered What I Was Going to Say by The Silly Pillows. Try "Music on my Mind" which has a ripping solo.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Takeover Turns 30!

Wow, Jack Rabid has been publishing The Big Takeover for 30 years! Impressive. I must be really old now. F*ck! To celebrate he's throwing a rockandroll party at the Bell House with all these amazing bands. I don't remember 30 but please step into the time machine over here:

FRIDAY JULY 30, 2010
THE AVENGERS – Open Your Eyes San Fran '70s punk legends, featuring Penelope Houston & Greg Ingraham!
CHANNEL 3 – Manzanar - Early 80s L.A. manic punk. Like screaming and hollering with tweeky guitars.
VISQUEEN – Beautiful Amnesia - Great singing on this track. Female-led Seattle post-punk rockers' first East Coast shows in 5 years
SPRINGHOUSE – Enslave Me - Jack playing his first show with original lineup in 8 years, playing a "normal" set.
LIBERTINES U.S. – Bad Memories Burn Are you feeling the nostalgia yet? Reformed Cincinnati '80s greats first-ever NY show!
FLOWER – Empty Head New York postpunk band’s first show in 16 years! I think i have a actual LP lying around somewhere for these guys but I do remember all the bass strumming. Cool sheet alla GVsB.
EDP - Wallflower The guitars wrangle and rattle on this one - get your zero T-shirt out and grease the scooter to catch their set. Check out New York’s hard-hitting, Jam-like, mod revival band.

MARK BURGESS – On The Beach - Get yer ecstasy broker lined up. Manchester England's Chameleons star. Playing Acoustic and full band!
FOR AGAINST – Aftertaste - A little proggy track w/ what sounds like some serious slap back on the snare from Lincoln, NE post-punk legends. Their first East Coast show in 15 years.
SPRINGHOUSE – Asphalt Angels - Jack and Co whip out the delay and phaser pedals; playing their second LP, Postcards From the Arctic, start to finish. Spoiler alert this is the opener!
THE SLEEPOVER DISASTER - Hold My Tongue This Fresno shoegazer band sounds something like Black Angels and British Sea Power. Come support their first-ever East Coast appearance.
DON MCGLASHAN – While you Sleep New Zealand’s ex-Mutton Birds in his only U.S. appearance.
STEVE DREWETT - When the Oil Runs Out by Newtown Neurotics main man makes his U.S. debut.
JON AUER – The Year of Our Demise Seattle’s Posies star and 17-year Big Star member.
THE SHARP THINGS - Now That I'm Back by New York's acclaimed orchestral poppers!
PAUL COLLINS - She Doesn't Want To Hang Around With You Big starish Poptopia track. Former member of The Nerves and of Paul Collins’ Beat fame.
THE CURTAIN SOCIETY – Cave In by veteran Boston shoegazers, also backing Burgess for part of his set. Vocals a little Bryan Ferry a little Sunnyday. Enjoy.

ADMISSION: $25.00 per night or $40 for both
LOCATION: THE BELL HOUSE @ 149 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215
DOORTIMES: Friday @ 6:00PM and Saturday @ 4.00PM