Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. Thumb Flowers are not Evil

Based out of New Brunswick, NJ in the early 90's there was prog funk alternative rock metalish band called Mr. Thumb. The group had two singers and a running gaggle of drummers. Above is the cover for a 3 song ep called "This time it's gonna fuckin' Hurt" on Hub city label Well Primed Records. The track we are featuring in this post was supposed to appear on a follow-up 7" and self titled album on Behemoth Records but it never was released due to financial issues at the time(isn't this always the case?). The band recorded its full length at Trax East in South River New jersey with Eric Rachel and Steve Evetts. Drumming on said record was Dave Rosenberg (AKA Dave Crayola from Deadguy). The original singer Karl Munzel only appears on the Well Primed released. For the rest of the duration of the band the torch was carried by D.Buzz operating the bassness, Bil Weis vox and Jhon Thumb as the nutty jazz rock professor on guitar. You can still catch the Jhon Thumb band or something very close to it. If you ever get the opportunity to see him play it comes as a highly recommended live experience. The kind of thing you should see before you die in lieu of seeing Frank Zappa, Hendrix or a wasted John Frustrante. D.Buzz went on to form Aviso'Hara.

Grab some mp3 trax:
Mr. Thumb "Flowers are not Evil"
Deadguy - "Running with Scissors" b/w "Police Story" (black flag cover) [ buy some ]
Aviso'Hara - "Conspiracy Au Go Go" [ buy some avisohara

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dear Grammys,The Britsh are coming, the British are coming

As I sit and watch the Grammy's and actually enjoy Coldplay, despite their fruity Sgt pepper outfits, I put my trolling skills to work and found some great nuggets and music posts for you. I'll also say the one country band had a ripping guitar player. I didn't care too much for the song but the solo was hot. Other than that the Grammys sucked but I had to watch. Who dressed Katie Perry as Chequita banana and told her she could dance? I can't believe somebody convinced her to perform without a mic? She looked totally out of place. Hats off to Rick Rubin too for winning an award and Radiohead was bringing the marching band in style -- stellar

Deeper Shade of Soul - has a American Sam & Bootleg from from 1967 and some Matts circa 1987 (that's the replacements). You either love them or hate them but Westerberg pulls off Gimmme Shelter. Great mp3 blog btw.

Ryan's Smashing Life - Features a bunch of random live Flaming lips tracks and in keep with Stones theme here they do stellar version of Moonlight Mile among others. Dig deeper down and you find a Zeppelin zip from a 1975 Physical Graffiti tour.

Debbie D from WFMU blog posts a odd track by the stones called "I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys" plus a bunch other old crap by Bo Diddly, The Gentrys, The Monks and Tom Waits. Great tracks!

Friday, February 06, 2009

DUH New Jersey punk rock band

New Jersey yielded some great hardcore, Thrash and punk bands in the 80's. One of them was a band called DUH with ties to Westfield, NJ which featured drummer Ben Forgash and guys from Rutgers( think one was named was just "J"?) I can't remember exactly. Anyway, I'm not even sure that this 11 song record was called Trout (I made that shit up but it seems appropriate). Whatever the case here are 11 tracks I made from a cassette I had of their full length demo lp. I saw them play a few times in high-school and I always thought they were sort of goofy and sometimes akin to the philly band that did bitch' camero. These guys wrote songs and goofed very sarcastically about fishing, Apex tech and Quick Chek (making fun of jersey maulers chicks with lots of hair spray). Your normal white suburban textbook theme i guess looking back at the songs now.

01 Fish House Road
02 Poison Ivy
03 Put the mask on
04 oeieoeo
05 Swamp Thing
06 Chopping up your friends
07 New by Ronko
08 Anaconda
09 Quick Chek Baby [ Download mp3 ] This is a WRSU classic
10 Apex Tech [ Download mp3 ]
11 Trout

Get the whole Trout ZIP here [ You are Welcome ]

I've also discovered a great list of older thrash/Hardcore by Dirge and Ripping Corpse, etc up on FB the other day. You'll find old demos and out of print 7 inches and lps and some hilarious photos. Check out NJHC Jerseyshore reunion group. later.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lux Interior punk icon dies at 62

Dear young performers,
Psychobilly, reverb and The Bigsby would not exist the way we know today if it were not for Lux Interior and Poison Ivy of The Cramps. Shit I might not know how cool the 50's really were unless I never heard Bad Music for Bad People way back when. The songs were simple, easy to play but the crazy slow feel catapulted you into this alien world of weird science, hot rods mixed with Bohemian beer (very disgusting by the way). Lux was a avid record collector and covered some jems and was covered almost as much as Elvis. Ok maybe that is stretching it a bit but not far-off. He was up there as far as rock icons go and on the same level as Strummer, Joey Ramone and Iggy Pop (still kicking). Leaders of the underground like it or not. This music is the devil's music to some and drunken bliss for others. These are the people who die, die.

Get some Music by The Cramps on Emusic
Sample mp3s here:

Garbage Man
Goo Goo Muck

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Review: Andalusians Do the Work Indeed

Dear Andalusians, the womyn in rock sometimes try and sound like the musical genius that were Throwing Muses and end up sounding like a Scrawl record on slommo. I'm more of A fan of the Donelly / Hersh contingency and always appreciated the soulful swirly vocals and absent crash cymbals. Liked that there were no solos and chorus's to be had. The comparison for the new 7" ep on Dischord by Andalusians is uncanny for the title track "Do the Work". Lots of quirky guitar melodies backed by a solid rhythm section that compliment the vocals organically. This collection of songs has the House Tornado vibe for sure but also shows me that indie rock lives strong like a ghost know its home. Earthy, warm and all sorts of analog fills this music and picks up right in the sweet spot. I will even dare to say that some real chops are channeled and reworked so it's all new kids. See them on their tour of America now!

Dig the tune "Do the work" 3 more are available when you buy the record from Dischord

Catch them on Tour right now:
Thursday, Feb 5 - Washington, DC @ Black Cat
Friday, Feb 6 - Richmond, VA @ Rumors Boutique
Saturday, Feb 7 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Night Light
Sunday, Feb 8 maybe driving, maybe playing? HELP!
Monday, Feb 9 - St. Augustine, FL @ Nobby's
Tuesday, Feb 10 - Orlando, FL @ Starlight Cafe
Wednesday, Feb 11 - Gainesville, FL @ Common Grounds
Thursday, Feb 12 - Atlanta, GA @ Wonderroot
Friday, Feb 13 - Johnson City, TN @ TheHideAway
Sunday, Feb 15 - Somerset, KY @ watershed gallery
Monday, Feb 16 - Louisville, KY @ Skull Alley
Tuesday, Feb 17 - Chicago, IL @ The Ottoman Empire House
Wednesday, Feb 18 - Milwaukee, WI @ Cactus Club
Thursday, Feb 19 - Kalamazoo, MI @ 4th Coast Cafe
Friday, Feb 20 - Detroit, MI
Saturday,Feb 21 - Wilkinsburg, PA @ Mr. Roboto

The Living End of Punk by Zeke

World Famous Zeke is heavy-grass ladden smoke out American Rockn'Roll punk rock. Take the really ugly side of MotorHead and mix it with something really fast from Crypt Records and you've got the dark tattoo that is Zeke.

Dear stoner go get the rest of The Living End by Zeke punk article on the newly referbished Review Stalker Music MP3 Blog.

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