Monday, May 01, 2006

The Real indie WeFest 2006

Oh, what a blast Wefest 2006 is going to be. No where on the planet will such like minded individuals gather for a dollar admission. No where on the planet will the spirit of DIY music live free like in Wilimington, NC over Memorial Day Weekend. If you are really into music this is for you. If you have any questions just call Kenyata the organizer and father of the real WeFest which he started in 1996. This music fest is about bands before they become houshold names. Wefest is like no other. Wefest does not invite corporations and detests everything the clear channel is. This fest gives out free swag until it is all gone. Wefest is about hanging out with individuals known as Johnny puke and drinking beer. Wefest is about making a journey once a year. This fest is a sleep deprivation experiment. Visit: the myspace page & get more info

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Kim said...

rock on! I can't wait! diggin the podcast-