Thursday, June 30, 2005

fishing for music

Today's google cast unveiled MP3's of the week: Musical 'mistakes' / scoldings has a bunch of outakes of some happy accidents that were left in during the mix. Of note is the archers of loaf when the drummer hits his noes. Funny stuff. These aren't the full tunes but was ok. You could make a whole set-list of this stuff. Which could prove to be very annoying. I do like listening to live bootlegs for this very reason though even more. I like that you can get a sense of bands live energy, recording translation and live crowd chemistry. A recent show I downloaded(because I was there) was a wrens show from last year at Maxwells when all of a sudden they had a crowd and they were coping w/ the fact they didn't have to clap for themselves anymore and their jersey pride. Some of the other notable bootlegs I have somewhere in my archives are: firehose, melvins, mule, superchunk, helmet and ween off the top of my head. Gotta love that rockn roll. Some of these shows are on video to boot. Some other repositories: Music of Elliot smith and is for tapers who trade cdrs. Somebody hip me to the most recent peer to peer please as the courts duke it out with Mark Gorton of Limewire.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Rock Boat vs The Flaming Lips

If I were to take a vacation on boat with a bunch of rock fans. First I would have to see what the destination was and then what the entertainment was going to be like. Usually opting for hanging out in the bar with a good ol jukebox. But since there are choices onThe Rock Boat VI the band I would remotely even be insterested in seeing would be better than ezra but If had to pick one I would go with the Flamming Lips on xingolati cruise. Now here is a show. Hanging out with their supporting cast of Large bunnies, golden people and fearless freaks would be a worth the ticket in itself and save me a trip to Oklahoma and probably would exausting but cool, if you reserve now before July 1st you can get a discount with code "thelips". Also on the lip cruise is G. Love and Special Sauce, Medeski Martin and Wood, John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic and The Mutaytor. Got any mushrooms? Go to their video section as you might not even need it. I know it does not take me much to get a flash back going...

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

superdrag google Music Hack

If you are dead broke and want some new music put this snip ["-inurl:htm -inurl:html intitle:"index of" "Last modified" mp3"] of code [between the brackers] in the window and start seeing what you find: today's search yielded: plenty o' classic rock, some live Super Drag, where i got them doing a version of 'Motor Away' & 'Bastards of Young' both great tunes, that my band the slow wire has covered. If i have to tell you who those songs are by you should really click away right now or if not do some research. You will be doing your Ipod a favor.

Another weird yield were these mtv vj clips try-out, in dutch i think, somebody please clarify, it's almost as if the sync was completely off and suddenly forgot how to speak comrehend English.

Pernice Brothers Discover A Lovelier You

There are several slices of life when some of your favorite music makers likePernice Brothers start to either sound similar or borrow from each other. Tastes change, music recording trickery evolves but the core evidence is all the same. If the songs are great is all that matters to us guitar junkies. The smooth part of PB reminds me why I like Startflyer 59, conversely SF59 reminds why I like PB song writing and both of these bands are appreciated because of other guitar heroes like Johnny Marr and the ethereal vocal reverb presence of the railway children, bunnymen, etc. Highlight are the title track 'Discover A Lovelier You', 'Saddest Quo' for the tremelo, and 'dumb it down'. Your best bet to discover this music on the cheap is, although their Indie selection is not as wide, their Jazz and other categories go very deep and eclectic.

Monday, June 27, 2005

SHINOLA VOL. 1 deemed too brown

Ween fans know when something is too brown, dark or of having lack of taste and that was probably rejected for their commercial "use" is going to full of music to annoy your co-workers by. Shinola Vol.1 reportedly has 12 songs and you can be pre-ordered from They are keeping the track listing a secret. So you just need to keep the faith because the bassmaster Mr. Andrew Weiss has put this collection together. No new brown jems but i'm sure the boognish vibe is all over it. Aaron and Mickey are writing and recording new songs. Which is awesome. No tour dates but there should be spotted show for us lucky NJ/NY/PA kids. They have had some personal hits in the last few years, with Claude Coleman jr's car accident, Kirk Miller their long time soundman leaving their ranks, and another members fight with the touring afliction.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Radio KRUD: Killer Cuts

Anthony Volodkin has hipped me to a gamer album from radio krud. Now, I gave up gaming right around 96', having finished all of the Blizzard games ( Diablo burnt me out) so this might be where you remember; as surely I don't. Check out Radio KRUD: Killer Cuts which you can stream right from his sitehype-non-standard. Yes it is 'strangely entertaining': mostly instrumental prog-rock march soundtracks, with 80's coy metal killing joke gothic type riffs, others are clearly rave inspired - happy mondays type stuff. Ideal for zoning out when you're deep in the code so rip it before it is gone. Weirdly at some point though some of the more intricate music reminds me of the French band Magma that was created by drummer Christian Vander; but only for a umberto ecco moment. The world of magma is truly some far out prog-rock from another planet --literally.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

embrace UK single "out of nothing"

This weeks freebie from itunes, is better than most by this UK band called Embrace which has a radio-esque/coldplay sense who apparantly have been around for awhile. The ballad "out of nothing" is charming and to the point and not a waste of your bandwidth time, in particular since it is free. The song slides in with the big rock guitars and is backed by some piano. Although some hardcore fans will not confuse them for ian mckaye's first band called Embrace, we still give the single a 5.9, and will let the originals duke it out in litigation but I doubt it since it's been awhile... But it does bring up an interesting point. At some point in this next lifetime the kids are going to run out of band names, especially those that will need to be mass marketed. How do you recylce creativity? "Never mind whats been selling, it's what your buying" ~ blueprint by fugazi

aviso: fan fair is as inspiring as bad press

I can't say enough great things about the few local NJ scene people out there who go out of their way to propogate the aviso hara myth, some are very bad and obviuosly had issue with our music and I hope they are converted eventually by the believers who do write up articles titled: "Aviso'Hara Reforms, Returns and Rekicks ASS". Compared to Ryan Schrieber's much respected zine PF, where reviewers are allowed to run off the mouth and not fear any consequences from their actions. Sure I cherish a good swipe but six paragraphs? It's easier to be negative when writing music reviews. I certainly feel Mr. Schrieber owes us another swing, the pitch fork slander has been haunting us. No, we're not angry at all and you think we would be over it by now but I believe, like the wrens, we deserves some respect not because we're from jersey and jersey is cool(for a moment), nor nostalgia sake, but because Aviso' tries to do something slightly different and this other jackass(Mr.Reid) over at PF decided to take a piss on something we worked very hard to create and it still gets our goat. New Aviso'Hara material is coming your way soon. I promise as best I can and then we will see what happens.

Monday, June 20, 2005

slave driving "alternative" music execs

Ok, so sure a cd costs .25 cents to manufacture these days and depending on the label thousands of dollars to promote, with a good song the label can stand to make a large profit margin with only selling 20,000 units. But how much do you think they might be willing to pay for a paid internship. i don't care if you're punk. I found this post today on craigs list for some mid-town based label wanting to pay a "intern" $100 a week plus transport Boasting $476.00 a month!. This is criminal and so way below the poverty line, this executive needs to get his head checked. The money is almost an insult. What are people thinking? There was this posting The Interns' Guide: Low-Cost Live Music but damn, at least respectable slavery comes with housing.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

tv on the radio vs radiohead vs The New Year

Always a spetic for seemingly overly computerized songs. I always wonder if the "mix" translates to the live thing. Radiohead does it hands down, they drag all their weird shit on stage and rock it. However, when it comes to minimalistic songs like "dreams" by tv on the radio a featured band on epitonic, the questions always comes-up in the back of my head, not that I've ever seen them... but that is where some bands are going, and I should go. I really do dig this particular song, better than other stuff i rememeber hearing, that or it grew on me like a good songs should sometimes, but perhaps I should engage them in a debate with an interview first. Songs like "chiness handcuffs" by The New Year are minimal and sounds like a band to me straight up. The vent is over.

The slow death of tape

I enjoyed this post so much from from weblogincs digital music blog I had to comment. Yes, things are easier today and part of the world still purchases casettes and even messes around with the archaic format but damn there are so many new mays to manage music that it can drive you a little bonkers. I said it before in my analog living blog, that this here digital on the move era is exausting.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Tralala all fired up vs the dj

Available for the next month from the pitch dorks, is this band that sounds just like their name: Tralala doing a tune called "all fired up" from audika records. Over and over the verse/chorus goes and cliche lyrics repeat but if i heard 10 of these fem led songs with the same energy I would be a huge fan for sure in a cherry blosom clinic sort of way. The organ in the background, and meet you at the burger hop, will make all 50's revivalist happy for sure. I was trying to download the new DJ/rupture tune "Low Income Tomorrowland" but allas that link is conjested probably due to the 4.5 star rating!(fyi they used to do 1-10 rating but have editorialized themselves somewhat) Note: the dj negrophonic site does have a couple mp3 sets worth streaming by DJ /rupture: gold teeth thief.