Sunday, July 02, 2006

//The Eraser | Thom Yorke \\ gives the mystery away

Ok, the bad thing about on the spot video podcast documentaries is that all the mystery is given away. Artist can come accross as boring and flat. So all artists should not think they can just start putting themselves on the small screen. On the other hand for folks who are pationate about music can see and hear the real answers in this dark moody piece. Truth vs fiction vs sad music industry hot air is the musical promotion playing field. What is great about Mr. Yorke's art is that his passion comes accross as 'from the real'. The precedent that is being set-up is quite astonishing. Grounded in fact, and a little editing, he reveals his impules for making music in this video cast series posted on his label's site Xl recordings. Once you get over the brit accents and are able to focus, the environmental commentary and humanity comes off as noble and plain good like John Lennon's notion of peace & love songs with title evidence like "Atoms for peace" . He's the musical Picasso of the century, next to the dada-pop-art of The Flamming Lips. Surely some faceted absolute scale could mapped but that would initially leave too many gaps. What is amazing to me is how subtle the human /SPIN\ can making a few notes be more interesting using the format or what reffered to as the Emergency Broadcast Channel System: There are two TY interview segments and 4 30 second song clips in this feed.

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