Monday, June 27, 2005

SHINOLA VOL. 1 deemed too brown

Ween fans know when something is too brown, dark or of having lack of taste and that was probably rejected for their commercial "use" is going to full of music to annoy your co-workers by. Shinola Vol.1 reportedly has 12 songs and you can be pre-ordered from They are keeping the track listing a secret. So you just need to keep the faith because the bassmaster Mr. Andrew Weiss has put this collection together. No new brown jems but i'm sure the boognish vibe is all over it. Aaron and Mickey are writing and recording new songs. Which is awesome. No tour dates but there should be spotted show for us lucky NJ/NY/PA kids. They have had some personal hits in the last few years, with Claude Coleman jr's car accident, Kirk Miller their long time soundman leaving their ranks, and another members fight with the touring afliction.

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