Tuesday, June 21, 2005

aviso: fan fair is as inspiring as bad press

I can't say enough great things about the few local NJ scene people out there who go out of their way to propogate the aviso hara myth, some are very bad and obviuosly had issue with our music and I hope they are converted eventually by the believers who do write up articles titled: "Aviso'Hara Reforms, Returns and Rekicks ASS". Compared to Ryan Schrieber's much respected zine PF, where reviewers are allowed to run off the mouth and not fear any consequences from their actions. Sure I cherish a good swipe but six paragraphs? It's easier to be negative when writing music reviews. I certainly feel Mr. Schrieber owes us another swing, the pitch fork slander has been haunting us. No, we're not angry at all and you think we would be over it by now but I believe, like the wrens, we deserves some respect not because we're from jersey and jersey is cool(for a moment), nor nostalgia sake, but because Aviso' tries to do something slightly different and this other jackass(Mr.Reid) over at PF decided to take a piss on something we worked very hard to create and it still gets our goat. New Aviso'Hara material is coming your way soon. I promise as best I can and then we will see what happens.

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