Friday, October 27, 2006

Music podcasts that are ruling the earth

So on one visit to this past week I've found some really quality podcast shows and I am greatful to know where the bar is production wise:

  • a good day for airplay | feed - spining mostly power pop with some hot trax inbetween. +++

  • Not your usual bollocks | feed - rock and electronic music genres complete with English accent to make you feel cutting edge, in with the new wave. +++++
  • Radio Free Brooklyn | feed - "Their summary saysTwo guys from Brooklyn drink beer and play the best indie and unsigned music they can find" - which about sums it up. ++++

  • Sundays Away | feed - 52 songs over the course of year. A brave songwriting endeavor so check it out! ++
  • bands under the radar | feed The regular rules and filters apply here: unsigned indie artists, decent playlist gives it its edge. ++

Key: + = random needle drop quality control Rating systems are meaningless. Pay more attention to what were spinning and not what I'm saying - your good taste is the only thing that applies but thanks for stopping by.

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