Monday, June 20, 2005

slave driving "alternative" music execs

Ok, so sure a cd costs .25 cents to manufacture these days and depending on the label thousands of dollars to promote, with a good song the label can stand to make a large profit margin with only selling 20,000 units. But how much do you think they might be willing to pay for a paid internship. i don't care if you're punk. I found this post today on craigs list for some mid-town based label wanting to pay a "intern" $100 a week plus transport Boasting $476.00 a month!. This is criminal and so way below the poverty line, this executive needs to get his head checked. The money is almost an insult. What are people thinking? There was this posting The Interns' Guide: Low-Cost Live Music but damn, at least respectable slavery comes with housing.

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