Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 pop-music poll

Ok, so never say that the secret world of music addicts and obnoxious tastemakers don't invite you to put in your two cents. Rock your vote on Tris Mccall's 2005 critics poll and be a part of the people's history of pop-music. I for one can't believe that the pitch dork staff made such a pure rock record like Gimme fiction by Spoon number 43. Granted they get thousand of more swag and usually error on coolness and obscurity for their choice of round-up. Although, they did remind of Franz Ferdinand record, at number 30 You Could Have It So Much Better should have been in any reasonable, not forgetful, persons top 10 cd list that i actually bought list and totally liked. I am/was surprised that they mixed urban/hip/hop in their top 50 list, eventhough Ryan Schrieber's worst of 2005 list was too insider for me to give a crap about and his problems related to having too much bandwidth to come-up with such a lame list. Really spare us next time. Rip a good record like the good ole'days when Brenden Reid used to write.

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