Saturday, October 14, 2006

Trail of Dead So Divided from their Label?

...AYWKTBTTOD are musically a band under the terror of noise from Conrad Keely's head and I think the band are just getting better at interpreting music and taking it all to a different level much in the same way the Stones did in the 70's but this time for indie rock. Christ they've been keeping at for 10 years with no big hit but still manage to raise the proverbial bar to the point where indie snobs get noise bleeds and then break their neck after it was jammed in their ass (crude but fair- I know). I would be pretty bored if every record they made sounded what the early adopters discovered and then abandoned.

Trail of dead are yet another band in 'rebellion' and that is pretty much what they've have always been about (breaking live shit etc) so it is no surprise they leaked their album to stick it to the man. The conspirators may bring-up it up as something
more calculated by the band, label or management to create a buzz (ok i'm starting the rumor but see how easy brilliant marketing spin control can be?) But will they remember? Will the kids care 2 months from now? Granted, I was able to get most of record for free on various blogs, so please grab some free mp3 while you can: | Neiles life | I guess I'm floating

So Divided has secured it's spot in my top 11 for 2006 and if they could only remove some other undeserving crap from the airwaves we could say we've witnessed some justice.


krist said...

hey i really like it too.
but i think its going to take me a bit to really love it like the last one did.


Ziomal said...

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Anonymous said...

TOD didn't leak their album - it was just a joke on their .org "fake news" site. see the 11.08 interview with conrad on pitchfork for more info if needed.

Anonymous said...

pitchfork interview was great/funny. Trail of dead has been flipping us all off all along.
If you listen to each and every cd and ep they put out they change. They could give a rat's ass if i like that they have always changed. The second i heard this I knew it would be ripped apart more than words apart. And again the "rippers" just don't get it.
never will....i pray to jesus they don't break up!! Can't wait to see them in december.Wish more people would/could get it so the boys made some good money///they have worked hard..and it show's baby.
Trail of dead's new cd kicks some booty!!

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