Friday, June 17, 2005

Tralala all fired up vs the dj

Available for the next month from the pitch dorks, is this band that sounds just like their name: Tralala doing a tune called "all fired up" from audika records. Over and over the verse/chorus goes and cliche lyrics repeat but if i heard 10 of these fem led songs with the same energy I would be a huge fan for sure in a cherry blosom clinic sort of way. The organ in the background, and meet you at the burger hop, will make all 50's revivalist happy for sure. I was trying to download the new DJ/rupture tune "Low Income Tomorrowland" but allas that link is conjested probably due to the 4.5 star rating!(fyi they used to do 1-10 rating but have editorialized themselves somewhat) Note: the dj negrophonic site does have a couple mp3 sets worth streaming by DJ /rupture: gold teeth thief.

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