Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pernice Brothers Discover A Lovelier You

There are several slices of life when some of your favorite music makers likePernice Brothers start to either sound similar or borrow from each other. Tastes change, music recording trickery evolves but the core evidence is all the same. If the songs are great is all that matters to us guitar junkies. The smooth part of PB reminds me why I like Startflyer 59, conversely SF59 reminds why I like PB song writing and both of these bands are appreciated because of other guitar heroes like Johnny Marr and the ethereal vocal reverb presence of the railway children, bunnymen, etc. Highlight are the title track 'Discover A Lovelier You', 'Saddest Quo' for the tremelo, and 'dumb it down'. Your best bet to discover this music on the cheap is emusic.com, although their Indie selection is not as wide, their Jazz and other categories go very deep and eclectic.

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