Saturday, March 04, 2006

incomplete nj punk band list

I know Jack Monohan of Brighton Bar infamy, Jack Rabid of The Big Takerover and Jim Testa of Jersey Beat could probably write the enclopedia of NJ/Hardcore/punnk bands from the 80's. The wiki early N.J. hardcore list is decent, which currently includes one of my faves D.U.H., which i have the cassette of and I'll burn some classic cuts so I can play on the DJ Spork presents: show. The list discludes a bunch but includes some of Monahan's(estimated age 54) shorecore scene bands. Like Fatal rage fromMutha records, The Heat blast Kids, and every other damn kid on the block. I was in a couple of those central jersey ones (Psychic Fair & The Leisure Set) that hosted Monahan's band at the First Unitarian Church of Plainfield. Dumb kids who just distributed tapes like everybody else to our friends. I posted some mp3s in my discography archive. But do not fret, as all good worldly punkers know you can always tune in Thursdays to Pat Duncan's punk show on wfmu to get fresh taste of what seems like yesterday.

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