Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ex Models live at the Court Tavern

I was digging in the archives a few months ago looking up video footage to lend to the Cruel but Fair movie [CBF on Facebook] and i cam across half a set by Ex Models from a Aviso'Hara Record release show for Made From Scratch. Anyway. The banter is funny and if you dig these guys you should enjoy these live nuggets which are not available anywhere else.

Ex-Models live @ The Court Tavern 2000 mp3s
Girlfriend is worse
the fun system
The Mechanic

The pic is from a earlier EM show in 1999 way before they broke...note the plug spark sanjay t-shirt.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time to Pledge to WFMU.ORG 2010 Marathon

It's that time of year right before you pay the tax man where WFMU needs your dough so they can entertain you for another 50 weeks of year. Qaulity free form radio entertainment. For her and his pleasure.

Get some free nuggets:
mp3 19th Nervous Breakdown by Shockabilly from Cherry Blossom Clinque premium cd from the 2009 Marathon.
Bounce by Bo Diddly from a J.R. Williams comp get the whole shaker set on the site.