Wednesday, September 08, 2010

New Interpol and dark muses from The 1980's

Words do not communicate knowledge in the way they should. Lets all thank Satan there is temptation (music) even if the words don't make any sense or their melodies paint the ether via soundscapes and the conspiracies that give us cultural relevance come through the audio. The best songs are like the most awesome females at the risk of sound totally misogynistic it's what you hope to get out of music. You know getting some feeling? Creating some sort of vision from that high that we could not see without hearing or tasting. This sensation would not be possible without some muse or soundtrack. The few bands do a good job of the above over and over again without risking being mundane or boring. Please fuel your libido below.

Dark Mix for dark moods:
Barricade by Interpol (new!) from their self titled record. A review is coming but for now enjoy a single. This band borrows and twists what the bands below started years ago. [Buy]
New Face In Hell by The Fall from Grotesque (After the Gramme)(1980) album art was drawn by Mark E. Smith's sister, Suzanne and album title was taken a from a film that was later renamed. [Buy]
European Female by The Stranglers from the album Feline(1982). Always a weird mix of pop and keywords mixed with your darkness. [Buy]
I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas by Butthole Surfers from Hairway to Steven (1988) Should be the album you listen to in order to perform that acid test you wanted to venture on. Just make sure you have a tripmaster. [Buy]
Do It Clean by Echo & The Bunnymen of their debut Crocodiles (1980) and probably one of the most brilliant songs ever that I still have no clue what it's about. [Buy]

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