Monday, December 21, 2009

Great unheard Christmas songs

So i got lazy this year and plain old overworking. However you want to look at it but my friend Matt put his Christmas Playlist together. Actually he has been working on The Great Unheard covers project for many years. Check out the awesome covers by all the sorts of folks for music lovers. He sure did save me a lot of work so welcome him on the launching of his new mp3 site. glad I can check make killer Xmas playlist cd off my list. Good job Matt!

I can't believe another year's gone o'well...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Save the Court Tavern from their ungodly taxes

Open letter from Eileen Albert

Once again I am in the position of writing an extremely difficult letter. We have 24 hours to raise $20,000 or we may be forced to close. I know that times are tough and it is the holiday season but it's not impossible, 4 people to lend us $5,000 ea. - 10 people/$2000 ea. - 20 people/$1,000ea - 40 people/$500 ... See Moreea. and so forth. Here's why: We owe @ $26,000 in back property tax and water and sewer to the city of New Brunswick. A friend of ours knew we needed help and offered it based on the fact that he was selling his house and asked how much we needed. Bobby told him $20,000 or so. He said he could help us out provided his closing went through on Friday, which it did. Today he came in with $5,000, apparently all he could do. Bobby was under the impression that he could lend us the bulk of it. Now we are really screwed. We must pay the entire amount by 4:00 tomorrow ( Tues. 12/15 ) or it will go to tax sale. If it goes to tax sale the mortgage company will start foreclosure proceedings. Commercial mortgages are different that residential and the only way to stop it would be to file bankruptcy. The bankruptcy court will take over the business and liquidate it. The end of the Court Tavern. Bobby and I and Cassius have sacrificed so much of our family time and money over the years just trying to stay afloat. Everytime we are ready to throw in the towel , someone will come along and tell them how much the Court means to them so we keep on going. Tony Shanahan is in the process of organizing a benefit concert for us at the state theater in March. We thought we had it covered, borrow the money from our friend, pay the taxes, in March pay him back and have some extra cash to get caught up on some other stuff. Not going to happen. If you can help at all please call my cell phone at 732-887-1612 ASAP. All loans will be repaid in March with interest. We only have 24 hours. You can also text me if it's late tonight although I don't know how I'll sleep.
Eileen Albert"

IF 200 people give $100 dollars this should do it. Come on WFMU people.

If you know anyone in a financial position to help save the Court, PLEASE pass this along to them! The Court could go under....TODAY!

Visit the Court's FB page to find out more:
Or call or text Eileen directly: 732-887-1612
Or call The Court: 732-545-7265

UPDATE: 12.15.09pm
SO the Benefit is on for March. Looks like somebody walked into the bar and gave them 20k. Good to have friends, family and fans -- oh and money. The Court Tavern is safe for now.

The saga will continue.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Hub City Cruel But Fair the show

Well the first show in support of Stuart Wexler's ambitious documentary on the 90's New Brunswick Music scene was a huge success. I never saw so many gadgets and die-hard fans all in once place. The "Scene within the scene" to quote Bryan Bruden the old Mad Daddy's manager. Was really awesome to see so many oldish faces in one place and sad that I could not talk to everybody. Hadn't seen some of these characters in 5-8 years or so and glad to most are still alive.

So what does this all mean? Who cares right? it was so 90's ago? Well first off the music was vibrant like the first time you self discovered. All the colors were represented and none sounded like the other. For quick view go ahead and download or listen to DJSPORK SHOW #29 No Frills Rock podcast. I play a few select tracks mixed in with current talent out there. it's all about the rock.
Cruel But Fair movie page on Facebook or on YouTube.
NEXT SHOW: Sat 12.126.09 Court Tavern w/ Horsey, 3 to 6 inches, Prosolar Mechanics, Buzzkill and The Stuntcocks.