Friday, August 04, 2006

Free Majestic Twelve mp3 swag

Ok, If you like that 'I'm on the Mexican radio' song by Wall of VooDoo mixed with your beer and politics then my dear friends you will dig North Carolina's Majestic Twelve's new album Schizophrenology
which they are distributing for freakin' free on my space and their site. The single is "Condoleezza Check My Posse" which is pretty funny in a puppet sort of way. My particular favorite standard indie track is called "Cry". All tunes have politics and a nod to the earth that makes the music personable. This Kenyata guy is somebody you could hang out with late at night and just kick-it. Oh, wait I've done that over at wefest a hundred times where DIY lives and your mother wonders what a we-tard is because you seem to have an average iq, 'you went to college, and you have a decent job but you won't blink at driving 500 miles to hang with a bunch of music loving freaks. Anyway, check out the tunes.

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