Wednesday, April 12, 2006

So you wan be a Rockstar?

If you are a talented singer and interested in participating in the new CBS "Rock Star" Series with:

Tommy Lee (drums)

gallop Clark (G & R)-Guitar

Jason nested (metallic)-Bass

Yes, this is the show that x-jane's addiction guitar player Dave Naverro hosts, aka the ultimate LA glam rocker, where a bunch of wanna-be's tried out for INXS. Some of them were pretty good singers and out of my league.
You need to do 2 things:
1. Go to download application and fill it out.

2. Send the application along with a tape/video/CD (or all 3-the more the better) to: Mark Burnett Productions 640 N. Sepulveda LA, CA 90049 Attn: Conrad Riggs (Producer) -Tell him you know his massage therapist to give your demo credability. This is not a joke.


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