Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Pitchfork Music Festival cd: free sweet sounds

Last month Emusic offered an anti-records sampler. This month to one up them there is a free sampler from the pitchdorks, and Damn it's pretty good. Granted some of the bands were obvious includes; but the ones I had no clue about are worth my download bandwidth. The best part is the free part, no need to go scowering their site, or any of my usual free mp3 haunts. Get the Pitchfork music 'samplete' while it is hot. Besides the obviouse selections: tapes n' tapes, art brut and ted leo; the unknowns struck as familiar chords and beyond my expectation of the usual pitchfork disapointments of late. They must have picked bands by penalty of death. Normally I am very disapointed on the bands they decide to "hype". They've been fired many countless times not just for their poor word choice but moreoever for their really bad taste. I am Diging the futureheads tracks, although sounds like big country, also like the hip-hop of Mr. Lif and the indie sounds of chin up chinup. Not bad. thanks!

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