Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Radio KRUD: Killer Cuts

Anthony Volodkin has hipped me to a gamer album from radio krud. Now, I gave up gaming right around 96', having finished all of the Blizzard games ( Diablo burnt me out) so this might be where you remember; as surely I don't. Check out Radio KRUD: Killer Cuts which you can stream right from his sitehype-non-standard. Yes it is 'strangely entertaining': mostly instrumental prog-rock march soundtracks, with 80's coy metal killing joke gothic type riffs, others are clearly rave inspired - happy mondays type stuff. Ideal for zoning out when you're deep in the code so rip it before it is gone. Weirdly at some point though some of the more intricate music reminds me of the French band Magma that was created by drummer Christian Vander; but only for a umberto ecco moment. The world of magma is truly some far out prog-rock from another planet --literally.

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