Thursday, September 02, 2010

Shellac of North America to Rock Brooklyn USA

Back in the day I played bass in this little loud indie rock band from New Brunswick, NJ called Bubblegum Thunder. Above is photo of Albini's basement where we recorded a record and a 7" to acetate Ampex 24 track tape. I remember looking at the plans for a interface schematic for Electrical Audio with Bob Weston and thinking these guys are total fucking geeks. Catch Shellac live At Bell House in Brooklyn, Tues Sept 7th which is freaking sold out. Somebody please get me on the guest list for crying out loud. Thank you!

Shellac Digital downloads even though Steve hates them:
Prayer to God from 1,000 Hurts
The Admiral from At Action Park
Disgrace Terraform
Holiday in Sun (Sec Pistols Cover) w/ David Yow Halloween @ The Lounge Ax

All of which I nerdly own on vinyl. Always funny when the blank CD with no artwork would roll-out of packaging and I'm like WTF? I'd think if the record had a baby it would at least be a flexi-disc.

BGT @ The Lounge Ax (note: the ween t-shirt)

From the Bubblegum Thunder Cock Monkey LP: (unmastered/unreleased from cassette - lol)
Ghost Town
Acid Gravy
Safe from Me

Brett & Sandor

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