Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Rock Boat vs The Flaming Lips

If I were to take a vacation on boat with a bunch of rock fans. First I would have to see what the destination was and then what the entertainment was going to be like. Usually opting for hanging out in the bar with a good ol jukebox. But since there are choices onThe Rock Boat VI the band I would remotely even be insterested in seeing would be better than ezra but If had to pick one I would go with the Flamming Lips on xingolati cruise. Now here is a show. Hanging out with their supporting cast of Large bunnies, golden people and fearless freaks would be a worth the ticket in itself and save me a trip to Oklahoma and probably would exausting but cool, if you reserve now before July 1st you can get a discount with code "thelips". Also on the lip cruise is G. Love and Special Sauce, Medeski Martin and Wood, John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic and The Mutaytor. Got any mushrooms? Go to their video section as you might not even need it. I know it does not take me much to get a flash back going...

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