Sunday, May 07, 2006

Rye Coalition vs. Pretty Girls Make Graves

For this week double cd burn you should consider that both of these bands have invented and borrowed a new spin on themselves. While Rye has regressed to a teenage jersey metal fantasy with CURSES from their previous ACDC/jesuslizard pounding, PGMGs have done some forward experimenting and swizzled in some new instrumentation layers on their tracks. Now I don't know if mr grohl saw his opportunity to work with a jersey band and lead them down the studio road to put lots of cheesy grohlisms on the vocals and mindless solos. I had to keep checking my pod to see if it was Rye or Sebastian Bach. They should have gone with steve evetts from my pov. Evetts knows noise having produced some of best from deadguy to Sepultura but I digress. In all a brave record to make and it deserves a listen as it comits and stays strong all the way through. Stand-out tracks: "Pussyfootin'", "Young Yellers" and "Achille's Wheelchair" for sounding like Ozzy. Double pitchforks if you dig 80's metal.

Now as for √Član Vital by Pretty Girls make Graves, they are adding more cursesque guitar delay to fill the void, whistles and shakers. Is it neu metal or a bad set of tattoos? I for one could never decide on particular choices so why make one? If New Romance & Good Health are straight forward for them. This is their endhits, their redmedicine. The point where they should keep it going from the profunctory post hardcore to the other category yet to be pigeonholed in the bin. Standout tracks: "Pyrite Pedestal" and "The Number".

Thank you Gern Blandsten and Matador for making records that matter.


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