Monday, September 06, 2010

Reintroduction to Frank Black Francis

Right before The Pixies fall tour begins you can catch Mr. Frank Black Francis play live. He has more twists to his personality one would argue than a unrelenting vine, this is clear, the man behind the black sunglasses is more than just the music. A working artist for sure, always making something trying new things borrowing genres and key changes. Sure you met him in The Pixies but do you know him? Pan forward to 2010 it's been 17 years since they disbanded and he started writing songs about aliens, Ghosts and Pittsburgh. Quite a long time to build, remix and rebuild a whole body of work since anybody could be proud of. Sometime close to what the Pixies did other times just a live 2 track recording. It's all good and always worth checking to see what he's up. Who he has roped into to the jam in the tradition of blues masters and the likes of Lou Reed and David Bowie.

Live at Joe's Pub in NYC on the 3rd, 4th, & 5th.

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Saint Frank Black Francis Music Mix Road Tape:
Into The White(remixes) from Frank Black Francis (2004)
The Man Who Was Too Loud from Frank Black And The Catholics (1998)
Bad Harmony Pistolero(1999)
I Burn Today Frank Black Honeycomb (2005)
I'm Not Dead (I'm in Pittsburgh) Frank Black Fast Man / Raider Man (2006)
Threshold Apprehension from Blue Finger (2007)
Jet Black River from Frank Black Black Letter Days (2002)

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