Saturday, June 18, 2005

tv on the radio vs radiohead vs The New Year

Always a spetic for seemingly overly computerized songs. I always wonder if the "mix" translates to the live thing. Radiohead does it hands down, they drag all their weird shit on stage and rock it. However, when it comes to minimalistic songs like "dreams" by tv on the radio a featured band on epitonic, the questions always comes-up in the back of my head, not that I've ever seen them... but that is where some bands are going, and I should go. I really do dig this particular song, better than other stuff i rememeber hearing, that or it grew on me like a good songs should sometimes, but perhaps I should engage them in a debate with an interview first. Songs like "chiness handcuffs" by The New Year are minimal and sounds like a band to me straight up. The vent is over.

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