Saturday, June 10, 2006

Redhotchillipeppers vs The Raconteurs

Call it a comeback, the RHCP "Dani California" video on is pretty cliche but for a band that has been around as long as Flea and boys they can get away with it being that they've been a band since the 80's. The samhain misfits and glam section are funny while the nirvana part is pretty dark considering their relationship with the black tar, almost killing Keidis a number of times. See Scar Tissue.

The band backed by jack white, The Raconteurs, does steady as she goes,decent band, great fun for White but nothing special in the video, the song has the obvious chorus and would expect them to have taken some risks. The winner here deserves a full cd purchaseStadium Arcadium. i will though be happy if mr white doesn't go near the stuff.

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Anonymous said...

It's stupid to do The Red Hot Chili Peppers versus The Raconteurs, two bands who couldn't be more different.

Not to mention, the Raconteurs kick their ass(es).