Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dear Grammys,The Britsh are coming, the British are coming

As I sit and watch the Grammy's and actually enjoy Coldplay, despite their fruity Sgt pepper outfits, I put my trolling skills to work and found some great nuggets and music posts for you. I'll also say the one country band had a ripping guitar player. I didn't care too much for the song but the solo was hot. Other than that the Grammys sucked but I had to watch. Who dressed Katie Perry as Chequita banana and told her she could dance? I can't believe somebody convinced her to perform without a mic? She looked totally out of place. Hats off to Rick Rubin too for winning an award and Radiohead was bringing the marching band in style -- stellar

Deeper Shade of Soul - has a American Sam & Bootleg from from 1967 and some Matts circa 1987 (that's the replacements). You either love them or hate them but Westerberg pulls off Gimmme Shelter. Great mp3 blog btw.

Ryan's Smashing Life - Features a bunch of random live Flaming lips tracks and in keep with Stones theme here they do stellar version of Moonlight Mile among others. Dig deeper down and you find a Zeppelin zip from a 1975 Physical Graffiti tour.

Debbie D from WFMU blog posts a odd track by the stones called "I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys" plus a bunch other old crap by Bo Diddly, The Gentrys, The Monks and Tom Waits. Great tracks!

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