Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving Music from Arlo Guthrie, Wilco and true love

I always think about a few things during thanks giving. One of them is obviously Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant. Try snagging a mp3 to annoy your co-workers here and from time has told me. i also think about the song true love will find you in the end, there are some free versions of said song by Jad fair/Kramer, Daniel Johnston, Wilco, Beck and Spiritualized from the product shop blog. The third thing is Egg Nog.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Psychic Fair - Psychotic Reactions FREEBIE album from the punk archives

Before the un-official Westfield Highschool 87 reunion (showing my age here badly) Headphone Music recordings has posted a bunch of Free MP3 you can download off a double album for one of its early bands Psychic Fair on called Mo'Wine and Psychotic Reactions, which includes studio tracks recorded in the New Hope area in some backwoods 16 track and live tracks from shows at the First Unitarian Church of Plainfield. If you are the type that loves raw punk with a little polish towards the Decendents, weirdos, bauhous guitars and what would be political nods to saying no to drugs (Viva! Nancy Reagan!) or references to NJ with a tracked called "Cancer Alley". Then you should quite enjoy this released cassette only release on mp3.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Review: Black Francis Bluefinger here to comfort your anxiety

Call it alternative roots rock, call it heart, call it a lack of confidence, call it whatever but Frank Black is back on/in his game once haunted by The Pixies. Sure his stolen telecasters are lost to thieves or aliens but you can't steal the heart that was put into this record. Bluefinger is easily in this years top ten. Part of what makes it secretly edgey is the FEM back-up singing by Violet Clark which adds that little bit of special honey.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Greatest American band? WTF are they thinking?

FOX marketing Dollar signs is the Answer to TV's latest reality show. I have a new found respect of the many ways the judges(John Rzeznick from the goo goo dolls, Sheila E and Dickie) on the Greatest American band show are saying you suck to bands but you should keep trying. My first beef, after the first round which was mildly entertaining with the dude playing bass with his toe, and then it all started to unravel and be so base (SIMPLE) in their choices it's almost laughable. I am glad Hatch is gone they were terrible and I wish the singer from Rocket would learn to catch her breath singing, Dickie gave her some good advise, regarding some of the best punks can't sing worth a crap (AKA joe strummer) but their delivery is what sold them. The kid band is arguably the real deal although cliche in every aspect of what is Metal, in fact all of bands are a return to the same old genres its almost emabarrasing there is nothing truly original. i suppose that has always been general problem with things that make it to television. The train wreck though is the way the backlash that johnny rzeznick is getting. The boos are hilarious but to be true you can't like everybody and these bands are no exception he just says what he hears. The mop heads Tre Bien! are my faves song wise and they sound exactly like the yardbyrds and the strokes but with more retro chops than the later. Not original in the whee bit but alas; Dot dot dot just urks the crap out me, and hooks are so thin it makes you wonder wha else they got. The band is good though. I hate to say it but there should almost be two shows. One for the Alt country/blue grass bands and one for the rock experiments gone bad. Lets Discuss and i'll keep watching from a distance on dvr. good luck to tres bien and the Clark brothers