Friday, August 18, 2006

Cover it with gas and light it on fire by ween

I am getting very excited for the PA ween show on Aug 31 with the Lips and sonic youth. To get me in the mood I've been digging into the archives over at's audio archive that has classic duo ween at The court tavern where they futz with cassettes inbetween songs, hassle their friends to bring them beers to stage while Kirk Miller their sound guy messes with the analog delay. I was always inspired by all the folks and rabid fans ween had that have been following them around since the days of fanzines and cassettes.

Some other ween related bands and cast of characters that have played a part in lives of ween are for starters: Amandla which is Claude Coleman;s band who also played in Skunk with Sweeney of Chavez fame. Chris Harford, is another awesome fellow with lots of great recordings with Mickey. Probably one of my favorite singer song writer types. Sim cain and Andrew Weiss(Rollins band/ Gone/ Greg Gin Band / Ween producer) have also done stints along with Coleman in Harford's Band of Changes. other goodness to seek out is False Front which is Guy’s or band Dickie Moist the singer in moistboyz.
Tiny lights and instant death a drums and bass duo were Dave Dreiwitz. Their classic 'The Enabler' as relived by ween with Dave singing is great.

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