Tuesday, June 21, 2005

embrace UK single "out of nothing"

This weeks freebie from itunes, is better than most by this UK band called Embrace which has a radio-esque/coldplay sense who apparantly have been around for awhile. The ballad "out of nothing" is charming and to the point and not a waste of your bandwidth time, in particular since it is free. The song slides in with the big rock guitars and is backed by some piano. Although some hardcore fans will not confuse them for ian mckaye's first band called Embrace, we still give the single a 5.9, and will let the originals duke it out in litigation but I doubt it since it's been awhile... But it does bring up an interesting point. At some point in this next lifetime the kids are going to run out of band names, especially those that will need to be mass marketed. How do you recylce creativity? "Never mind whats been selling, it's what your buying" ~ blueprint by fugazi

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