Friday, September 24, 2010

Christian Vander speaks Kobaian from Magma

WEIRD JAZZ MUSIC: ATTAHK(1978) and UDU WUDU(1976) are just two titles from records put forth by French composer and drummer Christian Vander in his group Magma. This music is sung in language called Kobaïan. At some point Vander claimed he was communicated messages from alien visitors telling us of our fate and the narrative present in his music if we did not do something about the state of planet or so the myth goes. So it is probably no mystery to him that our nuclear missile silos have been disarmed by aeriel space crafts since 1948. Press Invite on the subject is Monday, September 27th on Witness Testimony of UFO's at Nuclear Weapons Bases ( I can't make this up).

Maybe it is for our own good as envisioned by Christian Vander a long time ago who had this vision of "humanity's spiritual and ecological future", as given to him by people not of this earth, who we hope wish us to preserve mother earth. G*d knows we've been delinquent with oil messes, plastics, bad farming practices and terrible genocides and never mind facebook crashing all the time(that was terrible). Do they really mean us no harm? Through the scat-yodelling vocal style is a language designed to accompany the instantly alien rhythms which are equally terrifying at times in this avant garde jazz. Telling us a story of our destruction and ultimate implosion. The compositions go on to tell stories of humans fleeing earth and going to this new planet. Oh the irony if these aliens abandoned their planet and hope to share ours because of what they learned. This music is also called "Zeuhl" (Kobaïan for "celestial"), there some offspring bands from influenced bands from France, Belgium and Japanese bands also including Ruins that worked off similar constructed language.

In the track Lirik Necronomicus Kant two alien Heroes Ourgon and Gorgo Meet

Alien music by Magman:
The Last Seven Minutes (1970-1971)from ATTAHK from the Tomato Label released in 1989.
Lirik Necronomicus Kant - Our alien Heroes Ourgon and Gorgo Meet from ATTAHK
De Futura from Üdü Wüdü (1976) Release on Tomato label
Üdü Wüdü Title track

Komnigriss (mp3) from the album Tzomborgha by Ruins. Totally awesome bass and guitar syncopation instrumental on this short spastic track. Less Claypool got nothing on these guys.

Rewind: It was the mid 90's and I was chatting with my friend and roommate Ted who had just recorded some music at Noise New Jersey with Kramer and he had brought up Magma to him. Kramer mentioned when last on tour with Bongwater he saw Christian Vander get in Jaguar with a couple hookers. If you wanted to add more to the mystic of crazy jazz musician but allas. I have a couple of these releases on vinyl. One of the cool ones is a live Magma form 1976 which I found at this weird diner in New Brunswick, NJ around the same time. I went into the Mack diner to visit Charles Ewen and asked him if had any Magma records also known as All Ears Music. You could barely walk around the place. Filled with literally stacks of records from floor to ceiling. He says to me come back in a week kid. A week later I show up and looks at me and says go look in that stack over there which was 3 feet high. Thus began the negotiation. "Look kid you could spend the rest of your days looking for this or you could just call it day and give me $50 bux." - The logic was good. Sold. As of a couple of years ago the place was still there but will report in on my next trip to the good old Hub City but I fear it's been since engulfed by UMDNJ. Anybody care to report?

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