Friday, January 06, 2006

Are you in the Louvre? Derek Hess interview

I have a basement of poster art but no Derek Hess work to speak of. I did play in a band that he made a poster for, really the headliner was Don Caballero, and I wasn't in the band Bubblegum Thunder yet, but I digress. Mr. Hess's interview on the cmj site is pretty good. Hard to believe this chicken wing chopping poster art guy has something in the damn Louvre but it's true, there is taste out there. Eventhough, it is in France. Today's nitty gritty free mp3 single download recommendation can be had from Matador Records via the band Early Man with a track called "death is the answer" -has this black sabbath thing going on. Don't forget to catch the djspork podcast wave. The RSS 2006 indie rock playlists is in the works. If you got new material you want reviewed or played contact me and send it my way.ok, thanks rockon.

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