Sunday, December 17, 2006

The slight return of Chavez and the fist of Tarver

LIVE BAND REVIEW: We know it is going to be a momentary thing. We know if we want to live for another chance. This was it - sorry baltimore and chicago you lost again. The time to experience the sonic bliss was now; already yesterday. The drumming of The James Low does not even have a suitable metaphor --it is just uncharted. We put up with the bassplayer just got off a plane jokes. The chance to hear a live set(1 of 3) mixed by Bob Weston was worth the price of admission -- quality control- check. It was good to see these influencers of influencers. It was not perfect but so damn close to it; we wouldn't have it any other way. Deep down we hope there is more than a box-set for the men of chavez but we know. They know what is best. So we wait and talk of the sausage fest. The next time it comes-up. We can say again, ,remember when we drank polish beer at Warsaw in Brooklyn and saw Chavez in 2006 and we ran into: walt of Aviso'Hara, those drinking bastardsPilot to Gunner, Morgan, Brian, Scott, Steve, Jen, etc. We hope the legacy and tradition continues; as the chavez brand of indie is in the same vain that howlin wolf inspired the rolling stones. They rose the proverbial bar. This we are certain of.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Mog review, Best of Christmas mp3 posts and Redemption Song

I've been pretty busy so here are three quick posts in one. Lots of stuff going on and during the holidays it is important to take a minute or two and think about the people you miss and people who made a difference in the world. Joe Strummer was one of those people.

CHRISTMAS MP3'sI've also been mining all the dang Christmas mp3 blog posts and top 2006 song posts. so if your are looking for music to spice up your mixes, well here you go:


I also, promised a mog review and I am now proud to say that I have risen from a below the radar user to a chill user while I tested and interacted on the site and got my music fix practically everyday since I joined. If you are looking to see what some of your favorite indie stars are listening too on the mog like: Mathew Caws from Nada surf or Mac from Portastatic you can do that. If you are looking for some quick music recommendations from people this is easy too. The mog-o-matic that interfaces with your itunes does slow down your computer processor a whee-bit but otherwise all the community magic happens right on site. The mog-sphere, where all your blog posts go, all land in the same pot. You can collect trusted moggers, etc. what is neat is that every connection is based how much interaction you put it. go ahead and try it. The mog has a much less corporate marketing feel than lastfm that only moggers can understand.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ween, Chris Harford Live b/w Nico

I thought this video of The Velvet Underground is fantastic.

Tomorrow: Gene(Aaron) and Dean(Mickey) Ween will be supporting Chris Harford when he appears on WXPN’s “Free at Noon” show, Friday Dec. 8th at NOON (duh, really?).

This is an hour long show that is performed live as it is broadcast from the “World Cafe Live” venue in Philadelpia. This very intimate event is open to the public and if you have never seen these guys perform together in a venue like John and Peter’s in New Hope, or at Stoneybrook farm years ago sucking on helium(fun story for another day), it is a once in lifetime opportunity to experience Chris’s “Band of Changes”; this time around it will be comprised of Dave Dreiwitz on bass (ween/instant death), Scott Metzger on guitar (rana, particle), Eric Slick on Drums (Adrian Belew), with Dean & Gene adding additional vocals & guitar.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Drive a Wedding Present Documentary

"The boy Gedge has written some of the best love songs of the Rock 'n' Roll Era. You may dispute this, but I'm right and you're wrong!" John Peel.

The premier screening of the film “The Wedding Present – Drive” is going to be on Thursday, December 7, at Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA, which documents their first tour of the U.S. and Canada in more than 8 years. My old pal Steve from vital cog records and now third hand films tells me seating is limited so get in touch with the gallery or him directly. I went to one of the shows he taped at Maxwells and it was pretty much exactly as they were 10 years ago, so if you missed them this is your chance.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

MOG beta - Sign-up and win Death Cab trip to Seattle!

Now this is a 'viral promo' worth telling you about, by entering to win a free trip to Seattle to Death Cab for Cutie, MOG beta has enticed music addicts like myself to click-away and part-take in their community thing. I am in the middle of checking out their MOG-O-MATIC music widget and inteface so I can't speak to it yet but since I like taking acid free trips it seemed like the impulse-net thing to do today.

THIS COMING WEEKEND IN ROCKN'ROLL: Sat December 02, 2006 - The Court Tavern
Presents: A benefit for the Hub City Hellrazors roller derby team with: The Stuntcocks :: Felon :: The Hellcat Girls (a burlesque act---go Hellcats!!!) Do it or be square man $10

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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Hold Steady drunk live review in Brooklyn

LIVE ROCK REVIEW: For being my first time seeing a show at Warsaw in Brooklyn and The Hold Steady it was pretty damn good time considering the low opinion of the venue on City Search. Their obscure location(definitely drive if you can), makes it a weird commute in and stay away from the food, although I didn't try, the people were friendly enough, not sure if that had to do with live nation or not but the sound was pretty damn good and the price was reasonable; and I have to say the polish bottled beer was pretty good. From the moment THS were ready to rock, and it was obvious the kids were there to have a blast and get-down or kicked out, the energy was a like a mist. I dug the music of the first opening band, the singer needs some work but she'll get there. The Constantines [mp3s from torture the garden], were groovy, musical and echo and the bunnymen-esque and better than some of their recorded material i've heard. They had this Talking Heads thing mixed with a bit of gang of four and were not afraid to get a little slow and dirgy, wah-wah out some guitar solos and keep some Who inspired rock fills in-between.

Once they were done, I scooted my self close enough to smell the Jameson from the stage and look into the eyes of the local stage hands, who were eagerly sizing up the audience and getting ready to pick-off the kids and throw them out. I think the singer was pretty much oblivious to this, enjoying himself a whole bunch, and guzzling budwesiers down faster than his twin city brethren from the punk days long gone he references. The past was a glossy glean as he stared into the future kids. A preacher-man, arms extended giving the kids the lessons from his dense storylines, crumpled brow, he said, and said, riff after riff. They certainly started out pretty sober and actually held it together as good as any first-half of a Guided by Voices set. The rock was steady, there was a bunch audience soccer hand-clapping participation, but I think this is what the kids are doing these days since there is no smoking anymore(clapping that is) as the drinking age is still applied, so they gotta do something with their energy and get down to the classic rock. The bouncing around was a refreshing thing to see actually, so if you can catch them while they are out this time around, it will be important for you to grab your bar stools you call friends and drag them away from their misery. These gentlemen are in 'tip-tap' shape and I can't see them being able to keep the drinking pace-up for too many years without some serious AA but I have the sense that the words and stories will be there for a long time to come; long after they've hung up their livers and kidneys and need for some enablement and you're still mumbling here comes a regular and I should have when... I was impressed, from my 10,000 foot Bukowski view, is the realness of this band. There is nothing faux about the hold steady, this is a real rock band once you get past the fact there is not much singing and more of the middle part like any decent ac/dc or Zep song.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Music podcasts that are ruling the earth

So on one visit to this past week I've found some really quality podcast shows and I am greatful to know where the bar is production wise:

  • a good day for airplay | feed - spining mostly power pop with some hot trax inbetween. +++

  • Not your usual bollocks | feed - rock and electronic music genres complete with English accent to make you feel cutting edge, in with the new wave. +++++
  • Radio Free Brooklyn | feed - "Their summary saysTwo guys from Brooklyn drink beer and play the best indie and unsigned music they can find" - which about sums it up. ++++

  • Sundays Away | feed - 52 songs over the course of year. A brave songwriting endeavor so check it out! ++
  • bands under the radar | feed The regular rules and filters apply here: unsigned indie artists, decent playlist gives it its edge. ++

Key: + = random needle drop quality control Rating systems are meaningless. Pay more attention to what were spinning and not what I'm saying - your good taste is the only thing that applies but thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Will the Men of Chavez ride the fader again?

As reported by pitchfork there are some live Chavez shows on the horizon. Nobody would confirm or deny new material eventhough I did get the word that there is actually some twiddling going on from a myspace pocket man insider. So hopefully some of the new noise will be spawned at the upcoming shows. Why else would you make a Men of Chavez website? Seems like an extreme amount of effort if new material is not in the works.

  • 12-02 Baltimore, MD - Ottobar

  • 12-09 Chicago, IL - TBA

  • 12-16 Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw

  • 12-30 San Francisco, CA - Slim's

Just playing the odds - dig a double hitter MP3 from Matador The Guard Attacks / Unreal Is Here [from the Better Days Will Haunt You reissue]

Also, don't forget to RSS or download the latest djspork podcast as featured here. Podcast Show #13 themed 'War all the time' slated for release on mischief night!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Trail of Dead So Divided from their Label?

...AYWKTBTTOD are musically a band under the terror of noise from Conrad Keely's head and I think the band are just getting better at interpreting music and taking it all to a different level much in the same way the Stones did in the 70's but this time for indie rock. Christ they've been keeping at for 10 years with no big hit but still manage to raise the proverbial bar to the point where indie snobs get noise bleeds and then break their neck after it was jammed in their ass (crude but fair- I know). I would be pretty bored if every record they made sounded what the early adopters discovered and then abandoned.

Trail of dead are yet another band in 'rebellion' and that is pretty much what they've have always been about (breaking live shit etc) so it is no surprise they leaked their album to stick it to the man. The conspirators may bring-up it up as something
more calculated by the band, label or management to create a buzz (ok i'm starting the rumor but see how easy brilliant marketing spin control can be?) But will they remember? Will the kids care 2 months from now? Granted, I was able to get most of record for free on various blogs, so please grab some free mp3 while you can: | Neiles life | I guess I'm floating

So Divided has secured it's spot in my top 11 for 2006 and if they could only remove some other undeserving crap from the airwaves we could say we've witnessed some justice.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Best music of 2006 in my top 11 list

Now that we're in Q4, it's time to look back and see what releases have secured their spots in my top 11 for 2006, so here it goes:

  • radiodread by Easy Star All-stars- which if you haven't the justice that prevails to the bands music, these dub-masters remake the classic ok computer as if it were their own. it is awesome
  • The outsider by DJ Shadow is quite the diverse mix from acoustic to blow your trunk open speaker bangin' rok the house. I have turn it down at stop lights
  • Just like the fambly cat by Grandaddy, ok so totally bummed this is the last one but looking forward to his 'solo' material efforts.
  • curses by rye coalition, ode to jersey metal you can't go wrong
  • At War With The Mystics by the Flaming Lips. Disguised anti-war songs and the regular fun art-rock associated with this modern day uplifting acid induced band.

The contenders: m ward, ben kweller, hold steady(haven't heard the whole thing yet) tons of discovered bootlegs from r bally that might require their own category and perhaps a singles list, which the will include th re-mastered "you faded" by Chavez; as the number one single from their upcoming box set Better Days Will Haunt You dvd/cd, as there is no indie guitar rock band that even comes close to the tones, textures, drumming, and massive 10 chord attacks. I think I played it like 10 times in a row today having lost the original pentagram ring ep to my college days at RU, and to think this track is just the b-side! We'll see what time allows but if you do anything and don't know anything about Chavez. Do your guitar loving ass a favor and pick it up 10/10 and crank-it. It was cutting edge in the 90's and yet the band still holds the bar way up there as far I am concerned and about 20 other snobs I know. If you know of any band that it reminds you of; I am all ears? Thanks.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cheap Trick in NJ Sept 16th

Now i'm not used to major shows happening right around the corner from my house, but it seems The Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders will present Music Fest ’06 on Saturday, September 16 in Cranford featuring Cheap Trick!(8:30) Mike Peters of The Alarm Is going to play the second set(2pm), w/ bunch of more expected performers like a beatles cover band Fab Faux and LaBamba’s Big Band with guest vocalist Southside Johnny.

On ther turn table is radiodread which OK Computer done by the Easy Star All-Stars. Highly recommended.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cover it with gas and light it on fire by ween

I am getting very excited for the PA ween show on Aug 31 with the Lips and sonic youth. To get me in the mood I've been digging into the archives over at's audio archive that has classic duo ween at The court tavern where they futz with cassettes inbetween songs, hassle their friends to bring them beers to stage while Kirk Miller their sound guy messes with the analog delay. I was always inspired by all the folks and rabid fans ween had that have been following them around since the days of fanzines and cassettes.

Some other ween related bands and cast of characters that have played a part in lives of ween are for starters: Amandla which is Claude Coleman;s band who also played in Skunk with Sweeney of Chavez fame. Chris Harford, is another awesome fellow with lots of great recordings with Mickey. Probably one of my favorite singer song writer types. Sim cain and Andrew Weiss(Rollins band/ Gone/ Greg Gin Band / Ween producer) have also done stints along with Coleman in Harford's Band of Changes. other goodness to seek out is False Front which is Guy’s or band Dickie Moist the singer in moistboyz.
Tiny lights and instant death a drums and bass duo were Dave Dreiwitz. Their classic 'The Enabler' as relived by ween with Dave singing is great.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Who the hell is Sebadoh?

I completely agree with Brandon Stosuy that "those stoner fucks created something essential" as he remembers the indie glory days with the re-release review of Sebadoh III over at pitchdork. Mr. White Bread (Brandon’s old self published zine) makes you want to relive the hey-day of indie-dome. He or Lou Barlow might not say it but they seem to speak of a certain time period that reminds me of the moment when you peeled apart his zine, Boiled Angel, Crank, or some other rag like Insight there in print was some band you’ve never heard of or some off the wall reference. You knew you found something real in some little dustbin of a shop, a nugget amongst the stax of wax and in the corner hidden like porn. In our case one of the congregrasion shops was Cheap Thrills(RIP), in New Brunswick for local rags, mail order or literally trading shit through the mail. Postage was somewhat cheaper and everything was new well sorta because we still remembered the 80's, or at least I did, and all the cool crap that it had to offer (sst, twin-tone, homestead ) and then we were presented with lo-fi. "Oh lordy" I was pretty dumbfounded to be honest at first, although I did quite thoroughly enjoy the Lync cassette Brandon passed over to me, icky mettle from Jim T and No Pocky for Kitty from my housemate rocker Ted. There was a charm to be had, music revealed itself much slower than it does today but like all cool things there was some hurtin' material out there, so like any good discerning shopper you will need to check it out for yourself. What makes music essential these days? Somebody please answer.
I know like all good music blog readers today, you relied on the guys who's only reason to start a fanzine was so they could get some free swag at first(my story) but told it like it was or it least they tried until somebody else convinced you otherwise. I remember having unhealthy amounts of Epitaph swag in my po box all the time that paid for a few six-packs over the course of a couple years. I usually dug all the Dischord stuff (in particular Fugazi on vinyl) and usually found a home for the empty records and a few other record peddlers. You had fun poking fun at the ones you didn't get but you didn't abuse your power for fear of literally getting into fight with some band because you slagged them.

Anyway, the true test of overly hyped bands is that if when you can spin it 6 month to 10 years later and if does not make you sick to your stomach that it is still fresh, it takes you on a time warp but for a moment. The Meadowlands get me a little queasy because I did overdose on it a little for awhile when it came out and it has past the test. Looking forward to the new one fellas!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The best bastard pop mp3 music blogs

Personally I look for variety from mp3 bloggers. They are my modern day djs and heroes. Their tastemaker agenda is usually pretty clear: They breath music on their sites through one another and like rapid fire they constantly feed off each other to produce some great content. For instance I read an awesome review of the Scratch documentary on I am Fuel, you are Friends and got 'Rock it' by Herbie Hancock, and The Ultimate Lessons 'tracks 1,2 & 3' by Double Dee & Steinski and then down the bottom I was reminded of The Whitey Album by Ciccone Youth(1988) which was Sonic Youth's inside joke project that was released after Day Dream Nation, which i just saw on the counter of Tunes in Hoboken just last week. She give props toYou Ain't no Picasso, for posting and then I spied a bunch of songs Beck has covered including 'Pink Moon' by Nick Drake and 'Clementine' by Elliot smith. He's seems to be out having fun at Lollapalooza in Chicago enjoying things the way us old music scenesters used to.

You get the idea. The rules are simple and road is deep and wide. If you see something you want removed they will oblige with obligatory purchase link; simple freakin enough rule to follow i would say. The new is always mixing with old and nowhere is this more evident than on this mash-up of the The Clash's 'magnificent seven' and basement jaxx by 2 Many djs(soulwax) posted by Analog Giant.

What is strange is the language of music is compiled of jargon and the 'next thing' as the kids just want to be different for sure PDB. We know we were once these kids. I was so out of the loop a little and I had no idea what a mash-up was until a friend at work gave me whole bunch of flaming lips mash-ups or 'Bastard pop'. Once the alignment was straightened out, I might not have been paying close attention, almost like drunk driving; if it weren't for the fact these blogs keep me somewhat in tune and on course fill the addiction. I of course being able to smell re-hash in 2-3 chords or less using my sonic ears I can dissect boring rock from somewhat innovative music as like my spanglish. I am an immediate fan of any new band that can pass the spork test, give a decent nod to old ideas and take "it" to that next level even if it is 1.5 degrees removed. Does real music need decades or centuries to take a large leap or will it matter soon? Someone smart said years ago that pop music would turn into coverland and so it is bastard pop is born.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Free Majestic Twelve mp3 swag

Ok, If you like that 'I'm on the Mexican radio' song by Wall of VooDoo mixed with your beer and politics then my dear friends you will dig North Carolina's Majestic Twelve's new album Schizophrenology
which they are distributing for freakin' free on my space and their site. The single is "Condoleezza Check My Posse" which is pretty funny in a puppet sort of way. My particular favorite standard indie track is called "Cry". All tunes have politics and a nod to the earth that makes the music personable. This Kenyata guy is somebody you could hang out with late at night and just kick-it. Oh, wait I've done that over at wefest a hundred times where DIY lives and your mother wonders what a we-tard is because you seem to have an average iq, 'you went to college, and you have a decent job but you won't blink at driving 500 miles to hang with a bunch of music loving freaks. Anyway, check out the tunes.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Addicted to Mp3 blogs

So, always wanting to pay my way but interested in what fine gems people like Heather from Fuel Friends and the Aquarium Drunkard are serving up. I now find myself digging into the realm of live bootlegs and well recorded shows. There are a few must haves over at GBV at the 40 Watt, a Jeff Tweedy 48 song set, Jesus and Mary Chain Live in Vienna and over at two sets by the Afghan Whigs, Fugazi, and Hot Snakes to name a few. The T3 server is a little slower than Bally's imac server but you will be happy. These guys have almost any sort of live band from The Smiths to The Cure in the alternative genre that is worth having. It's pretty incredible that people took such care to document some of these bands. So now you can just sit back and putt stuff in shuffle mode and the trip is on. No need to worry about never seen such and such band.

This has not replaced purchasing music of course, for instance, I picked up the new Thom Yorke at Tunes in Hoboken the other day and it is fantastic. It's pretty much in the vain of the Radiohead Kid A material. "Black Swan" us a stand out track because Yorke says fuck a lot in the refrains. This is mp3 blog thing is on some level satisfying my completist and budget needs when it is too damn hot to do any yard work, waste cash on crap i might not have checked out to othewise. So the Rock will always be on.

Once last thing as a fyi in the freebee music circuit. The recent issue of Mojo comes with a really good James Brown summer compilation cd featuring a bunch of Mr. Brown's influences, some classic tunes and some of the funk he contributed too. If can find any copy's I say go for it. last tidbit just in from the Pitchdorks for the complete indie rock fools, there is a Chavez re-issue in the horizon which will include one unreleased track(which is sad) and a 'documentary' of the band when they toured with Guided by Voices called Boys Making Music ...Music Making Men. They never got the large respect they deserved outside of nyc but i see it in my future to be stuck inside riding the fader once again. No noise yet on the matador site so must be some insider stuff. The Guitarist Clay Tarver went onto make his millions producing the Got Milk adverts and bassplayer Scott did some acting. Really was a shame they never did a third record. Their recent reunion shows these past few years were awesome.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Kung fu Prog Champions by Hiromi

If you like Jaco and some of the out there King Crimson you are going to dig the in-f-ing-credible keyboard playing of Hiromi from this live perfomance to what looks like a very polite Japanese audience. Granted there is some prog i detest. Like how many notes can i fit in beat type of stuff. This is musical, there is a bass solo, and she switches to piano mid-way, which is a cool move. Reminds me a in strange way of Drums & Tuba, without the sampling and funk and copious notes, because those fretless basses sound like a dobro.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Vegetable Man Syd Barrett dead @ 60

One of my favorite singles was a Jesus and Mary Chain 7" that had a Syd Barrett Cover on the b-side called "Vegetable Man". While the cause of death has not been disclosed, CMJ reports he was a type 2 diabetic. Famouse for downing unhuman amounts of acid and then quiting Pink Floyd when they broke and moved into his mum's house in Cambridge, there were tons of bands like the Flaming Lips, Johnny Mar and Bowie to name a few who credited him as an influence to their music and existance. Nevermind the Beatles, he was an innovators innovator for Rock Music as we know it. Music of the momemt has some mp3s and I guess I am Floating.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

//The Eraser | Thom Yorke \\ gives the mystery away

Ok, the bad thing about on the spot video podcast documentaries is that all the mystery is given away. Artist can come accross as boring and flat. So all artists should not think they can just start putting themselves on the small screen. On the other hand for folks who are pationate about music can see and hear the real answers in this dark moody piece. Truth vs fiction vs sad music industry hot air is the musical promotion playing field. What is great about Mr. Yorke's art is that his passion comes accross as 'from the real'. The precedent that is being set-up is quite astonishing. Grounded in fact, and a little editing, he reveals his impules for making music in this video cast series posted on his label's site Xl recordings. Once you get over the brit accents and are able to focus, the environmental commentary and humanity comes off as noble and plain good like John Lennon's notion of peace & love songs with title evidence like "Atoms for peace" . He's the musical Picasso of the century, next to the dada-pop-art of The Flamming Lips. Surely some faceted absolute scale could mapped but that would initially leave too many gaps. What is amazing to me is how subtle the human /SPIN\ can making a few notes be more interesting using the format or what reffered to as the Emergency Broadcast Channel System: There are two TY interview segments and 4 30 second song clips in this feed.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pitchfork Music Festival cd: free sweet sounds

Last month Emusic offered an anti-records sampler. This month to one up them there is a free sampler from the pitchdorks, and Damn it's pretty good. Granted some of the bands were obvious includes; but the ones I had no clue about are worth my download bandwidth. The best part is the free part, no need to go scowering their site, or any of my usual free mp3 haunts. Get the Pitchfork music 'samplete' while it is hot. Besides the obviouse selections: tapes n' tapes, art brut and ted leo; the unknowns struck as familiar chords and beyond my expectation of the usual pitchfork disapointments of late. They must have picked bands by penalty of death. Normally I am very disapointed on the bands they decide to "hype". They've been fired many countless times not just for their poor word choice but moreoever for their really bad taste. I am Diging the futureheads tracks, although sounds like big country, also like the hip-hop of Mr. Lif and the indie sounds of chin up chinup. Not bad. thanks!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Redhotchillipeppers vs The Raconteurs

Call it a comeback, the RHCP "Dani California" video on is pretty cliche but for a band that has been around as long as Flea and boys they can get away with it being that they've been a band since the 80's. The samhain misfits and glam section are funny while the nirvana part is pretty dark considering their relationship with the black tar, almost killing Keidis a number of times. See Scar Tissue.

The band backed by jack white, The Raconteurs, does steady as she goes,decent band, great fun for White but nothing special in the video, the song has the obvious chorus and would expect them to have taken some risks. The winner here deserves a full cd purchaseStadium Arcadium. i will though be happy if mr white doesn't go near the stuff.

Shout at the Devil posts

Part of my normal saturday routine is going to emusic but lately it's been agravating because so is the rest of working stiff world. So thanks internet mp3 devils for posting some great tunes on 6/6/06 and there abouts. Here are some mp3 blogs that really are going to help your commute. I guess I'm floating with six six six, the always reliable I am Fuel you are friends, can you see the sunset, and LA's RockInsider's post on the devil made me do it. thank you f'rs

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Music We-tards at Wefest

ok, I made it back in one piece from drinking lots of beer in various forms and hanging out with a bunch of dear wefesters. I even started a group for all wetards to post and contribute photos on flickr. Jim Testa wrote up a great summary on his website about the whole wetard thing, aviso'hara's extra-ordinary drummer Benny will live in infamy. Needless to say if you didn't go down for this jammed packed Memorial Day Weekend's all star festivities of sleep deprivation: you haven't lived. Your not a worthy musician or rockband, poet, music writer, dj, or pimp.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rye Coalition vs. Pretty Girls Make Graves

For this week double cd burn you should consider that both of these bands have invented and borrowed a new spin on themselves. While Rye has regressed to a teenage jersey metal fantasy with CURSES from their previous ACDC/jesuslizard pounding, PGMGs have done some forward experimenting and swizzled in some new instrumentation layers on their tracks. Now I don't know if mr grohl saw his opportunity to work with a jersey band and lead them down the studio road to put lots of cheesy grohlisms on the vocals and mindless solos. I had to keep checking my pod to see if it was Rye or Sebastian Bach. They should have gone with steve evetts from my pov. Evetts knows noise having produced some of best from deadguy to Sepultura but I digress. In all a brave record to make and it deserves a listen as it comits and stays strong all the way through. Stand-out tracks: "Pussyfootin'", "Young Yellers" and "Achille's Wheelchair" for sounding like Ozzy. Double pitchforks if you dig 80's metal.

Now as for √Član Vital by Pretty Girls make Graves, they are adding more cursesque guitar delay to fill the void, whistles and shakers. Is it neu metal or a bad set of tattoos? I for one could never decide on particular choices so why make one? If New Romance & Good Health are straight forward for them. This is their endhits, their redmedicine. The point where they should keep it going from the profunctory post hardcore to the other category yet to be pigeonholed in the bin. Standout tracks: "Pyrite Pedestal" and "The Number".

Thank you Gern Blandsten and Matador for making records that matter.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Real indie WeFest 2006

Oh, what a blast Wefest 2006 is going to be. No where on the planet will such like minded individuals gather for a dollar admission. No where on the planet will the spirit of DIY music live free like in Wilimington, NC over Memorial Day Weekend. If you are really into music this is for you. If you have any questions just call Kenyata the organizer and father of the real WeFest which he started in 1996. This music fest is about bands before they become houshold names. Wefest is like no other. Wefest does not invite corporations and detests everything the clear channel is. This fest gives out free swag until it is all gone. Wefest is about hanging out with individuals known as Johnny puke and drinking beer. Wefest is about making a journey once a year. This fest is a sleep deprivation experiment. Visit: the myspace page & get more info

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So you wan be a Rockstar?

If you are a talented singer and interested in participating in the new CBS "Rock Star" Series with:

Tommy Lee (drums)

gallop Clark (G & R)-Guitar

Jason nested (metallic)-Bass

Yes, this is the show that x-jane's addiction guitar player Dave Naverro hosts, aka the ultimate LA glam rocker, where a bunch of wanna-be's tried out for INXS. Some of them were pretty good singers and out of my league.
You need to do 2 things:
1. Go to download application and fill it out.

2. Send the application along with a tape/video/CD (or all 3-the more the better) to: Mark Burnett Productions 640 N. Sepulveda LA, CA 90049 Attn: Conrad Riggs (Producer) -Tell him you know his massage therapist to give your demo credability. This is not a joke.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Akron/Family will be near the nj water

The bearded Akron/Family slow folk earth jams are getting a decent buzz on tour, they are coming to Asbury Lanes April 8th, so all low-fi folkies be warned if you dig elliot smith, organs, and experimental wilco type stuff. Their recordings put on the layers with subtle waves of samples. Hopefully, some of the jersey shore air will give them some vitality and be able to live up to theirgreat review from the pitch dorks. Their label young god records has them on a long ass tour. Support them on emusic >> banner to the right.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

yeah yeah yeah Flaming lips video

Go find the yeah yeah yeah Flaming Lips video over at yahoo. Fantastic Lips cover of Bohemian Raphsody over at take your medicine live from SXSW. That is all for now other than you should check out DJ spork presents: show #8 Le rock Sheik rock show!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Darondo - for people who love to funk

Straight from Ubiquity records - The new-old sounding urban-funk-soul record of Darondo is simply, something to reckon with. Let My People Go has got elements of Al Green, Sam & Dave, and this early soul groove that normally sounds generic to me and done. This is the real deal. If you love "If you want me to stay" by p-Funk, and early James Brown, grab the first few tracks from emusic and put them in a mix along side the other greats and you are in like flin. If you dig the world urban-music thing you should also swing by on Wednesdays to Fuel friends. She posts this type of stuff about once a week -- plus a bunch of other treats and recently a hilarious Jeff Tweedy SF Amoeba record store story. For those on the East Coast who have only heard of Amoeba records think of it as a close 2nd to the Princeton Record Exchange snobbery experience, which for the most part 'wears' away once you realize they are only like that because (A)they care and (B) some have worked there forever. I do have a Amoeba-T so I actually have sympathy for most music store clerks and vowed never to do. It's much more fun to torture them and ask them stupid questions, but honesly having been shopping at these type of places for so long; I'm either friends with them or have learned to put the mask on and throw the attitude right back, it's only thing they respect. ~Your sociological music pimp.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

WFMU.ORG independent free form radio Marathon

Don't be a grumpy old fart. Pledge your devotion to wfmu now. They give you free entertainment all year round and you don't have to listen to a second of commercials. You almost won't ever hear anything twice. You get some stickers and a cool t-shirt for $45 if you pledge your love to these folks. If you drop larger cash the ante goes up. They do it for free and stream for free-- this marathon keeps the lights on. It is radio for the people and by people. Beware of their blog.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

incomplete nj punk band list

I know Jack Monohan of Brighton Bar infamy, Jack Rabid of The Big Takerover and Jim Testa of Jersey Beat could probably write the enclopedia of NJ/Hardcore/punnk bands from the 80's. The wiki early N.J. hardcore list is decent, which currently includes one of my faves D.U.H., which i have the cassette of and I'll burn some classic cuts so I can play on the DJ Spork presents: show. The list discludes a bunch but includes some of Monahan's(estimated age 54) shorecore scene bands. Like Fatal rage fromMutha records, The Heat blast Kids, and every other damn kid on the block. I was in a couple of those central jersey ones (Psychic Fair & The Leisure Set) that hosted Monahan's band at the First Unitarian Church of Plainfield. Dumb kids who just distributed tapes like everybody else to our friends. I posted some mp3s in my discography archive. But do not fret, as all good worldly punkers know you can always tune in Thursdays to Pat Duncan's punk show on wfmu to get fresh taste of what seems like yesterday.

Friday, February 24, 2006

your new band video

"There are just too many things to say about this video. I really think that this band will be the turn-key in some huge shift in popular music culture. Like what the bee gee's or grunge did. Fantastic!" No Women, Children or Indians were harmed during the filming of this rock video.

In other rock news: The boognish is making it on the wagon asWeen announces some shows in the south east. DJ Spork presents: has just posted his longest podcast ever with the follow up of Jersey's Best Dancers II. [ download it now ]

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Attack of the Mariachi bands!

My brother and his wife had a Mariachi band perform at their wedding in Vermont in 2004, eventhough they were 3 hours late, and literally fell out of the van to perform, they were great. They knew all the clasic Mexican songs like Cucurukukoo Paloma and my dad asked them to play few others. This recent sploid post called Death of the Mariachi's is pretty good and really shows how latino america or Americanos are becoming part of our society but certainly with out an ongoing culture clash. The tartget of course is a racist post on aol. Get a fuckin'life estupido minister of non-culture I am pretty insulted, this music is rich, and about revolutions, land, and love and if you fight that you have nothing.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Joy division and Elliot Smith vs. The Brian Jonestown Massacre

There is some fairly dark and mysterious intrigue about Joy Division, and the mystique surrounding the band and the brilliant-but-doomed singer Ian Curtis, who committed suicide in 1980 on the eve of the bands first American tour that have influenced many a band, and to learn that a documentary film called Control is in the works is pretty cool and very long overdue. Like most docs though I hope it continues the mystery, as they sometimes are too revealing in some cases and ruin that "coax" (thing in Spanish), that I don't know that makes the audio experience special. Sure the press helps perpetuate the myth as that is their job. In another morbid sense though it's cool to see tribute records like To: Elliott, From: Portland released, with all your favorite drunken-dark-junkie hits, like needle in the hay by Eric Mathews, and The December do justice to "clement", so it is a matter of time before somebody will do a doc on elites mysterious self-stabbing. So much tragedy in brilliant rock music for instance the mentally unstable, who live on the edge of sanity, like Anton Newcombe's world known as the Brian Jonestown Massacre there is a documentary that will draw you into his post modern music, featuring the Dandy Warhols in a film called DIG!(fyi currently on demand, so you already paying for it). But since you're all hip 60s revivalist you probably knew all this already but if not, be prepared this dude is manic. As per usual do yourself justice, drop a tab and sample some from emusic, I personally would start with tracks from Take it from the Man!, pluck a couple tunes pointed out by the AMG folks and you won't be disappointed. If you're not a emusic member click the logo to your right so i get some credit. Thanks.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

And the 2005 Critics said: The New Pornographers

Tris Mccall's critics 2005 poll came in a week ago, nice to see that people agreed with some of my choices. For a couple giggles and barried present social comentaty his misc category is a nice slice of 2005. In celebration of Indie Jersey celebrating and voting for something somewhat meaningful, I squeezed out a music podcast dedicated to NJ in January, DJ Spork Presents: Show #5 Jersey's Best Dancers. Download it or subscribe.

Friday, January 27, 2006

grandaddy endscape

big bummer reported about the famous modesto band via cmj & NME known as grandaddy. Fans saw it in the lyrics, and i suppose they had to keep a front to secure funds from their label for awhile, shame they that don't have the energy for the farewell tour. Grandaddy would have cleaned-up had they toured on the new record slated for release in May. I smell a solo career for jason Lyttle.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shake your fist: great 90's post

On a google search for the Archers Of Loaf and the realization that my copy of icky mettle(cassette review copy -eh-hem for jersey beat eons ago), has been long gone for quite some time, I landed on this Chicago hipsters mp3 blog called Shake your fist, his snap-shot of some tracks from a lounge ax benefit cd is a nice little find; including The Apples in Stereo, and a Helium track. His top 2005 list is here and of course some mp3s for evaluation. In general I found a lot bands who's bloggin' buzz peaked my interest, including some newish band called tapes n tapes, whose sound is reminiscent to early pixie meanderings, where there is some guy yapping behind the core of a simple song. One school of my demented pov are transitions: for the best songs should stand on their own via a guitar and melody first, expand with a jam, minor studio layers, and then there is the live execution. An example of this transition theory are in these live Archers of loaf tracks. Where they conciously took lots of risks from the first steps and kept to their guns. For some reason the progress of aol, SY and polvo are hard to find in all this retro lo-fi-rock. 3 steps forward and 2 steps back I suppose is in motion.

Friday, January 13, 2006

new BUilt to SpILL out in april: you in reverse

After 5 years of god know what happens in iowa, this spring comes a new record by built to spill called you in reverse. A single is posted on myspace, "going against your mind", very jammy, very spacey, everthing you love about Martsch and co, undiscript yet collaborative sounding and distinct. Don't forget to get your new dj spork on podcast free music download and RSS featuring: art brut, wesly willis, the hold steady and other indie rockers.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Got pod? Need music?: Get DJ Spork's new indie music cast

Self promotion is damn-easy. Please enjoy the latest and first DJ Spork presents podcast of 2006. [RSS] recorded in glorious analog and then digitized for your podlovin' pleasure. The DJ spork persona digs around the archives and top 50 lists of 2005 and spins some rock music.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Emusic best of 2005 list: browsing new record

Now, sure I prod and poke the PFM dorks for having a mixed-inclusive 2005, as think top 10-100 list should be categorized appropriatly because, as emusic's owner Michael Azerrad (MA) points out there is never bad in year music and some of good stuff never trickles up to main stream public. The number one album, as written by MA, is this Afrian release congotronics by Konono No.1 and you know what it's pretty cool,o, It sound like it is made from the earth and run on car batteries which indeed when they need aplification it is. Although, it is clear that MA has an agenda to promote independent artist they sell, no problem with thatthankfully and you sure as hell ain't gonna find any bad pop-music on their site, so that filter is gone, and their prices are more than reasonable, well enough said. I took the first congotronic track and then another and the stuff is mezmerising. I am probably have A-D-D but the navigation and writing on the site will satisfy any music addict. Their 2005 list will keep me busy for awhile. I am not one to download a whole record and blow my 40 track wad, i am impulsive and usually will have to remember to back-track to complete a collection of songs, for instance this congotronics record. Emusic, has also included their member poll (methodology, an album receiving a first place vote was given five points, a second place vote four points and so on), which hits some of the obvious choices and some interesting ones as well, I took a sampling and some risks on The National release Alligator @ #6, which has this baritoney alt-country thing but start with atrack called "all the wine" has the safe cool guitar hooks, next up at #7 is Josh Rousch, a singer-songwriter type that i think move to spain but not before leaving his 5th record Nashville, it decent alt-country slide guitar, sounds like P. Westerburg a little so if that hits your cool meter dig "It's the Nightime. Another reach-back to sexpistol-sarcastic brit-punk is Art Brut's debut Bang Bang Rock & Roll" @ #16, the lyrics are dumb and literal which at its core has the heart of discovery to quote "my little brother just discovered rock and roll"; Bloc Party is polished in comparison for you new rockers or old-guys who dug The Fall. Same shit different decade -amen.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Are you in the Louvre? Derek Hess interview

I have a basement of poster art but no Derek Hess work to speak of. I did play in a band that he made a poster for, really the headliner was Don Caballero, and I wasn't in the band Bubblegum Thunder yet, but I digress. Mr. Hess's interview on the cmj site is pretty good. Hard to believe this chicken wing chopping poster art guy has something in the damn Louvre but it's true, there is taste out there. Eventhough, it is in France. Today's nitty gritty free mp3 single download recommendation can be had from Matador Records via the band Early Man with a track called "death is the answer" -has this black sabbath thing going on. Don't forget to catch the djspork podcast wave. The RSS 2006 indie rock playlists is in the works. If you got new material you want reviewed or played contact me and send it my way.ok, thanks rockon.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 pop-music poll

Ok, so never say that the secret world of music addicts and obnoxious tastemakers don't invite you to put in your two cents. Rock your vote on Tris Mccall's 2005 critics poll and be a part of the people's history of pop-music. I for one can't believe that the pitch dork staff made such a pure rock record like Gimme fiction by Spoon number 43. Granted they get thousand of more swag and usually error on coolness and obscurity for their choice of round-up. Although, they did remind of Franz Ferdinand record, at number 30 You Could Have It So Much Better should have been in any reasonable, not forgetful, persons top 10 cd list that i actually bought list and totally liked. I am/was surprised that they mixed urban/hip/hop in their top 50 list, eventhough Ryan Schrieber's worst of 2005 list was too insider for me to give a crap about and his problems related to having too much bandwidth to come-up with such a lame list. Really spare us next time. Rip a good record like the good ole'days when Brenden Reid used to write.